Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DAY 247 Toon Tuesday

Hello Journal & Friends,

I appreciate all the kind and encouraging words after yesterdays post. Thank you so much... there is so much support and wisdom out there from our fellow travelers.

After yesterday, I am kind of embarrassed to post this Toon... but it is a quality I WANT more of, this Courage.

A few weeks ago I watched a documentary filmed in France. A skiing legend was mentoring a 15 year old ski student, whose father had been killed on the very same steep, treacherous mountains on which they were training. High mountain skiing had been the man's passion and joy, and the son wanted to see the last thing his father saw.

The snow-packed mountain was almost vertical, and the boy was scared. In teaching him how to safely maneuver the descent, the instructor said:

"Technique is just the tool. 
Belief and Courage are what 
make it powerful."

That's what I want... 

Courage to step outside my comfort zone even more.
Courage to keep going, no matter what.
Courage to believe and ACT on that belief.

(can click pic to enlarge)

From Dr Phil's book: "Without question, it is this focused, goal-oriented approach to life that distinguishes winners from losers."

My verse for today: "Sing for joy to God our strength."

My quote for today: "Dare to be remarkable." --Jane Gentry

Enjoy the Journey,



M Pax said...

Beautiful sentiment. I've found courage to be very rewarding. :D

But, be patient. Don't push yourself beyond what you're ready for. It will come. It will.

Anonymous said...

You aleady have great courage, friend. More than you let on and, maybe, more than you realize. Deb

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