Sunday, May 2, 2010

DAY 266 Day of Rest, Favorite Photo & A Nightmare

Hello Journal & Friends,

Oh noes! Last night I had a nightmare... I said "to heck with it all" and started eating chocolate covered donuts!!!!

Ever notice how if you oversleep, you might have... um... erotic type dreams?? Well, I overslept this morning, and find it hysterically funny that now my erotic dreams consist of CHOCOLATE DONUTS!!!! Too funny!!!

Well, spring has sprung here in Oregon, so here is a nice, quiet, safe non-erotic photo, of blooming pear trees...  LOL! (can click pic to enlarge)

Enjoy the Journey,



Anonymous said...

Break out the chocoperfection, girl! :D Deb

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

That wasn't a nightmare for me, it was reality...I did eat them.

Years after I quit smoking, I'd have dreams that I smoked a ciggy, and I'd wake up all disappointed in myself. But I never did it in reality.

Christine said...

I once had an all night dream of a huge binge.
When I woke up it took me a minute or two to realize it hadn't really happened, thank goodness.

Shelli Belly said...

At least dreams are calorie free.

The photo is very beautiful.
It looks so peaceful.

Kat said...

Donuts. I have dreamed of them too...:-) The photo is beautiful!

Nancy B. Kennedy said...

Donuts! There's a reason my grocery store puts the bakery inside the front door and not the produce. I ALMOST gave in yesterday on my way to the lettuce bin!

Sheilagh said...

I have something for you on my blog:o)

M Pax said...

LOL That's true. That's usually when those odd dreams pop up. I have no idea what half of them mean.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! I have had MANY dreams like that, about cake mostly but occassionally donuts too

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