Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DAY 72 The Journey Continues...No Matter What

Howdy Journal,

This is going to be short and sweet:

I don't feel well, and I am tired...but I am doing it anyway.

Nothing interrupts The Journey. I have wasted too many years making excuses...thinking I will start "as soon as". But "as soon as" never gets here! I may need to modify a bit, but The Journey continues.

There will always be SOMETHING. That's just life. And the something can be fun stuff, like visiting relatives (the kind you WANT to see!), or celebrations, or special events, or holidays, etc etc.

Or, the something can be the NOT so fun stuff, like  illness, or injury, or visiting relatives (the kind you do NOT want to see!), or tragedy, or unpleasant circumstances, etc etc. Life is full of them.

But The Journey continues. 

A few years ago, when I first started, I had the mistaken notion that somehow I should be exempt from the Not So Fun Stuff because of my "efforts to improve"...and when they would occur, I would whine "but it's not fair", or "why me?"  Now I see it is like the tide...it comes and goes, and that is normal...that is life. It is how I react to it that makes it better or worse.

For now, my attitude is: The Journey continues...no matter what. I refuse to let anything steal it away. Pout if I must...cry if I must...crank up the music if I must...do whatever it takes...but even during the hard times: THE JOURNEY CONTINUES. And just like the tide, things will change, and soon I am sure I will feel better.

From Dr Phil's book: "Stay real and stay flexible."

My verse for today: "...joyfully giving thanks to the Father."

My quote for today: Deja-Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bull before. 

Enjoy the Journey,



CinciMom11 said...

I think we must be connected somehow because we seem to be on the same page a lot. I'm just now learning that the journey continues regardless of what's going on in life. I gave up over the summer because of celebrations and have given up several times because of injuries. Right now I'm going through a break up, and I'm actually not eating myself numb. This is the ultimate excuse to binge. What is your current rough patch? Not feeling well physically? It's so easy to give in: almost any excuse will do. We, my friend, are now doing things the hard way, and it feels good. :)

Rettakat said...

Hi CinciMom11,
Oh, I am sooo sorry you are going through that! Yes, it is the ultimate in emtional tornadoes...I think it brings to the surface every hidden emotional hiccups we have buried...it lays it all raw and vulnerable. But you are aware of all this, so you are ahead of most people!

I have been through that twice seriously twice...once a divorce, once a 5 yr live-in relationship. IT GETS BETTER. And you have your wonderful little Angel Boy to keep you motivated. You will okay.

Yes, it's mainly not feeling well physically...and still needing to get things done that have deadlines. Usually I just go into "bear" mode...hibernate til better. But life won't always let us go into a holding pattern..imagine that, the world doesn't revolve around ME...go figure...LOL!

But it will pass, and in the meantime, I will "benefit" in the same way you are: we are getting stronger inside, and growing and learning. Too bad we just can't take an easy to swallow Learn an' Grow Pill instead....ha ha ha.


CinciMom11 said...

Bear mode sounds good! I could play with my cub, store fat, and hibernate. Def a pattern I could get used to :)

Rettakat said...

CinciMom11: Eeek...not the store fat part! LOL! Actually, when they hibernate, bears LOSE fat...they come out of the cave skinny and hungry. :-)

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