Monday, May 31, 2010

DAY 295 Keep Going, Keep Growing

Hello there, Journal & Friends,

Yesterday started out a rocky day. MyGuy was working outside in the yard, and I decided to go outside and get some sun. I am sooo glad I did! It changed my whole attitude. 

I had allowed feelings to overtake me... feelings of sadness and regret, frustration over slow progress. Self-pity over my knee pain, which was interfering with "my" plans to do my walking. I guess in general, I was just focusing on too many negatives, and letting them drag me down. You know... doing all the things I say NOT to do, LOL!!

Well, the weather here in Southern Oregon has been sunny and gorgeous all weekend, and it really lifted my spirits when I looked at our yard. All the hard work was finally paying off.

Last year it looked plain and puny... this year I can SEE the progress. I think I needed to SEE some life and growth. To see change. 

It reminded me to just keep doing what I know to do, and change will come, in time. There is still tweaking to be done... minor course corrections along the way. But in time I WILL see growth and change.

Here are some photos I took (can click to enlarge):

Our wooden barrel planter has 3 Strawberries that are turning red... I hope the birdies don't see them:

Here our Snow Peas have climbed halfway up the trellis:

Even our one Zucchini plant has give us one pretty blossom:

There were troupe of 4 Bumblebees busy pollinating the flowers. I took a gazillion pictures trying to get one to turn out, but they were just too fast for me. Instead, here is a cute little Ladybug who came to visit:

That big bush at the far end is called a Butterfly Bush. Last year it was tiny... look at it now!

Last year we planted 4 Blueberry bushes. The one at the left really took off... there are lots of blueberries on it this year. Mmmmmm...

I have to remember that I am like these plants. I go through seasons... winters and storms and rain and winds and hot sun.

Yet through it all, I keep growing. 

From Dr Phil's book: "You must get in touch with your thoughts and feelings and why you're having them."

My verse for today: "Sustain me according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed."

My quote for today: "Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you." --Denis Waitley

Enjoy the Journey,


Sunday, May 30, 2010

DAY 294 Day of Rest & Favorite Photos

Hello to my Journal & Friends,

Today I am just in the mood for some Pink flowers. Here are some of my favorites from Jim's photo archive.  :-) 

I hope you like them, too (can click to enlarge).

Enjoy the Journey,


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 293 Spring Challenge Week 10 Update

Hi there Journal & Friends,

Time for our TENTH Spring Challenge Update!! Only 3 more weeks to go, and it will officially be summer.

So, Weight Loss Warriors, how are you doing with the 

Overall Goal of the Challenge?
"The goal of this challenge is to teach yourself to look at your new behaviors positively, to learn to be nicer to yourself and believe in yourself, to learn to enjoy healthy behaviors and learn some moderation. A little balance. It's important. More important to learn than the extremes - too much and deprivation."

Okay, on to my weekly check-in...

My Spring Challenge goals:

1. Every day for the next 13 weeks, do some kind of Exercise.
2. Every day for the next 13 weeks, drink a Greenie.
3. Check in every Saturday.
4. Tell one thing each week that I like about myself.
5. Save up to buy myself a fun Reward at the end.

My Exercise: 
Doing better, though disappointed that my walking is still not up to snuff. I'm having a lot of leg pain, and not sure if I should take the painkillers and walk, or if that is backwards, and I should wait til I am lighter until I put that much pressure on knees that are already blown. I just don't know... Anyone have any experience with that kind of thing?? I spent so long weaning off the painkillers, that I just hate to take them again. Yet, without them... no walking. Sigh... I'm open to bright ideas!

My Greenies: 
Getting back into the habit again. I made 5 out of 7 days. Friday night, I just plain forgot! One thing I noticed... the warmer the temperature is, the more I enjoy them. So I think it will be easy to continue all summer, though I think 5 or 6 days a week is more realistic for me.

One thing I like about myself:  
I like that I have good taste in men... mwha ha ha ha!! When I told that to MyGuy, he said that was cheating, it was supposed to be about me. Then he told me to say: "I like that I am a loving and obedient wife"!!!!! Yep, he definitely has a mischievous side. :-) Dream on, honey, dream on!

For my Reward: Don't know if I will be able to save up enough for the goodie that I'd really like... but I keep adding to my glass teddy bear jar each week.

Remember, we are aiming for progress, not perfection.

From Dr Phil's book: "Get real with yourself."

My verse for today: "As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forevermore."

My quote for today: "You can be the hammer, making things happen, or you can be the nail that sits there and gets pummeled over and over. If you're starting to feel like a nail, it's up to you to keep your program moving forward. Gather yourself together, draw a line in the sand and refuse to give in to the doubts and temptation to give in or quit." --from Sparkpeople

Enjoy the Journey,


Friday, May 28, 2010

DAY 292 Cheeseburger in a Bowl... Really!

Hi there, Journal & Friends,

I don't often post recipes, but it's time for another Friday Favorites!

So I wanted to share a recipe that I tried for the first time, and LOVED! I didn't invent it, but only discovered and tried it this week:
Cheeseburger in a Bowl!

It was yummy.
It was easy.
It was fast.
It was healthy.
It was lo carb, lo fat, lo cal.

