Monday, July 26, 2010

DAY 351 Challenge Updates & Fair Sneak Peek

Goooood Morning, Journal & Friends!

I'm BACK and I didn't melt away yesterday. It was sooo much fun... I felt ALIVE and a "part" of the Fair.  

Not sitting at home, trying not to feel sorry for myself, waiting for Jim to come home and tell me about something... I got to EXPERIENCE it. Can ya tell I'm all jazzed???!!! A taste of things to come... but first, business. ;-)

The first is the Freedom Challenge update that Deb is sponsoring.  

I had goals in 6 areas... instead of going into detail this week, I'm just going to cut to the chase and tell you that the first 5 days of this week were awful! I struggled tremendously. I had a very painful emotional incidence, and I fell back into old patterns and ate too much food. I stuffed my face instead of facing my stuff!

One thing that Deb pointed out to me really helped... and I found it interesting that it took someone ELSE to point this out... I was too busy feel sorry for myself to accurately see it. 

And that is.. in the past, a "blow out" would have been thousands of calories extra per day... and might have lasted for days, weeks, months or even YEARS!

This time, it was eating maintenance portions (around 2000 calories per day) for 3 days, of food that was on my plan... SEE THE DIFFERENCE???!!!

So even though I didn't do as I had planned, I really WAS encouraged at the true change in myself. I am NOT excusing messing up... I'm just saying it's Progress... not perfect... but yes, progress.

This whole week has sooo not been about the food for me. It's shook me up... opened my eyes... made me shake off the "diet doldrums"... shown me where I fell into lazy, bored, same-old same-old attitudes... and then jazzed me all up with new SPARK!

Okay, next Challenge Update:
 Sean and Kenz's P.E.W.C.... "the water" challenge. 

Well, if I did not do so great at the Freedom Challenge, I did EXCELLENT at the Water challenge! 

Made my 2 quart goal every day, except yesterday. We took GALLONS of iced tea with us to the Fair, since I didn't know what would be available. And I think we drank it all... and I feel great about my choices!  Take that, H2O!! 

Now a Sneak Peek at the Fair! This is already too long, so I'll have fun tomorrow with an official Fair Post. ;-)

By the way, yesterday was the hottest day this summer, so far, here in Oregon: 101 degrees!!

Today, for your amusement, here is a pic showing me in the morning, getting ready to get into the van to leave for the old-fashioned country Fair.

The entrance... last day of the Fair, and it was free admission. :-)

Jim wasn't that interested in the exhibits... he wanted inside with me to cool off!!

The "Vomit Cages"... no! I did NOT ride them!

Home-spun country crafts... very fun and gave me a good feeling.

And this is me once we got home at 4:30, sitting in front of a fan 
with the AC going full blast... hot, tired, and happy:

PS: Yes, Nancy, I did excellent with the Fair food. I went with a plan, and the Plan worked. Yay!!  :-)

Did I mention how much FUN I had??!!

From Dr Phil's book: "It's my choice, and I can do something about it."

My verse for today: "I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken."

My quote for today: "I'm learning, sometimes you gotta head straight on into the pain, to come out the other side. Sometimes the path of least resistance just makes the road longer." --from The Cleaner, with Benjamin Bratt

Enjoy the Journey,



Leslie said...

I can tell you had a blast. What a wonderful way to spend a HOT day! My goodness, you were 6 degrees hotter than we were!

It sounds like you're getting an excellent perspective on your emotional week, Loretta. Sometimes we get slammed unexpected by things, and we go off reeling for a bit. But the fact that your eating stayed relatively sane and you can recognize the progress is fantastic. I know there will more to come!

Can't wait to see the "official" pics tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear you had a great time. Love the picture of you with the umbrella!!

That is great that your "less than perfect" eating was not a full out feast. I totally relate to what you are saying about slipping. There was a time when I lost 83 lbs in 8 months, had an upsetting emotional event, and proceeded to gain 100 lbs the following year....

Progress is success too :) Congrats!!

Ice Queen said...

Oh my gosh! The Zipper. The single most terrifying thing I have ever been on in my life. That is probably the same stinking ride, even. lol

You looked so pretty and fresh, heading out. Back home again, you look tired, a little baked and so happy. As if you had a fantastic day. :D

Ann said...

Going out to the fair in 101 degree heat, AND staying with a plan - AT THE FAIR?!! Wow, Loretta, you are already to your goal, with resolve and thinking like this. The losing weight part is just symantics. GREAT job! The bonus is that you had a wonderful time, heat and all. (I admit to getting queesy just looking at that Zipper ride. I still can't imagine paying money to be tortured like that.) hahaha I'm lokoing forward to your full-fair post. Congratulations on getting out there and enjoying the good experiences!

Anonymous said...

Well, the good news is your blow out wasn't a BLOW OUT and that is definitely progress.

Love the taste of the fair pics! Can't wait to see more.

M Pax said...

I am so thrilled to read this - you getting out and living your life. Yahooo! I'm so excited and can't wait to hear about the adventures to come.

Was hot here, too, but not as hot as where you are. We were in the low 90's. Didn't need a coat up at PMO on Saturday. So, that means it was hot.

The Brown Recluse said...

Loretta, I just love this post!!!

Anonymous said...

:D :D :D I am so glad that you had fun!

WOW! You stayed on plan at the fair!!!! :o Astounding! :D Wahooo, you!

A stellar ending to the week!


anne h said...

Good old fashioned fun.
How easily and quickly we forget about the very idea of it!

cmoursler said...

Glad you caught it loretta, that is the important part. In mountain climbing it's called self arrest. You use a pick axe to stop your self from falling off a cliff. You used your tools to stop yourself. Good job.
here's to a new week.
And I am so glad you got to experience the fair. That's what this is all about after all. Living life.
Big hugs.

Miz said...

adore the fair-teaser pics and yet more than that CHEERED for the new spark!!

you are kicking....glutes, Loretta.
keep it up.


Anonymous said...

So glad you had fun and was able to get out and EXPERIENCE life! Yay! I love that first picture of you getting ready to leave! Great job on the water challenge!!!

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