Monday, January 4, 2010

DAY 148 It's Elementary, My Dear Watson

Hi Journal & Friends,

This last Saturday was a hard day... I had to CHOOSE the right attitude, whether I felt like it or not. To DO the right things, regardless. To NOT dive head first into a humongous bowl of mac n cheese.

Those are the days when your resolve is tested. You find out just how committed you really are. If you REALLY meant what you said... "I am ready and willing to do whatever it takes..." or ... if you were just blowing smoke and riding high on emotion.

Gratefully, the Anchor held, and I am still on my program.

And thanks to a question from an online friend Saturday, I  also started a close examination of my program. It was time to play Sherlock Holmes, and do some detective work.

I tried to see what had changed, to slow down my progress to such a snail's pace in the last 3 months. I think I found 3 elementary things that did change, and might have made a difference. Whether or not that's true doesn't really matter. They still need to be improved. So, it's all good. 

Here are the things I found that I need improve, no excuses:

1. Water consumption... not drinking near enough water since it's turned cold.
2. Nutritional choices... not eating enough veggies, especially raw ones since it's turned cold weather.
3.  SLEEP... The biggest challenge. My sleep has been messed up for about three months. This is definitely a source of stress, and might be a bigger factor than I had realized.

I have bumped these three things high up on my TO DO list. I guess I should give it another 3 months and watch for improvement, to see if they really were the culprits. I will try to be that patient, ha ha.
And today is my regular weekly weigh in (but I'll be updating the sidebar only once a month now). This Monday's weight is: 356, for a 2 pound loss last week. Hopefully, this coming month will be better progress than December!
This is my first weekly weigh in of 2010, with only 51 more weeks to go! Gee, if I could lose 2 lbs a week, at the end of 2010 I would have lost 104 more pounds! That would put my weight at... let's see... 254 pounds. My goal weight, tentatively, is 199. That would be awesome to be that close by next Christmas! :-D

I must admit that "next Christmas" sounds sooo far away! And the thought of writing 361 more posts is... impossible... what in the world would I have to say??!! But I've been thinking of something that Dayne (from Coach Your Mind, HEREsaid in a comment yesterday. He said: 
"It's sooo easy to lose sight of those 'small successes,' isn't it? Every day should only be about such tiny success... with all of those success added up, we eventually reach that great ambition!"

I guess that is the way this new year will play out... day by day, celebrating small successes along the way, enjoying the journey. Then, at the end of the year, I can have one big hootenany and celebrate the overall progress!

From Dr Phil's book: "There are no victims, only volunteers. You must embrace the fact that you own your problems and take action to solve them."

My verse for today: "For nothing is impossible with God."

My quote for today: "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." 
-- Thomas Jefferson

Enjoy the Journey,



Losing 100 said...

You go girl! I really think getting enough sleep is critical! Water makes such a big difference too. If your having a hard time getting enough you could try crystal light. My fave is fruit punch. It's a yummy treat.

Retta said...

LOSING 100: Thanks... I have lots of yummy things to drink. I was just making excuses because of the cold weather. Gotta get over that, and just DRINK it... LOL!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo, YOU!!! Two pounds gone--that's a whole month's worth in a week if you look at December!

You know, I've read/heard about numerous studies that have found lack of sleep causes weight gain. At first, I thought it was 'cause those of us (ME, ME!) who are nightowls just EAT the night away. (Me, ME!)

But more recent and thorough studies say, it's more than that. Lack of sleep has a biological impact on metabolism, and other things I can't remember. (I may have blocked out those facts since I LOVE staying up late. I think it improves my creativity--just like junkies think their stuff improves creativity, I guess.)

Anyway, Good Job! on the weight loss--on the willingness to examine your method--on being honest about what you found--on being who you are.

I, too, LOVE "The Anchor Holds." Thanks for that, too. I look forward to reading your blog every day. :}


karen@fitnessjourney said...

Getting enough vegetables is not always easy. They require more prep work than fruit. Have you tried chopping up a variety of them as soon as you get home from the grocery store? Whenever I do this, I am so much better about consuming them.

Sean Anderson said...

You are such a wonderful success my friend. The two of us have similar issues don't we? Not enough water---probably too much sodium----and a crazy sleep schedule. You nailed it!! I wonder what would happen if I had a perfect two week run---enough water everyday, enough sleep, made awesome choices every day---I wonder. Hmmmm...

Regardless---you're on the way to total and complete freedom my friend. I am too! I'll see you there! Isn't it wonderful?

Hold tight to those motivating thoughts. Never let go!!!

My best always

antgirl said...

Things will come together and you will keep progressing. I am certiain. Why? Because you are so determined and you don't give up.

Woooot! On staying on your program. That's a huge success right there.

Aren't you big on tea? Tea can replace water and it's warm. I usually have a mug of caffeine free every night. Helps keep me warm, too. Chamomille might help you get to sleep.

Retta said...

DEB: Let's just cross off your name and insert mine! I LOVE to stay up and dink around... I seem to get my best ideas and get into a groove, and I can look up 3 hours later from a painting or drawing, and wonder "what happened?!" And.. um... yes, I USED to eat the night away. Thankfully, no more.

I've read those studies, too, about lack of sleep/metabolism/cortisol/hormones/circadian rhythm etc etc. So I think there is something to that, tho I resisted "knowing" for a long time! ;-)

KAREN: Honestly, I have no excuses. I've done that, and even gotten tupperware veggie containers, etc. I just "chose" not to eat them. Like a little kid saying "I don't wanna!" So, I'm just going to have to put on my big girl panties and eat my veggies!

SEAN: A two week perfect run?? Now that's a scarey thought, LOL! That would mean I would actually have to DRINK that water, EAT those veggies, and turn off the computer and get to SLEEP on time!! ....gasp.... OKay, the challenge is on. I'm gonna. How's about you??!!

Since you are "just" done with smoking, I'll cut you some slack, and you can start your water/veggie/sleep reformation when you are ready. ;-)

Thanks for the encouraging words... I sooo look forward to that freedom. :-)

MARY: I guess having a stubborn streak can be a good thing, LOL!
Hey, I am sitting here right now drinking the most exquisite hot tea. It's Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice. Mmmmmm.
Chamomille might help people get to sleep, but can it turn off the computer and drag them to their bed?? ha ha ha ha ha.....

Thanks everyone!

Christine said...

hey loretta, I have no doubt you will be blogging far into the future.
writing about life and all it's vagaries, it's an endless supply.

financecupcake said...

Nice job, Loretta! You are so consistent. Your losses might not always be consistent, but you are. I admire and envy your consistency! It's taking you far.

Retta said...

CHRIS: I hadn't thought of it that way... I guess I could be like Mary (Meps Reconstruction) and transition into maintenance, and what the wt loss is allowing me to do then.. Isn't is weird? I hadn't even thought of that til just now... duh! :-)

CINCIMOM: I really appreciate you saying that. For literally years and years I have tried to learn consistency. I realized years ago that while I knew what to do, and did it SOME of the time, I was not consistent. It has been a key for me this time. I keep meaning to write about it... ha ha ha. Thank you!


Casandra said...

Water and sleep are definitely on the top of my list too. You are doing great. Keep it up and you will get there!

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