Friday, October 30, 2009

DAY 82 The HOW & The WHY

Hello Journal,

Today I want to focus on the WHY, not just the HOW.

The WHY is why I want to lose the weight. What is the reigning passion of my life, my goals, my REASON for being. What is the thing that lights up my life, brings a smile to my face, causes my heart to beat a little faster, gives me a sense of fulfillment and destiny...the reason I was put on this earth, the thing I have to offer that could make a difference, somehow, sometime, to someone. 

WHY am I  losing the weight?

WHY keep trying?
WHY do I want to change?
WHY did I start this journey?

That's the WHY.

The HOW is simply the method, the plan, the skills acquired along the way. The nutrition plan, the exercise plan, the mental/emotional skills to handle the stresses of life without resorting to food...managing my emotions, not just managing food. 

That's the HOW.

The WHY is my source of energy, my source of motivation when things get rough.

The WHY encourages me to never ever quit.

The WHY gives me hope, and infuses the passion back into my life that overeating sucked out of it.

The WHY is all important!! Without it, I believe this weight loss would end up like all my many past attempts...a temporary reprieve.

The WHY will be totally unique for every single two on earth will be the same. What a fun thought!

Having the WHY dominate my thinking will supercharge me and keep me making healthy choices, not for their own sake, but for my REAL reason, the WHY I am doing this all for...the real passions of my heart... the WHY. And when a stumble does happen, the WHY will help me get back up, dust off, and get going again.

I have been trying to incorporate my WHY into my everyday life even now, not waiting to "live" until I reach my goal weight. But I must say, it's been in very teensy doses.

After reading what Mary wrote this last Wednesdy on her blog post titled "Make Your Life Worthwhile" (edited to add: Mary has a new blog now HERE) I have been thinking of how I can do more of my WHY now, while still on my journey. Some of it is not physically possible yet, but some IS. That is going to be my focus for this next leg of my journey. I think it will be fun for me to launch it officially, The WHY Leg of My Journey, when I hit my 100 lb mark of lost weight....and that will be soon!

I have already blogged about my WHY in depth (here) and (here), so won't repeat it. But anyone can take the questions asked in these blog entries, and insert their personal feelings to help them discover their own passions and purpose. That is one reason I wrote down a lot of the METHODS, the HOW, that I used to arrive at where I am now, so anyone who so chooses can take what they relate to and use it for themselves. 

Freely I have received, so freely I give. :-) 

Progress, not Perfection, will take us all the way.

From Dr Phil's book: "Make time for exercise, then protect that time."

My verse for today: "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances..."

My quote for today: "Having more fun than the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile..."

Enjoy the Journey,


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