Friday, May 28, 2010

DAY 292 Cheeseburger in a Bowl... Really!

Hi there, Journal & Friends,

I don't often post recipes, but it's time for another Friday Favorites!

So I wanted to share a recipe that I tried for the first time, and LOVED! I didn't invent it, but only discovered and tried it this week:
Cheeseburger in a Bowl!

It was yummy.
It was easy.
It was fast.
It was healthy.
It was lo carb, lo fat, lo cal.

What's not to like? 

I forgot to take a photo of my bowl, so I'll link you up to the lady from whom I stole the recipe, LOL!

I found Patty's recipe in the recipe section of Active LowCarber Forums (HERE).
I don't "do" chipotle, so you can vary it any way you like. I make up hamburger patties and cook and freeze them, so I just used one of those heated and crumbled, with cheddar cheese. 

Here is a link to photos of Patty's Cheeseburger in a Bowl. 

Mine turned out to have a little less hamburger and more veggies than Patty's, but it was still absolutely delish! I will definitely have it again, being so quick, easy and yummy. And honestly, I didn't miss the calorie/carb laden bun one bit. 

Tip: I don't like my dishes "dry", and used to get way too many calories in the dressings and mayo. Now what I do is use a tip I read about online... thin your condiments. 

The originator of this tip (Dr  somebody? who writes a column?? can't remember) uses water to thin with... you still get the flavor yet with less calories. OR, if you are like me and like lots of dressing, you get lots of dressing with NO MORE calories.

My Tip: Instead of water, which makes the condiments a little on the thin side, I use Chia Gel. It is virtually tasteless, yet has the viscosity about the same as most condiments. Plus, it is full of healthy Omega 3's. 

Easy-peasy to make Chia Gel: 2 cups water into jar with lid. Add 1/3 cup chia seed. Shake up, sit 5 minutes, shake again, refrigerate. Voila. Instant healthy goo to thin stuff with. :-D

If you try a Cheeseburger in a Bowl, I'd love to hear how it turned out, and what substitutions you chose.

From Dr Phil's book: "You must carve out time in your life for tension-reducing activities."

My verse for today: "That my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever."

My quote for today: "Sacred cows make the best hamburger." --Mark Twain

Enjoy the Journey,



Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hi Loretta!
That look SO good, I will definitely be trying a version of that as my hubby LOVES burgers. I love your blog and I am also in the Pacific NW and both my husband and I are on a journey out of obesity. We are blogging about it here:
I am glad to be a follower of you now and look forward to checking out your bog often. Stick with it girl... you are an inspiration!

CinciMom11 said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe! I rarely use bread when I eat veggie burgers or whatever else. I love the condiment tips, too! The chia gel sounds like a great idea. I still haven't gotten around to buying chia seeds. This post has put the idea back in my head. Thanks for sharing, Retta! :)

Ice Queen said...

Thank you for that recipe. Mezathinking that I am going to try it with turkey burger, maybe veggie crumbles, low fat cheese, lots of lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, a little low fat mayo...

Yum. :D

Did you draw the kitty with the smile?

cmoursler said...

mmmm...meat. I love meat.
chia gel...hmmm....It looks good for you.
Have a great night loretta.

Anonymous said...

Always loving it when a blog ends with God's word! Thank you!

Patty said...

Hi Loretta! Patty here, and I just wanted to say how happy I am that you enjoyed the recipe. It is really easy to change up to fit your taste and way of eating. And the Chia seed tip...pure genius!!

But even more exciting for me is seeing we have a mutual friend - one of my all time favorite people in the blog world, cmoursler!

Anonymous said...

This is right up my alley. I try to eat gluten free so when I have burgers I just put the cheese and toppings on and cut it up. Next time I will just toss it all in a bowl.

I am also thinking of pizza in a bowl. All my favourite toppings, cheese and sauce in a bowl. No gluten and pizza taste. I need to try this soon.

Anonymous said...

ok cheeseburger in a bowl I can handle, but i dont know about the chia goo....

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