Thursday, July 1, 2010

DAY 326 I'm a Dr Phil Groupie... NOT!

Hey there, Journal & Friends,

Talk about casual... I'm going to spit it out today Chris Style, only with pictures.  LOL! Sorry to copy you Chris, but it won't be a regular thing, I promise... cuz it's a scary style! You never know what's going to come out, or if you will land on your feet... or not...eek! 

Here goes... let er rip:

This is my story. I know most of you haven't read the first parts of my blog, so I'm going to recap it today.

A few years ago I was fat, sick, sad, and ready to give in to weight loss surgery. 
I was 460 pounds, and going downhill fast. 
I'd been overweight to varying degrees all my life.
Felt like I'd tried everything.
I went to the weight loss surgery seminar. 
Signed up.
Resigned myself to the high surgery mortality rates.
Applied to my insurance.
After all the emotional turmoil to get ready to DO this.. they refused coverage.

Then, just a couple of days later I was just staring at the boob tube, channel surfing. 
I "happened" to catch Dr Phil McGraw announcing his first Weight Loss Challenge show. 

He talked about his book, The Ultimate Weight Solution.
Then looked into the camera, pointed, and said "and I don't want ANYONE LEFT BEHIND."

Goofy as it sounds, I felt like he was looking at ME.
It was an answer to my prayers... my tears.

I bought the book.
Read it.
Read it again.
Cried some more.

Dr Phil is light on psychobabble, heavy on action. 
I rarely watch his tv show now, but his book helped change my life.

Here is the book in a nutshell, in my words:

Life is about choices. You are responsible for your life and the choices you make. You have the power to CHANGE your life by learning to make better choices. Let me help you learn how to do that.

At first, I fought it. 
Had a bad case of the Yes But's. 
Yes, but you don't know about MY life... 
Yes, but you don't know how I was raised... 
Yes, but you don't my physical problems...
Yes, but you don't know ME... 
Yada yada yada...

Then I finally got it. 
He was saying to ACT like I was 100% responsible for my life.
To learn to make healthier choices.
To stop being the victim.
To stop stop blaming anyone or anything else.
To assume full responsibility for the state of my life.

At first I thought this was BAD NEWS! I mean, I was 460 pounds and my health was shot, and I WAS RESPONSIBLE!
That's a bitter pill to swallow!

Then, I GOT IT.
If it was MY choices that got me here, then it could be MY choices that got me OUT of here.

That was GOOD NEWS!!

I finally accepted full responsibility for my own life, and the choices I had made.
No more excuses. 
Well... actually, it took time for THAT one to sink in. 
It took me awhile to even recognize that most of my "circumstances", or other rationalizations were, in fact, excuses.

Did I have to find the right nutrition plan for ME? Sure.
Did I have to personalize my approach, and cut out sugar/flour? Sure.
But bottomline, I had to be willing to do whatever it took.
I had to change.

I set out to brainwash my mind with the principles in the book... to change my thinking.
There are lots and lots of other books and approaches out there...I just happen to be led to this one, and took it and ran with it.

For me, it was an answer to prayer. 
Actually, many years of tears and prayer. 
Don't ask me why I didn't "get it" sooner... I dunno... can't answer that.

I don't feel led to constantly talk about my journey in religious terms.
But I know God is my foundation, and brought me to this information.
He is the reason I never quit. 
He never gave up on me.
So even though I've come close to it a few times, I didn't give up on me either.
This is for everyone, of all belief systems... and I want no one left behind either!
I know what that feels like.

This is MY story.
I need to tell it MY way.
Others can say it their own way on their own blog.
That's good, and how it should be.

I emphasize things here that have impacted ME.
I major on those things. 
There are the minor things I might mention, at times.
Don't get upset with me if I don't major in the minors. 
This is just MY story.
Take it or leave it, ya know? 

Let's all be friends. 
Accept one another as unique.
We are not here to be clones of each other.
We are here to support each other.
Let's agree to disagree agreeably. :-D

We all have a story.
We will all tell it uniquely. 
That's good... that is how it should be.

Off to read some Jack Sh*t. 
Need a shot of humor.

From Dr Phil's book: "Change your thinking to change your weight."

My verse for today: "I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

My quote for today: "Human's are like tea bags, we don't know our own strength until we're in hot water." --Sister Busche

Enjoy the Journey,



Anonymous said...

Take it or leave it indeed! I only read the blogs I am interested in and I am not there to criticize anyone for their way of thinking, or their way of getting it done (weight loss, yoga, whatever IT is). I also expect the same from people who read my blog.

If I don't agree with the way people do things or how they lives their lives...I just stop reading and other people are free to do the same with my blog. So simple!

I enjoy reading your blog and enjoy your viewpoint!

Hugs to you Loretta.

bloojay said...

Wow what a story. I can relate to so much. At first it was so hard to take responsibility for my state of being, but once I did it was very freeing. I realized that by nogt accepting responsibility, by blaming my problems on everything else, I was keeping myself powerless to change anything. After all, if nothing is my fault, how can I control any of it? Once I was able to take responsibility, I was able to start making new choices.

M Pax said...

Whatever sparks that inspiration and gets you started, whatever keeps you going, is a godsend. What that impetus is, differs for all of us. You need not justify it or apologize for it. Be proud. Be grateful you found it.

I so admire how you saw that your choices could get you out. I could not see that when I started. That's amazing to me.

You're doing fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, thanks for sharing your story, what a great perspective on things! LOVE your quote of the day.

Christine said...

foshizzle mamizzle...
I couldn't have said it better myself.
I love spitting things never know who it will hit. That's part of the fun.
loretta keeping it real in the hoooouse...
Good post.

Shelli Belly said...

Your friendship during this journey has meant more to me than you can ever know. You're in my corner girl and I'm in yours.

Love ya

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