Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DAY 283 Gumby, Rain & Routines

Hi Journal & Friends,

I wonder if anyone else here in bloggyland is old enough to remember Gumby?? He's the little green claymation character who is flexible, with his side-kick Pokey the horse.

Whenever I think of flexibility, the visual I get is of Gumby, and the scrapes he used to get into. Just when I thought I was doing so well, along comes a "test", to let me know where I need work! I suppose this is a good thing... so I'm trying not to feel frustrated, but to appreciate the information! If I say that enough times, it might even become true, ha ha ha ha.

MyGuy has been off work since last Friday (doesn't go back to work til next week), and he was supposed to be gone most of the time on his camping/photographic trip. But the weather here is Oregon hasn't been cooperating with OUR plans... ack! 

And... I have to admit that I am totally messed up on my routines. The last few months I had worked out an effective way of handling routines to cover his days off... but usually only 2 days in a row, then I can get back to "normal", and get caught up with blog visiting and such. But a week or more??? Aarrgghhh...

This is why it is so late that I am posting (it's after 1pm here in Oregon). I have discovered that I absolutely cannot write a post with any kind of honesty if someone else is around or I am continually interrupted. It ends up superficial and trite. It's hard for me to lower the defenses and truly get in touch with what's going on deeper. It is safer to stay on the surface, ya know?? But for me to go "deeper" takes concentration, and getting honest with myself. And I need to be alone, to think and feel.

Plus, there is the frustration and disappointment from not having the "vacation" time to myself, to work on a special art project. Those, too, take a LOT of concentration, visualization, and just "daydreaming" time for me, especially in the beginning phases.

Always something to keep us humble, right? To let us know we still have a lot to learn. I may be behind in visiting and commenting... but I'm still here... don't give up on me, I haven't forgotten you!

I can't wait for everything to be perfect... I must just plow ahead and try to make progress, whatever the situation. No excuses. Situations, yeah. But no excuses.

From Dr Phil's book: Commit to resolving rather than enduring the problems that contribute to your stress, anxiety, or depression."

My verse for today: "My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing and make music with all my soul."

My quote for today: "You can learn something from everyone... even if it's what not to do." --The Rabbit King

Enjoy the Journey,



financecupcake said...

I'm 22, and I remember watching Gumby as a child! I'm sorry your and your hubby's plans were lost to the weather. Flexibility can be tough. Good for you for addressing the issue. Have you figured out a strategy?

Love the cat picture! :)

Lindsay said...

I love gumby!!! HE totally reminds me of flexibility too :)

Anonymous said...

:) I absolutely remember Gumby! In fact, I have a little green rubber Gumby in the toybox even now. !

It is hard--no matter how much you love your husband--to have a stretch of solitude mapped out and, then, not only does the stretch not happen as planned, but you have even more togetherness than usual! ugh.

Maybe you can suggest a day-trip. :)


Christine said...

I didn't watch gumby when I was younger..I knew who he was though.
I didn't watch cartoons because I didn't like them.
oh well...
I know what you mean about extra people throwing the schedule off...but since I homeschool and my husband works four days a week, I have learned to take advantage of all the days he has off to get to the gym.
Maybe you could look at the difficulty as a blessing and see what rewards you could reap.
Just a thought...I think you said something about that once.

Anonymous said...

Hey, girlfriend! You are listed on my latest post as a founding member for my weight loss plan. :) Deb

Patsy said...

Never heard of Gumby. We had something similar in the UK called 'Morph'! :o)

M Pax said...

Perfection is a trap! Don't go there. :D

I'd never give up on you. Won't let you give up on yourself either.

I loved Gumby. One day I asked my mother, "What is Gumby?" Obviously, Pokey was a pony, Prickle was a dragon and Goo was a goo. But Gumby? I couln't figure out what he was. My mother said, "He's a make-believe person." I heard, "He's a maple leaf person." I was so confused. A leaf? Well, he was green.

Anonymous said...

i just cant blog when too much commotion is going on which is why i've been gone a little while. I loved Gumby and Pokey! I know what you mean, he was always getting smashed. But he popped back up like us!

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