Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mentally Tuff Stuff

Read a wonderful article called "8 Things All Mentally Strong People Do", from Tommy Newberry.  The complete article is HERE.

Sometimes I "know" something is true intellectually, yet don't "feel" it is true. My emotions haven't caught up with what I say I believe. Maybe because I don't believe it deep in my heart? I still have doubts? 

When push comes to shove, we always act on the stuff we truly believe, not what we "say" we believe. In other words, our actions will usually "out" us as to what we really believe, deep down inside (I call it believing in my Heart; your terminology may vary).

Here is a great quote from the article:

"See yourself as a child of God. You are God’s special enterprise! Work to recognize that fact emotionally—not just intellectually. If you keep thinking of yourself the way you used to be, that is exactly what you will continue to be." 
--Tommy Newberry

The article is written from a faith-based point of view, namely Christian. Yet even if you have a different belief system, the values are still extremely healthy and useful.

I've been reading different thoughts about so-called mental toughness for years. Probably because I see that it's something I need more of! Hope this helps someone else, too.

Still on the journey,


Friday, March 18, 2016

Cowgirl Up Time

Just a shortie to say I've joined an online support/accountability group that has a 10 week program, starting next Tuesday.

I came close to just chucking it all, and accepting that "this is it", the way it will just have to be. But I read Sean Anderson's recent post (HERE) , and it really made me stop and think. I had to admit I'd bought into my own excuses, and that I didn't think there was much hope left to try again to get all the way to goal.

But... there IS hope. So I signed up and committed to giving it my honest best.
There are only 3 spots left if anyone feels ready for some help, for that extra boost that support brings. Here is the info; scroll down Sean's latest post for the links to sign up.

In "honor" of my commitment (gulp) I goofed around in my Zazzle shop (gifts, cards and the like) and made this motivational card from my ink and watercolor illustration:

Well, ignore the customized spot where customers put their own words, ha ha!
I can imagine MY name there, with something like: Come on, Retta, you can DO this!

Rah, rah, wave the pom poms and all that. ;-)

Reminding myself, once again, loud and clear: NEVER GIVE UP.


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