Sunday, April 25, 2010

DAY 259 Day of Rest & Favorite Photo

Hello Journal & Friends,

Still haven't shaken this cough/congestion/earache thingie, so am definitely resting today!

When I was a kid growing up on Southern California, we once lived at a house that had a short, squat palm tree in the front yard. 

We kids LOVED that tree, cuz every year, magically overnight it seemed, it became solidly loaded with new LADYBUGS! Thousands and thousands of the adorable little bugs.  I've had a soft spot for Ladybugs ever since.

(can click pic to enlarge)

Enjoy the Journey,



Kat said...

Hi Loretta,

I grew up in southern california too. To this day Palm Trees remind me of "home" I love the pic! I have had a challenging week getting settled back into routine after vacation - I will be doing my update today. Work was challenging and blog reading almost non-existent. I love the new pic of you on the right column!

financecupcake said...

The ladybug looks so delicate! Thanks for sharing. You always have the neatest pics to share, Loretta!

Anonymous said...

Ladybugs! I love, love, love ladybugs. My first tangible evidence that God heard me involved real live ladybugs.

It's quick: One day about 30 years ago, I saw that the Rose of Sharon trees in my front yard were COVERED, absolutely polluted with aphids. I had preschoolers and they played there, so I didn't want to spray chemicals on the trees.

As I stood there (trying not to itch), I remembered that LADYBUGS eat aphids. But I didn't know how to buy ladybugs...and there was the money thing.

So I prayed. I told God that my trees really
needed ladybugs and I didn't know what to do. I don't remember if I actually asked Him to send the ladybugs or not.

I checked the trees the next morning--and my little trees were covered with HUNDREDS of ladybugs! There had been NONE the day before--only aphids.

Since then, ladybugs have been my reminder that God is aware of me down to the smallest thing. :D

Loved the picture and your story!


The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I think most kids love ladybugs! I know I still do...

Shelli Belly said...

Lady Bugs always remind me of my mission trip to Ukraine. We were on the banks of the Black Sea and there were thousands of them everywhere. They're really hard to brush away. Sleeping with them isn't much fun either. I think a few even stowed away in my luggage. It made us laugh remembering the conditions of most mission trips and here we were complaining about lady buggs.

In small quantities they're lovely.

Dayne Gingrich said...

My wife, little girl and I were on the beach yesterday and saw thousands of ladybugs on the soft sand... INCREDIBLE!!!

Never seen that b4.

Anonymous said...

my cousins lived in a house with a short squat palm tree in it too! We thought it was a giant pineapple, ha ha

Leslie said...

Hey! Good to see the current picture. I should do that too. I'm the least photogenic person who has every walked this planet, though. Maybe I'll put up a picture of Halle Berry or someone!! Hope you're feeling better every day.

M Pax said...

My in-law's house has thousands of lady bugs. They smell in quantity. Who knew?

Beautiful picture. I hope you're geting yourself better, woman! Love ya! <3 Mary

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