Friday, February 5, 2010

DAY 180 Perfect 10 Update & Pink SissyBells

Hello Journal & Friends!

It's the halfway point in the 10 week Perfect 10 Challenge! 

I was sooo excited this week about my progress... I couldn't wait for today to post my update. :-)

My goals: to exercise 6 days per week, doing 3 days to a DVD, and 4 sessions on the rebounder.  Results: accomplished.

The part I was excited about: for the FIRST TIME EVER, I used cute little 1 lb pink dumbells while doing one of the exercise sets on the DVD!! I did that all 3 days this week,  and made it the whole song. My muscles were pleading for mercy, and I would have stopped had it been real pain that would re-injure my shoulders. But it was just muscle fatigue, so I PUSHED. I AM STOKED!! Arnold would be proud of me and my girlie girl dumbells! LOL!

Now the fact about me that you don't know:

Before we were married, I once loaned Jim my car to take out another girl!

Yep, you read that right.

I met Jim at church when I was 26 years old, and he was 28. I had a thing for him from the second I laid eyes on him, but he didn't know I existed for several weeks. After that, we were "just friends" for several months.

During our "friend" period, his jeep broke down, and he borrowed my car to take another gal on a date. My family and friends were aghast! But look who's smiling the end, I'm the one that got him. :-D

I strongly believe that part of the reason it worked out for us was because I truly wanted him to be happy... to have the best for his life, even if that didn't include me. That is what love does... it gives. It was not an easy, flippant decision, but it was heartfelt and genuine. And in the end, he came back to ME.

From Dr Phil's book: "Get off your duff and get moving."

My verse for today: "Love is patient, love is kind...It is not easily angered."

My quote for today: "If you would be loved, love and be lovable."--Benjamin Franklin

Enjoy the Journey,



Patsy said...

Brilliant success with your goals! Interesting fact. :o) Love the kitty and teddy pic!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Pink dumbbells would make me smile-even through the pain!

I love your story about your husband, it would make a good Lifetime Movie Channel story. LOL!

Losing 100 said...

Great Job! I love your story about lending your hubby your car. True Love is sometimes not exactly romantic. On Sunday my cute hubby cleaned up dog puke so I wouldn't have to deal with it. (He was late for a church meeting and I slept through everything) It was the sweetest thing!

Leslie said...

Great unknown item today! I forgot that on my update because I was wallowing in my own crap! Thank you so much for your kind response to my post today. It helps so much to know I'm not alone in the depths of this stuff! I do know it, but sometimes it seems more overwhelming than others.

I bet you look cuter with the pink dumbells than Arnold does! Good work!

Katie J ♥ said...

Great job Loretta and loved your story. You are a kind caring lady. He is lucky to have such a wonderdful wife!

Kristina said...

congrats on reaching your goals this week and I LOVE the story about you and Jim! So great! lol

Anonymous said...

OMG that is adorable. I should write a love story based on that little section of your life!
(I might do it too, if I ever finish my current projects)

hey I have pink girly girl dumbbells too!!!
Congrats on achieving your goals this week!!!!

antgirl said...

That's a better car story than mine. I hit Husband's truck on our second date with my car. I dubbed it dating faux pax #342. LOL

You go with them girly pink dumbbells. Sounds like you're making great progress. That's really exciting.

x said...

I want pink dumbells! I've just used the dumb black ones at my school. I have pink goggles though :)

Carrieheff said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! You must feel great about achieving your goals for the week! Keep up the good work!

South Beach Steve said...

Loretta, that is an interesting story! I am glad it worked out for you in the end.

Also, what an awesome week! I love Arnold and the pink dumbbells. :-)

Christine said...

what an awesome story...
And you did get him in the end.
Great job on your goals.
lol at arnold.....
I used 3 lb dumbbells to do my arm workouts.
i ALWAYS get funny looks at the gym.

Dayne Gingrich said...

There's so much passion and intensity streaming from your words... great job, and of course... love the story.

Kat said...

Great job on your goals Loretta! Love the story...:-)

dailyseeking said...

Great post; I love the kitty quote and the quote by Benjamin! You made me try harder on my fitness goals for next week!

soontobe...skinnygirl said...

Congratulations on your great week! Pushing yourself is so rewarding! I'm elated for you!

Here's to pink dumbells (and I'll bet they look better on you than Arnold!)

Have another great week!

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