Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DAY 516 A Flamboyant Toon Tuesday!

Hi there Journal & Friends,

Yesterday when I visited Sandy's blog at  Getting Fit and Loving It, I noticed the quote underneath her blog title:  

"To change one's life: start immediately, do it flamboyantly; no exceptions." 
--William James

I loved it! And was taken by the word Flamboyant. So, naturally, I looked it up in my trusty dictionary. Here is the part that tickled me:

- exuberance
- highly patterned or unusual style
- noticeable because of brightly colored

The origin of the word flamboyant is French,  meaning flaming, blazing.

So yesterday I had fun just playing with the word Flamboyant. I wanted to set no rules, no plan, no preparation. Just be exuberant, highly patterned... and FLAMBOYANT!

(can click to enlarge)

From Dr Phil's book: "It's not just the specific weight you want to attain, but also the feelings that you associate with it... what you really want is to feel better about yourself."

My verse for today: "I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High."

My quote for today: "Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life." --Vincent VanGogh

Enjoy the Journey,



MizFit said...

so busy these days it would be too too easy to wish this all away.
today I will focus on embracing and enjoying the journey and the process.

Anonymous said...

You would know that the word is derived from the French. LOL They do know how to party and live it up. :) Love the picture! Keep on keeping on, Loretta!

Anne H said...

Love it!
You are a true artist!
With enthusiasm that shows!

mamajuliana said...

Beautiful picture!

One more reason why I come to your blog everyday!

Thanks for the flamboyant inspiration!

Duddes02 said...

Interesting blog! Good luck on the rest of your journey

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Beautiful, bright and happy! Your exhuberance for life really comes out in your art. Love all the shading and detail along with your obvious free flowing expression.

Mary said...

I love that quote! A friend of mine made me some art with it a while ago, I'll have to post it on my blog soon!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that drawing! :D!

I like the sentiment, too. I'm feeling a flamboyant start to 2011, myself. Angry flamboyance followed by joy.

Wahoo, 2011! For us both. :D


Oh--we're the same age as of today. haha.

Retta said...

DEB: Oh! Happy Birthday to yooooouuu!
Enjoy it while it lasts, cuz in 4 days-Saturday- I'll be a year older than you again... mwahahaha!

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

Oh Loretta! That's not really a toon, is it? It's a piece of artwork and it's absolutely gorgeous! I like the screw thrown in there at the top. Is that to hold your head on with when times get tough? Tee Hee! Just kidding around.
Really, this drawing protrays exuberance. It made me feel happy and excited when I looked at it.

Christine said...

I love your drawing loretta...too cool, now i need to go wish deb a happy bday. almost missed it apparently. lol.

Retta said...

Thank you everyone, for such nice comments. I've been having fun learning to use my Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet (connected to my Mac, for digital drawing). It has quite the learning curve! I feel like a beginner again.

A screw?? I had to hunt for that one... how funny to hear what different people see in there. :-D

I started out playing in the background with different digital "brushes" and color from Photoshop Elements, and just dinked around, layer over layer. So how that "screw" got in there is beyond me, LOL!


Anonymous said...

Wow beautiful art! I will have to show Caitlin, she has one of those little Bamboo things, and just recently decided instead of being a biomedical engineer she wants to be some kind of artist. I know, swinging from one end to the other. Well, she is 16! Anyway, she likes to make animation things with hers, I wonder if she ever thought to do somehting like this?

Yes I am starting my new program tomorow and going full force on it, no easing into it or anything like that. Just BAM, do it.

Joy said...

Beautiful!! Take care of yourself and stay focused on your journey!!

M Pax said...

I see a bird in it - or is it a woman ala Picasso? Either way, I enjoy looking at it. What a glorious and flamboyant bit of art. :D Definitely oozing with life and character and color. I love your use of color.

financecupcake said...

That is so cool! Flamboyant is a great word. :) I love your art!!!!

Re: daily weigh-ins being beneficial - I think the last place I read that was in Racing Weight, Matt Fitzgerald's guide for endurance athletes who want to lose weight. Surprisingly it's really tough for endurance athletes to lose weight because we have to eat a lot to keep our bodies going. Here is an article where he mentions daily weigh-ins: http://triathlon.competitor.com/2010/08/nutrition/racing-weight-is-counting-calories-worth-the-hassle_11220
Basically, the daily weigh-ins are beneficial because they increase awareness. I either see results and keep doing what I'm doing to see more results, or I don't see results, and I work harder. Sure, daily weighs aren't the most accurate records of success, but they do motivate me.

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