What's not to like? 

I forgot to take a photo of my bowl, so I'll link you up to the lady from whom I stole the recipe, LOL!

I found Patty's recipe in the recipe section of Active LowCarber Forums (HERE).
I don't "do" chipotle, so you can vary it any way you like. I make up hamburger patties and cook and freeze them, so I just used one of those heated and crumbled, with cheddar cheese. 

Here is a link to photos of Patty's Cheeseburger in a Bowl. 

Mine turned out to have a little less hamburger and more veggies than Patty's, but it was still absolutely delish! I will definitely have it again, being so quick, easy and yummy. And honestly, I didn't miss the calorie/carb laden bun one bit. 

Tip: I don't like my dishes "dry", and used to get way too many calories in the dressings and mayo. Now what I do is use a tip I read about online... thin your condiments. 

The originator of this tip (Dr  somebody? who writes a column?? can't remember) uses water to thin with... you still get the flavor yet with less calories. OR, if you are like me and like lots of dressing, you get lots of dressing with NO MORE calories.

My Tip: Instead of water, which makes the condiments a little on the thin side, I use Chia Gel. It is virtually tasteless, yet has the viscosity about the same as most condiments. Plus, it is full of healthy Omega 3's. 

Easy-peasy to make Chia Gel: 2 cups water into jar with lid. Add 1/3 cup chia seed. Shake up, sit 5 minutes, shake again, refrigerate. Voila. Instant healthy goo to thin stuff with. :-D

If you try a Cheeseburger in a Bowl, I'd love to hear how it turned out, and what substitutions you chose.

From Dr Phil's book: "You must carve out time in your life for tension-reducing activities."

My verse for today: "That my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever."

My quote for today: "Sacred cows make the best hamburger." --Mark Twain

Enjoy the Journey,


Thursday, May 27, 2010

DAY 291 In No Man's Land

Hi Journal & Friends,

I finally figured out what's been bothering me for several weeks. It wasn't obvious... just there, in the back of my mind, lurking. It's hard to put into words. So I picked out some of Jim's photos to help me (can click photos to enlarge).

I started this journey in earnest last year in March of 2009, and then started my blog later in August. It was all fresh and new, exciting... golden with promise... 

There have been a lot of nice, blue sky kind of days... 

But I've also had my share stormy days, like most of us. It's just life...

I imagine the end of the journey to be a place of beauty and peace, like a gorgeous sunset...

Yet for me, that goal is still sooo far away. The newness has worn off and the end is not even in sight yet. A "sameness" has set in. I feel kind of like I am in No Man's Land... in the middle... as if this will go on forever.

Maybe this is normal for someone on a long journey. I dunno... I haven't been this way before. It's a new road for me. 

When I was a kid, one summer we went on The Big Trip with my Mom. And I distinctly remember that feeling of never-ending roads stretching out before us as we drove through parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. I remember looking out at roads straight ahead as far as the eye could see... and feeling like we would NEVER get there.

I suppose that is how I am feeling now. Intellectually, I realize that's not true. But that is how I feel right now. 

I believe that feelings/emotions are useful clues... information to help us.  So I suppose this information is giving me a message. The only one that comes to mind (other than the P word... patience) is that I need to be living NOW... to be fully present now, and living my life to the fullest each day along the journey.

From Dr Phil's book: "Slow your thoughts down, and listen attentively."

My verse for today: "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever."

My quote for today: "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." --Robert Collier

Enjoy the Journey,


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 290 Happy Feet

Hello Journal & Friends,

A few weeks ago, I messed up my hours again... like today.
A few weeks ago, I felt blah... like today.
A few weeks ago, I lost my sense of humor... like today.

But then... today I remembered that a few weeks ago I FOUND my sense of humor again... in my FEET.

I had a conversation  with my Feet. And I took photos of my Feet.

I haven't always liked or appreciated my Feet. I was born with hip dysplasia, wore a brace for about 3 years, then corrective orthopedic shoes all through grade school.

Now, little girls do NOT like wearing clunky orthopedic shoes, while everyone else wore adorable girly-girl shoes. I was embarrassed, ashamed, felt different and ugly.

In spite of the braces and corrective shoes, my feet still both pointed slightly off center to the right, and I tripped over my own feet occasionally. 

At the beginning of 6th grade when we went shopping for school clothes, I had HAD it. I threw a fit.. I refused to wear those ugly shoes... I'd rather go bare foot!! Bless my Mom, she gave in and let me get "normal" shoes.

I was a kid then, and I didn't know about gratitude and thankfulness. I didn't know there were kids in the world that not only had no shoes, but no feet. I just knew I felt horribly different.

But a few weeks ago, sitting on the edge of my bed and feeling blue, I looked down...

...and I had a conversation with my Feet.

I thought of all the years they had carried all this extra weight, of all their hard work. And I thanked them.

I thanked them for being dependable and sturdy. They might not be the prettiest feet around, but they have served me well, and I was grateful. And my mood changed, and I no longer felt blue. I felt happy. Like today.

From Dr Phil's book: "Choose the right attitude and the right behavior to generate the right results."

My verse for today: "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name."

My quote for today: "Rule your mind or it will rule you." --Horace

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