Thursday, October 22, 2009

DAY 74 Cinderella Getting Ready For The Ball

Hello Journal,

One of the blogs that I enjoy visiting is by Zaababy, The Incredible Shrinking Woman (here). She occasionally makes a list sharing how things are different for her now. I love reading her lists...they help me dream of the day when I will have things to put in my own list.

Well, yesterday I finally got something to put on a list! It will be a Mini-List, since it is only one thing...but it was so much fun to ME, that I want to record it. So here it is, my itsy bitsy First Mini-List: 

I tried on the clothes that I am wearing to this Friday night's Banquet Award, where my husband will receive his 20 Year Pin from work....

Today is our 32nd Wedding Anniversary, so this is a fun surprise, like a gift to me. :-)

I have saved this outfit for over 7 years, just in hopes that someday they would fit, because I thought they were so cute. They have never even been worn...still like new. The skirt is a light blue jeans skirt, and the top a peasant blouse with embroidery at the throat and cuffs. I was worried that the skirt, non-stretchy, would be tight and I would feel uncomfortable....and that the blouse would be tight and I would feel like 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag!  But, if it were not for my extra large upper arms, the blouse would be a size too large...I really was shocked! And delighted...and elated...and giddy...and could hardly believe it! Clothes TOO BIG on ME???!!! That NEVER happens to me. It is a NEW thing. And I could get used to it...LOL!! Gimme more, gimme more. ;-)

I don't know why it took this kind of experience for me to feel like it is REAL...that I really have made progress. Numbers are sort of intangible to me...I recognize them intellectually, but they just don't reach my emotions the same way as this did. But to put on clothing, and feel it against you, and it feels LOOSE...this was my first experience of this happening on my journey. 

When you are over 400 lbs, you just don't buy things that are fitted...cuz they won't FIT! You must allow for jiggle room, squish you buy stuff that stretches, and has elastic...not because you LIKE it, but because you MUST. You buy whatever you can find in your size, not because it is YOU.

I totally look forward to being able to buy clothing that is the Real Me. And to be honest, I am not even too sure how that will look yet. But it sure will be fun finding out!

From Dr Phil's book: "Require more of yourself."

My verse for today: "For God does speak--now one way, now another."

My quote for today: "Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly."--Epictetus

Enjoy the Journey,



Anonymous said...

hurray for loose clothes! I should make lists because its so easy to forget things...ok my next one blog will be a mini list! I do know how you feel about buying clothes that fit as opposed to clothes that are "you" I havent bought clothes that are "me" in so long....its possible i dont know how "me" dresses! LOL

I have never been curvy, even when thin I was pretty straight up and down, so now with 50 pounds on me I have no waist to speak of, my hips and waist are almost equal!!!! (Like 3 inches or something, LOL) So...I dream of having more of a waist and wearing things with belts again. Sigh. I do have a chest which unfortunately grew along with the rest of me, but I have to accept it and be happy with at least upper body curves! I think all people with weight to lose dream of that one thing that will make them feel like they look nice, for me, its just having a waistline.

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

First of all, Happy Anniversary! That is so wonderful that you two are together through it all.
I was thinking about who the real me was, while I was reading, and I don't think I have a real good idea. I've bought clothes because they fit me for so long that if I could choose, what would I? I'm going to make a list of what I would wear and see what comes up. But I definately would wear a jean skirt and peasant blouse. That sounds so cool!

antgirl said...

Happy Anniversary to you and yours Loretta! That's fabulous.

Even more fabulous is the start of your list. Clothes starting to be too big. How great! It's a good incentive. Huh? I think so.

Keep going. I want to read more of your list and see it get real long.

Rettakat said...

NANCY: You will have fun choosing dresses with belts and discovering the Real You!

KAREN: I have a file where I have collected pictures of clothing for years, that I "think" I might to wear. It's going to be fun...learning to dress again like when we were little kids. I wonder if we will make the same mistakes little kids make as they learn to dress...mixing colors and stripes and checks and'll be fun!

Thank you on our Anniversary...Jim gave me a card today with a photo of a basket of kitties on the front, and inside the card, it said he wanted to give me "warm fuzzies." So cute!


{ALL} for a Better Life said...

OMG, you are a rockstar. I remember you talking about this reception and it is here and you are going to look beautiful! I hope that you will post a picture of you and your handsome hubby.

Congratulations on 32 years, you are truly an inspiration on many different fronts!

CinciMom11 said...

Happy anniversary!!! How are you celebrating (aside from LOOSE CLOTHING)? I am so happy for you! I can't wait to experience loose clothes! Shopping for clothes that are you is going to be a blast!

P.S. - Oh, my god. Those cat pictures cracked me up!

MissyM said...

Happy Anniversary. And congratulations on the almost too big clothes!! You better wear that outfit as often as you can because soon you will be getting rid of it!

Lisa, motyok said...

WooHoo! Congrats on the clothes and the anniversary too!


Rettakat said...

Hi {All}, CinciMomm11, MissyM, and Lisa!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your nice words, they mean a lot to me.
And I definitely plan on taking my camera Friday night. :-)

Rettakat said...

Hi Mary,
Yes, it is fun to finally start My List. I think I will keep an eye out for anything that qualifies, and maybe do it once a month or something like that. :-)

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