Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DAY 331 Who Is That??

Hello there, Journal & Friends!

I hope this isn't annoying... but I recently discovered how to operate the iPhoto Booth on my Mac. I've been having fun taking goofy pics without having to awkwardly hold the camera aimed back at myself. Ooohhh... I feel so Techie, LOL!

Since I haven't posted a Toon Tuesday in awhile, I goofed around with this effect that is called Comics:

(No, that's not a double goiter! I'm 
resting my chin on my fists)

Actually, what I've been thinking about is a comment different people have left, saying they think I look younger now. At first I pooh-poohed it, thinking they were being nice. 

After all, for years I have heard that once you lose weight, you lose the FAT padding under the skin of your face, and the wrinkles that were there all the time now sag and show.

I WANT to believe those nice comments.. I really do! I'm still vain enough to hope to look nice instead of old, tired and haggard! 

So... I tried to see what they saw. And half of me almost sees it... the other half, eh, not so much.

Looking in the mirror doesn't help me much, but seeing a photo does... kinda, sorta, some of the time. 

The new pic of me in the sidebar? The one from June at 336 lbs? Honestly, I hesitated posting it because I don't think I really look like that, and it makes me uncomfortable. Like I'm trying to fool people, with tricks of camera or lighting.

It's like our brain distorts what we see...

Okay... enough silliness!
That's mo' better.

I even made a side-by-side pic for comparison. Now THAT did help me see progress:

I'll have to keep that one for the next time I'm tempted to whine about not seeing any progress!

But getting younger looking?? Eh... I still think most of that is good lighting and camera angles, maybe the longer hair, LOL! 


From Dr Phil's book: "It is important as you use the keys to lose weight, and then to maintain that weight loss, that you be realistic about what you expect of yourself and your life... there is no room in your life for fantasy or fiction."

My verse for today: "From the Lord come deliverance. May your blessing be on your people."

My quote for today: "I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark." --Muhammad Ali

Enjoy the Journey,



cmoursler said...

You do look younger..I know I do.
I think being overweight makes your skin looks washed out...not you per se but most peoples...I looked like crap in my before photo.
You at least took good care of yourself.
And if you don't look like that, how did it get in the picture? lol. When I am tempted to get down on myself or think I couldn't possibly look that good, I remember what I looked like in my before photo. If I can look that bad, I can look this good.lolol.
Have a good day.

Rettakat said...

CHRIS: "And if you don't look like that, how did it get in the picture? lol."

Okay, point taken. That cracked me up. :-D

Anonymous said...

Look at your chin! There is your proof! You look fab!

M Pax said...

Love your play with the photos. Is that little Vevie sitting behind you?

You do look younger. Folks said the same to me after I lost the weight. I think it's the regular exercise that does it. Happiness gives us a glow. More confidence does, too. Better health has a glow. Add it all together and we have to look better. :D

There's a twinkle in your eye and happieness on your face. It is lovely.

The before pic looks like a different person. You've done so great.

Ms. PJ Geek said...

ok some of those photos are scary-weird. But in your 'normal' one I would say you DO look younger. It's in the eyes..in the 2001 photo your eyes look wary, unsure, as if you are hiding something or protecting yourself. In your current photo you look very open, sincere, more at peace, happy.


Anonymous said...

Well. You just did me quite a favor!

In the side-by-side photos--the photo on the left is pretty much how I've worn my hair for YEARS. Decades! Back to high school, even. Maybe a little less hairspray--style has never been my stong point. I pretty much just go for clean.

Anyway, I've let my hair grow a bit--decided I hated it--got several inches cut off last month so it hits kind of at the bottom of my ear lobe now, but pretty much all one length. Think Dorothy Hamil wedge.

I had wanted it ALL cut to go back to your photo on the left look, but my hairdresser talked me out of it saying I could always come back and cut the rest off in a couple of weeks if I didn't like this style.

And I had decided that I WAS going back to get it cut next week. But after seeing these photos--maybe not!

Of course, you have a better fact than I do. You do. I have never been one of those fat girls with the pretty face. I'm just fat from top to bottom. Well, actually, my bottom was never a problem. But, I digress.

Because of your photos, I'll put off that appointment. Maybe if my face thins out, I'll like the longer hair. Right now it feels kind of sea hag-like.

Thank you for your public service photos. :D

You really do look younger and MUCH thinner than your scale says you weigh.


Anonymous said...

I definitely think you look much younger. You really had me laughing with all these funny pics.

My fave is where you have one huge eye...LOL!

anne h said...

You are awesome!
I still sometimes see the "distorted" me.
Very good job!. You really look great.
And younger!

M @ The Woes and Throes said...

This was a great post...made me laugh! You DO look younger, Loretta! I've been thinking along those lines, too. What is my face going to look like when I lose weight? I hear you can get pretty wrinkled. I won't even think about the rest of me. :(

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