Friday, May 7, 2010

DAY 271 Another Friday Favorite

 Good Afternoon, Journal & Friends,

It feels like time for another Friday Favorites!

Have you ever been sucked into buying something from an infomercial on tv? And lived to regret it?? Me, too. :-)

But a few years ago I bought a kitchen gadget that I love, love LOVE. I use it all the time, and especially when the weather turns warm.

It's my Flavor Wave Oven. Honestly, it really works!

There several variations of it out there, all I can talk about is the one I have. The official name of mine is the Flavor Wave Oven Deluxe. I think they might even have a newer, updated version out now.

Here is a funny, cheesey infomercial with Mr T, promoting the Flavor Wave Oven.

A unit that is similar to mine is called the NuWave Oven... and their youtube infomercial is a little more informative. It give info on the technology, and how to actually use the unit. A more professional presentation, and more useful. 

Here is Part 2, (there are 5 parts), which shows him actually cooking a chicken dinner, and then some Pita pizzas. 

Here is Part 1,  which introduces you to the oven, and explains how it works.  

 If my FlavorWave died, and I had to buy a new one, I would probably get a NuWave, since I like the design better than the newly designed FlavorWave. 

This lady shows several meals she made in her NuWave Oven, giving lots of ideas and showing the possibilities. 

I make little mini-meat loaves in mine, quick homemade healthy pizzas, chickens, roasts, fish, veggies, hamburger patties of all kinds... anything and everything. It doesn't heat up the whole kitchen in the summer like the oven or broiler does, and it's easy to clean. Love that thing!

From Dr Phil's book: "Stay real and stay flexible."

My verse for today: "For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations."

My quote for today: "Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian. Wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian. Lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese. Garlic makes it good." --Alice May Brock

Enjoy the Journey,



The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I have a nuwave. We used it once. Talked about using a few more times. This from two folks who haven't had an oven for over 13 years. I wonder if I could bake in it?

Anonymous said...

Awww, Loretta, you're costing me money!

I saw that little thing advertised, but I was afraid that it wouldn't work AND that it would be hard to clean.

I got my mother a rotisserie gizmo once--and I'll tell you, it's a wonder she didn't die of food poisoning from how disgusting it got.

Since there's just Bill and I now, it seems wasteful to fire up the oven to cook. I'm going to check it out. Thanks.


kathyj333 said...

More times than I care to admit. They make it look something you have to have. And then you use it once, and it forever collects dust until Yard Sale Day.

M Pax said...

Well, if Mr. T endorses it, it has to be great. LOL :)

Sounds intriguing. Awww, you had to go & mention hamburgers. I've been having major burger cravings ... again.

Ice Queen said...

He he. I got suckered by the Hair a Gami. Yipes! I still can't make that danged thing work. What a waste of money. But it cost me so much that I refuse to toss it in the trash. I keep thinking that one day I will outsmart it.




x said...

I have never even actually watched an infomercial.

Christine said...

lol, too cool that somebody bought something off an infomercial that they actually use and love.
The only thing I have been tempted to buy is that total gym by chuck norris. The only thing that stops me is that it's by chuck norris, and i suspect that has a lot to do with why I want to buy it, so I don't.
I am complex.

Fiona said...

ha ha I laughed so much, here is why. I was reading your blog and watching Dr Who so I read the first few lines and then looked at the TV, while thinking to myself "I have bought loads of crap from infomercials and have sworn never again except when I get paid I am getting a halogen oven" Then I scroll down your page to see Ta Da a US version of said oven. SO glad it works because I have spent ages convincing DH we should get one. Thank you for the recommendation. Oh and I dug out my Dr Phil book today and started reading again. Thanks x

Anonymous said...

hm, sounds interesting!

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