Sunday, February 28, 2010

DAY 203 Day of Rest & Favorite Music

Hello Journal & Friends,

Instead of my usual Sunday favorite photo, I wanted to share some zydeco!  

PJ at  PJ's and Pounds  made a comment on Friday about some fun music she liked, and it revved me up for zydeco! Need a burst of energy?? Then these are for you!

Enjoy the Journey,



Ellen said...

Great music! Thanks, I hadn't listened to zydeco in ages...

PJ Geek said...

fun ..makes me want to shake my booty or at least see my favorite Nawlins movie/Dennis Quaid movie "The Big Easy

paulawannacracker said...

Years ago, I went to see Queen Ida and her Zydeco Band. I loved it. They were playing a washboard and the concert was in a barn. Thanks for sharing this music.

Christine said...

sounds fun...glad you had a restful day.

antgirl said...

What fun!

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