Thursday, April 8, 2010

DAY 242 Things I Learned From A Cat

Hello Journal & Friends,

Dusty has been gone a few days now, and I appreciate all the good memories I have of her. I am focusing now on Butterfly, who is 6 years old, and has never known life without Dusty. So she is getting a lot of pampering and reassurances, as she prowls the house, looking for Dusty and meowing in a confused kind of way. 

I am feeling peace now, and okay with letting Dusty go... and remembering she is not in pain now. That makes me feel better. And we are talking about.... a new kitten soon. That will keep the place jumping, for sure!

I hope people aren't getting tired of hearing about Dusty... she was with me for 16 years. That's a long time! Here is a little essay inspired by my furry friend. Can you indulge me one more time? :-)

Things  l learned From Dusty

Speak the truth in love. If you have to bite someone to get your point across, do it gently. You still make your point, but there are no permanent scars.

Even when you are in pain, you feel better when you purr. It takes you away from your pain, and to a happier place.

Forgive quickly. When someone steps on your tail by accident, go ahead and acknowledge it, feel it, and screech loudly... but then forgive them right away. Don't hold a grudge.

Trust and loyalty are earned. Dusty had been abandoned, and was small and scared when she came to us. It took her years to fully trust us, but after that her trust, loyalty, friendship and companionship have been 100%... she gave her love totally, fully, and without reservation.

Find joy every day. Dusty lived in a limited world... she was an indoor kitty. But she found her favorite sunbeam spots... her places to sit and watch birdies... dustbunnies to attack... her places to curl up warm and snug. 

Choose to be happy. Dusty purred a LOT. At the drop of a hat, the minute you started to pet her, her little throat-motor started. She loved to get in my lap and go for a ride on my powerchair. She insisted on getting up on my desk whenever I was working on an art project. She just enjoyed her little world, all of it, all the time.

Be flexible. Dusty went from being abandoned, to living briefly in a cat rescue shelter, to our previous mobile home, to our present home. She saw other kitties come and go in her 16 years. She took it all calmly in stride, rolling with the punches... adjusting... learning... changing... accepting what is.

Be yourself. She had her own definite personality. She had opinions, and let you know if she didn't like something. But she was also accepting of most people and other kitties. She stood up for herself, demanded respect from other kitties, but was not a bully. She was kind and gentle, but not a wimp. She was "herself."

From Dr Phil's book: "Change will happen because you make it happen."

My verse for today: "He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just."

My quote for today: "I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him." --Galileo Galilei


Leslie said...

This is a lovely essay Loretta. You keep talking about Dusty as long and much as it feels right and good. My dog Lou is my very best friend in the world - all 90 pounds of him. He's almost 11, and the thought of losing him is unbelievably sad. Pets are truly family members. Lou doesn't have a "throat motor" (love that) but he does "talk" to me in his own way.

Christine said...

Sounds like my leo.
He only bites my toes gently for needed petting or needed feeding or needing out of the
Talking helps.

Anonymous said...

Talk all you want about Dusty...she was a big part of your life, and the memories you have of her are treasures. There is nothing wrong with taking those treasures out and marveling at them.
Loved the essay. Cats really do know how to live, and make the best of what life has dealt them, don't they?

Anonymous said...

When I grow up, I want to be just like Dusty. :) Deb

Ice Queen said...

So not tired of reading about Dusty. And I thoroughly enjoyed your essay. Thank you for sharing it with us. :D

Scarlet Simple said...

Gah, I'm sorry, and maybe I'm a giant soft touch, but reading about Dusty even like this brings tears to my eyes. I am not tired of hearing about her, or the amazingly true things you are learned from her.

Thanks for sharing...and NEW KITTEN! They cant replace a lost loved one, but they sure keep our hearts nice and toasty while also keeping us insanely busy!

financecupcake said...

You are such a creatice writer, Loretta! I love reading everything you write, but I must say Dusty has brought out a special sort of creativity!

M Pax said...

How could we tire of hearing of Dusty? She will always be with you.

I learned to enjoy the moment from my cats. No matter what is going on, stop and enjoy the patch of sun.

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