Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DAY 177 Toon Tuesday & Bunnies

Hi Journal & Friends!

Oh boy, it's Toon Tuesday again. :-D

A few years ago I started a painting... got as far as the finished drawing on extra large drafting paper, and a small color study. I never finished the painting... I'll explain in a minute. But first here is the color study of a small portion of the larger design. Yep, I was still into bunnies back then! (click to enlarge)

The name of the painting was to be either "Tree of Life", or "Hearts Desire".  It was inspired by an ancient proverb:

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life."
But... it took me a long time to figure out why I never finished it. I would think... "Oh it's so big, and I am so busy".  Or... "I have to do this other project first"... or..."I don't have time".

No. That wasn't it. It was because I didn't WANT to work on it. 
It bothered me... stirred up painful emotions. It reminded me that I did NOT have that longing of my heart... to lose the weight and get my life back!! So I avoided it. 
Here are some of the sketches that went along with getting ready for the painting... I even had my color palette all picked out! (click to enlarge):

I have one other project that I am involved in, that I am excited about... but after that, I am feeling as though I just might like to go ahead and finish that bunny painting!  I have a feeling it will not be as subdued as this little color study. It will probably be bursting with color, energy and passion.  Gee, I wonder why?? :-D

From Dr Phil's book: "By changing the way you think, you can change the way you feel and act."

My verse for today: "The end of a matter is better than it's beginning."

My quote for today: "Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life." --Vincent Van Gogh

Enjoy the Journey,



karen@fitnessjourney said...

I adore the floral sketch that you did. You are so talented, what a gift.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Loretta. As usual, you hit on something I've been mulling over the last couple of weeks.
It was going to be a post. chuckle.

I've often wondering... So many people who are held in bondage by one thing or another are soooo talented. But that 'thing' causes them to hold back...to bury their talent out of fear.

I wonder if that is satan's way of keeping that gift from blessing the world?

So glad you're hope, longings and enthusiasm are no longer on lay-away!


Unknown said...

Loretta, you are such a talented person! The artwork is amazing! I know when you decide to finish that painting it will be beautiful!

antgirl said...

Glad you found your mojo to finish your bunny, because it looks like its going to be absolutely breathtaking. Wow! I wish I had an ounce of your talent. :)

financecupcake said...

So, so cool! I love that you share this part of yourself with us. I love your art and the process behind it! Great quote, too. I think that's facebook material.

Carrieheff said...

Love your artwork. You are extremely talented!!

Christine said...

That picture is beautiful...and I like hearts desire...it seems to personify that bunny's expression...lol. And yours.
I stopped drawing, I mean really drawing in 1998.
I drew a picture of a basket of apples that was so good it scared me.
It was the kind of picture that you draw and you realize that if you really wanted to...you could really be an artist. One that makes money.
I didn't know what to do with that.
I was afraid that if I kept going it would consume all of my time, and that I would become resentful of my kids.
I grew up feeling like I was a mistake, so I vowed my kids would know that they were wanted and loved.
So I set it down.
I let my art go.
I think now, that was a mistake.
It has only been recently that I have even felt an urge to pick up a pencil again.
Now it's more a matter of time constraints than it is about the art.
I don't have much time.
I love your studies of the daffodils
finish it.

Retta said...

KAREN: Thank you Karen. I appreciate that.

DEB: So I beat ya to it, huh? LOL! Go ahead and post yours... we are all so different so it will be good to get another perspective.

DEBBIE: Thank you, Debbie. It's a big one, so it might take awhile. I'll be sure to post it when done.

MARY: Aww, thanks for saying that. :-)

CHRISTINA: I love seeing the process of people, whether it's painting, writing, or whatever. So I was hoping someone here would be interested. Thank you.

CARRIEHEFF: Thank you so much, and welcome. :-)

CHRIS: I'm leaning toward Hearts Desire, too.
It sounds like your art is more than a passing fancy, or unimportant hobby. I understand your logic... but I wonder if by adding it back in, even in a limited time, you would actually be enriching your kid's life. Learning about art, and creativity, and seeing in a new way--REALLY SEEING--and being bold and adventurous, is something that ADDS to a child. I taught art to kids for awhile, and it was so wonderful to see them discover their creative side.

My goal wasn't to make "artists" out of them, but to draw out their creative side, and help it blossom. So for your kids to see that in you can only be a good thing for them.

Do you have a medium that you are thinking of focusing on specifically?? Some lend themselves to immediacy and quick clean up... and portability... like colored pencils, colored markers, even watercolors.

I hope you can find a time on a regular basis to nurture that part of yourself... even if you just start with doodling for Toon Tuesday, LOL!! It'll get the juices flowing. :-)

Kat said...

What a beautiful painting - you are very talented! I am enjoying your quotes!

Beth said...

I want so much to be good at something, a hobby, an avocation. I have tried painting. I have tried piano. I have tried gardening. I have given it time, I just don't have the native ability. I am sure there is something...haven't found it yet. I do like cross stitch and knitting, but they aren't very original or personally expressive.

Retta said...

KAT: Thank you, Kat!

BETH: Oh my!! I love some of the things I have seen knitted, and have tried to learn. But I am all thumbs when I have tried. And yet I can crochet, and even tat with tiny thread. But knit?? Nyet.

Here are some highly original and creative freeform knitted stuff:

In this day, there is so much free information to get one started on the internet. I wonder if there is a way to narrow it down for you?? Like, there are basic things that must be included for me to enjoy something. For instance, I love color, design, texture, detail, etc.

If you were to make a list of your preferences, what would you include? Maybe think of some of these questions:

Do you enjoy a solitary activity, or prefer groups?
Do you like it quiet, or prefer sound?
Are you more right-brained or more analytical left-brained?
Do you like working small, medium or large?
Do you like organized, structured hobbies, or more freeform and loose and open ended?
Do you like to tactile experiences...ones that you hold and form and work directly in your hands?
Do like to play more with ideas, thoughts, stories, words, or, are you more visually oriented?
Would you feel like something was missing if it didn't have color?
Do like small and delicate, or large and chunky? Think tatting vs chainsaw wood carving!
Do you like purely decorative or prefer it also be functional?
Do you want an activity that is fun to do, or one that also produces something when you are finished? Think mastering the yo-yo vs knitting wildly colorful socks!

Here is a hilarious but useful site that will help you find a hobby!

Okay, here is a more down-to-earth site at WikiHow:

But this is my favorite that I found, cuz she believes what I do: that everyone is creative:

I hope you have fun finding your creative side! It should be quite an adventure. :-)


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