Friday, March 18, 2016

Cowgirl Up Time

Just a shortie to say I've joined an online support/accountability group that has a 10 week program, starting next Tuesday.

I came close to just chucking it all, and accepting that "this is it", the way it will just have to be. But I read Sean Anderson's recent post (HERE) , and it really made me stop and think. I had to admit I'd bought into my own excuses, and that I didn't think there was much hope left to try again to get all the way to goal.

But... there IS hope. So I signed up and committed to giving it my honest best.
There are only 3 spots left if anyone feels ready for some help, for that extra boost that support brings. Here is the info; scroll down Sean's latest post for the links to sign up.

In "honor" of my commitment (gulp) I goofed around in my Zazzle shop (gifts, cards and the like) and made this motivational card from my ink and watercolor illustration:

Well, ignore the customized spot where customers put their own words, ha ha!
I can imagine MY name there, with something like: Come on, Retta, you can DO this!

Rah, rah, wave the pom poms and all that. ;-)

Reminding myself, once again, loud and clear: NEVER GIVE UP.



The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

Good for you! I never did see a link to a challenge. :(

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

Well...I found it. haha I scrolled allll the way down and missed it the first time.

Retta said...

Hope you found the info, Margaret. As far as I know, all the spots are filled now.

One thing I've realized after I signed up. I began to really pay attention to my behavior. Ugh, shining a spotlight on it has shown me how lazy I had gotten, both in tracking food and exercise. So, it's helping me even before the class has started, ha ha!

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