Thursday, July 29, 2010

DAY 354 Fair Food!

Hi Journal & Friends,

Hope you don't mind some Food Porn today, ha ha ha! If it bothers you,  quick, run away now!!

More than one person made a comment about staying on my eating plan at the Fair. Let me just say, I am far from perfect. But I think the reason I did so well that day was because I made the choice BEFORE I went, not after I got there and saw and smelled all the goodies.

What choice?  That I could have anything I wanted. Anything. Just not all of it. But a funny thing happened... I realized I didn't WANT to go off my plan. I WANTED to lose weight, not pig out at the Fair. I didn't really know what would happen to me physically if I made an exception to eat sugar that day... and it wasn't worth it to me to find out (maybe someday).

I'm thankful that Jim didn't go around eating everything, waving it in my face... I'm sure that would have made it harder. But bottomline, it was my choice, regardless of what he did. 

So, I planned ahead. Not knowing what would be available to drink, we took gallons of iced tea.

I also took a little sack with a knife, fork, spoon and bowl, since I planned on eating a sausage dog without the bun.

And I took my camera.

Huh? Camera? What does that have to do with it? Well, I decided that anything that looked fun and yummy but wasn't "worth it" to me to actually eat, would get it's picture taken instead! LOL!

And what was the first thing I discovered on this ultra-hot day?? A Schwan booth, selling sugar-free Fudge bars... YES!! And I made note where he was, cuz I was coming back for another one later... and then forgot! Me... forgetting to eat ice cream... gasp!!

Later when we got hungry for lunch, we wandered around checking it ALL out.

I've never had this, so was curious. But when Jim described it, it didn't sound very appealing!

Here is where we ended up for lunch. They had a huge heavenly scented outdoor BBQ going over at the side of the booth, where they slow cooked all the meat for hours.

We split a BBQ Beef Brisket plate... delish! I ate the coleslaw and one bite of his baked beans, and we split the shredded beef. 

And nope, I didn't forget my sausage dog! We got this right before we left and split it; he with bun, mine sans bun (sorry, it's blurry).

I look so serious here... probably wishing the guy had made that little glass pig with wings!

It was not at all about the Fair food for me... it was about the experience, about living Life. And I'm so happy with my choices that day. It feels great!

From Dr Phil's book: "You make the choices that create your emotional state."

My verse for today: "The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart."

My quote for today: "If you're not pushing yourself, you're standing still." --Jack Sh*t

Enjoy the Journey,



Lisa said...

Sometimes that's the ourselves permission to eat anything we want and then realizing we really don't want everything just a taste here and there.

Great job!!

Kimberley said...

You did such a great job with your choices at the fair. Congratulations!

Ann said...

We achieve our goals by making one good decision after another. GREAT job at the fair, Loretta! xxox Ann

M Pax said...

Isn't that irony for ya? I usually make the same plan befoer I go somewehre with temptation - I can have what I want w/ moderation. More often than not, I end up staying within my new daily norms. I prefer to eat the way I eat.

So yippee!! Sounds like you've crossed that bridge, too. Absolutely fantastic.

mamajuliana said...

That you for sharing your beautiful day with us!

You are a very strong woman to stay on plan. I am afraid that when faced with such temptation, I would NOT have done so well!

I am SO GLAD that you had a wonderful day!!!!

Christina said...

Great pictures!! You and the hubs make such a cute couple. :) You did an awesome job at the fair! You, my dear, are a rock. You are such an inspiration!

Deb Willbefree said...

Atta girl! You are my hero. :D Deb

Nancy said...

great job Retta!!! I'm proud for you, you did great and inspire me to do better next time!!!

Ms. PJ Geek said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure. I finally went to the county fair last year..It looks pretty identical . I did share a deep fried snickers bar with my hubby and it was a once in a lifetime thing..not to be repeated..absolutely..not..................never...........................again.

anne h said...

For the day when pigs fly!
Great pics!
Yummy ice cream!

cmoursler said...

okay loretta, not to get you off your diet here...but fry bread is just about the tastiest thing you can eat.
I don't do the sugar thing.
My mom used to make bean soup..northern bean soup with onions and ham....and then you take bread dough and let it rise once, push it down, take a piece off and stretch it and then deep fry it.
take it out and let the grease soak into a towel and then put a pat of butter on it and eat it with the bean soup. It is something everyone should have at least once but the fair stuff...they cram unneccessary stuff on it.
just fry it up and butter it and eat it.

The Brown Recluse said... you ever get excited about how it's going to be next summer? Or do you refuse to look ahead?

How well you did at the fair is freedom, isn't it? You forgot ice decided the path you were on was more important to you than all those foods scents assaulting! you did great!

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