Friday, April 2, 2010

DAY 236 I Was Wrong & Challenge Members

DAY 236 I Was Wrong & Challenge Members

Fabulous Friday, Journal & Friends!

Okay.  I was... gasp... wrong! :-O

Yesterday I received several comments that made it clear to me that I needed an Attitude Adjustment. I had lost 7 pounds last month, but instead of being thankful and excited, like Tigger, I was acting like Eeyore. I was comparing it to my weight back in February, and negating my progress.

You are all right! I hereby officially "change my mind", and will celebrate any and all progress. Thank you for the Check-Up-From-The-Neck-Up!

Now, on to our list of those who joined 
The Spring Challenge

I thought I'd put us all together here in a list, so we can find each other more easily, and encourage one another. By the way, even though it's too late to be eligible for the prize drawing at the end, anyone can still jump in to join the Challenge any time, for the benefits of being accountable in a challenge. I know they help me focus, and giving that little extra push at times when I don't "feel" like doing it.

So here, in the order signed up, are our fellow Tigger Team Warriors (with a couple of Eeyore rebels thrown in... you know who you are):

7.  Veronica/The Pretty in Me (sorry, I can't link to her, the blog is set to private)
PS: We each choose our own check-in day, so it would be great if we all put a link to our check-in here on Saturdays, so we can stay in touch during the Challenge. I will get the Spring Challenge Update posted by 11am Pacific Time, USA, every Saturday.

From Dr Phil's book: "When you choose your behavior and your thoughts, you choose the consequences that flow from those choices."

My verse for today: "Let your conversation be always full of grace."

My quote for today: "It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows."  --Epictetus

Enjoy the Journey,



Debi said... wish I could have done the a lot on my plate right now..but I encourage you all and will keep peeking in to see what's going on.

About's a funny word play...My grandson Aidan who is 3 calls Eeyore... E-bore....LOL.... I laughed so hard when I heard him try to pronounce the name..thought it might bring a smile to you.

Anonymous said...

:D :D :D I figure that if you took blame for the 6 pound gain, you should certainly take credit for the 7 pound LOSS! :D Wahoo, you!

This Challenge really is helping. On Tuesday, I had a run in with chocolate bunny ears that turned out very badly.

(UH-hmm. I had to go buy another rabbit to replace the original one. I was pretty certain the missing ears would have been noticed by the child who had it in her basket.)

If I weren't on this challenge, I'd be writing off the entire week and picking up on Monday. The accountability aspect got me back on track.

Thanks, Lorettta! :)


Christine said...

A check up from the neck up is a daily occurrence here.
Good post.
Great progress.
have a great weekend.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Great job on "changing your mind," and looking at what you DID, rather than what you DIDN'T.

Wow... will this every play a huge role in your day to day improvements.


financecupcake said...

Congrats on the 7 pounds!!! Also, congrats on changing your thinking (an even bigger accomplishment)!!!

Thanks for putting a list together! I'm excited about checking out some new blogs. My first check-in is Sunday, and I am so excited! Where exactly do you want us to post links to our updates? Should we put the links in comments on your weekly update? This challenge came along at the perfect time since I'm getting back on track after staying the same for one month (darn finals :) ). Thanks for putting this together, Loretta! :)

Retta said...

Christina/CinciMom: You're welcome! :-)
The simplest way would be to put all our updates together, on the official Saturday Spring Challenge Update, in the comments.

I'll have it posted by 11am, pacific time. It doesn't matter which day you do yours, just put the link here in Saturday's comments, and we can all come to one place to find them.


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