Saturday, January 8, 2011

DAY 513 Grumpy Schmumpy... Just Do It


Today is one of Those Days. 

The kind of day where you just DO what you need to do, even though don't feel like it.

If you thought that chirpy Loretta never had Those Days, you'd be wrong. We all do. And we all also know it's what we choose to DO on Those Days that makes or breaks our journey.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my "plan" for this year was to take one of the things on my Big Smart Alecky Checklist and feature it for a month, and work on being Consistent with it. See side bar for my 2011 Theme, Consistency. Riiiggghhhttt....

First up for Janurary was Sleep. Easy peasy, right??? You'd think... Except for me to get 8 hours of actual sleep, means keeping the ol' bod in the sack for about 9 hours. Problem is, after about 6 hours my low back starts waking me up. By the time I get up anytime after 6 hours I have a screaming backache that takes about an hour to unkink. Waa waa waa... boo hoo, poor me. Grump grump...

And before all you kind souls offer suggestions, believe me, I've.Tried.Them.All.  Including a new mattress. Bottomline: it goes back to still being too fat. Yeah, I said it. I still can't sleep on my side, and have to sleep on my back. It's frustrating, but there is it.  Yep, one more motivation to keep losing weight.

But in the meantime... Plan Schman.  The hunt for quality sleep is like the hunt for the mythical snipe...

So what's a grumpy, whining, tired Weight Loss Warrior to do???

Just do it.

Nothing else for it... just keep going. Doesn't MATTER if we feel like it or not. I GUARANTEE you that if you are a human being and not a Computer Bot reading this, you WILL have your share of Those Days. 

So set your intention now, before it happens. What intention?? 

That whenever Those Days pop up, you will not let them be "the boss of you". You will just keep a-going. Pout if you must... grumble and mutter if it helps. 

But then set your face like flint towards your goal. Don't take the easy way out... just DO IT ANYWAY. 

You will thank yourself later. I know I will.

From Dr Phil's book: "That's your priority. You must hold yourself to a higher standard now. You cannot be wishy washy."

My verse for today: "The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him."

My quote for today: "Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity." --Louis Pasteur

Enjoy the Journey,



Anne H said...

If we all waited till we felt like it,
I am certain nothing would ever get done!

Anonymous said...

Yep. I'm woking on a post with a similar idea.

Sleep is a hard one for some even if physical problems are not there. For me, if I make myself got to bed at a decent hour, but the neighbors wake me coming home from work at 2 AM--I'm done. I'll be awake then til about 4. so I end up with 5 hours--and not in a row. :(

Sleep is hard. sigh. What's up with these simple routine things, huh?


Anonymous said...

What Anne said. Nobody is all chirpy and happy all the time. Isn't that what are blogs are for? To work out our grumpies? My favourite blogs share the real stories behind their weight loss and that is how I can learn. Do hope you're feeling in the pink soon. Not sleeping can make any grumpy (me, before I had my C-Pap machine). My hubby gets a sore back too while sleeping so it doesn't always have to do with weight though, but I'm sure losing weight won't hurt. Sheesh, if you go into the doctor with a cut on your finger or whatever, they always say, "Well, losing weight would help." :-)

mamajuliana said...

Didn't feel like it, but rejoined Weight Watchers today...Just did it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hon, do I know what you're talking about. Today has been one of those days for me too. Ugh. Just got grit your teeth and get it done though, right? :)

financecupcake said...

THOSE days suck. It sounds like you're doing well, though! 'Just do it' is one of my favorite quotes, and it helps me so much with my journey. I like your point about the importance of setting an intention. It really is the tough days that make or break weight loss. Great job, Retta!

P.S. - I am so sorry about your sleep issues. I can't imagine what a huge victory being able to sleep comfortably will be! :)

Patsy said...

Sorry to hear about the sleep issues... I can sympathise - I'm an insomniac and the slightest noise/discomfort wakes me up and keeps me awake. Lack of decent sleep drives you INSANE!

Take care...

WWSuzi said...

My sleeping is very strange. I started by being diagnosed with mild narcolepsy so i slept all the time and was always tired. They actually put me on ritalin 3 times a day!!
Now that i'm approaching menopause i can't fall asleep and if i do i wake up after two hours or so! So yep i take medication to help me get more rem sleep because i'm one of those people who just can't function after 3 nights like that.
I have a lot of days where i just do what i have to do and leave it at that :)

PeacefulBird said...

I bet sleeping is more an age-related issue than weight-related... Sore back from not being able to sleep on my side anymore is also a problem for me. Grumpy-schmumpy, but just keep doing it... that's the way it is.

M Pax said...

Yes, we all have those days. I ask myself: will I feel better if I do it or not? Usually the answer is do it. Why do these days come around? Ah, one of the great mysteries of the universe. Solve it and we'd be very wealthy.

Joy said...

I have had a couple of months where I just could not get myself together...I pushed through and just did what I needed to do. Thankfully I am beginning to see a little light! More good days than bad! Yeah!

Keep focused!!!

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