Thursday, September 23, 2010

DAY 406 It Starts TODAY!

Good morning, Journal & Friends,

PSSST..... come closer...

I want to tell you something exciting. No, don't look at me that way, it's okay!

Well, don't just sit there...

I'm not clowning around here...

Let's have some FUN!

Let's all join 
South Beach Steve's Hot 100 Challenge,
it starts today!

It's not too late to join... don't be slow... 

Go on over to Steve's place to sign up and find out the Oh-Fish-ul Rules (HERE).

I really like how Deb  at Deb Will Be Free  picked her goals based upon things she wanted to become lifelong habits. So, of course I copied her. :-) I'm still doing Shelli's 9/9 to 10/10 Challenge,  and these fit in nicely with that one, too.

My goals for the Hot 100 Challenge are:

1. Stay within my Calorie Budget (1600/day 6 days/wk and 1800/day 1 day/wk)

2. Exercise 6 days/week (except right after my 2 upcoming hand surgeries)

3. Take my Vitamins EVERY day

And I decided NOT to include that I would really really like to get out of the 300's by the end of the year... but like Deb, I won't say that. ;-)

So... that's the end of the story today.

Hey... how about US??

Note: No cats (or rats) were harmed in the making of this post. Natural non-toxic vegetable dyes are used to paint cats... and they are probably spoiled rotten and totally pampered!

Today's Peek at the Past (I had forgotten I wrote this... and needed to read it again, since I'm feeling like a phoney again. Here it is a year later, and I am desperately hanging on. This was a good reminder for me.)

From Day 45, September 23, 2009:

Yesterday, as I wrote that day's blog, I typed a sentence that I didn't even realize had bothered me all these years. It was about the angry adult male authority figure in my young, impressionable life asking me: Who do you think you are?? And then he threw a large, heavy glass ashtray at me (missed). The scene is etched in memory like it happened yesterday.

This morning as I thought about the people who signed up to follow this blog, I caught myself asking that same question: who do I think I am??? And I realized I have been doing that all my life. Out of fear of being a phoney, or being prideful, or self-deluded, or just feeling like I was a nobody, I would negate my own worth, what I might have to offer, or what I might accomplish in the future.

I am glad the light was shined on this bit of "stinkin thinkin". I can answer it, refute it, and replace it with a healthier self-image. I absolutely, literally CRINGE when I read some of the user names people give themselves as bloggers... derogatory and hopeless, even cruel sounding. Yet in the secret place of my mind, here was this thing, this axe that chopped me down every time I tried to grow up too tall and strong.

(For complete post " I AM LORETTA " click HERE

From Dr Phil's book: "Create meaning and purpose out of your suffering."

My verse for today: "My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song."

My quote for today: "Strength is acquired through resistance. Resistance surrounds us at all times always giving us the opportunity to grow stronger." Coach Sean, Cardio Coach

Enjoy the Journey,



Baby Stepping said...

Good morning, Loretta. We can't let our bad memories of the past define us, but we do have to face them. They were probably too hard to face when we were young. Now we can take care of our inner children and give them what we needed back then. Here's to all of us meeting our goals in the next hundred days. And I suggest we all meet online on New Year's eve and give ourselves a virtual toast!!!

Many hugs,

Rettakat said...

Oh, Mary, what a FABULOUS IDEA!! It's a date! Let's spread the word. I know I'll be up anyway. My sweetie ALWAYS falls asleep, so every year it's just me and Dick Clark anyway. I would love to have that "online toast" to look forward to. :-)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Challenge, Loretta! I'm sure you'll be fabulous! :)

anne h said...

100 days will come and go - challenge or not!
So we get a hundred chances to make the best of it!
A hundred (more) good choices and, if needed,
A hundred chances to start again!

Anonymous said...

Well, the online toast sounds great to me, too!

I also think we should plan an IN PERSON meeting in the spring. Unless we meet in the sky first, of course. :D

Loved the cats--especially the one with the painted 'behind'. lol

We're gonna do this thing, WLW, we are! And those numbers on the scales? Well, they're not goals, but they are hopes. I'm thinking we have an excellent chance of having those hopes realized. haha. Yes, I do!


Sharon said...

I am so excited the starting day is here. Can't remember when I've been so pumped. Believe me, I've got my "challenges" set out before this weekend starting tonight. So glad, we are in this together.

Sandra said...

Love the pictures of the cats - where you find all these treasures :)
Love the goals too - I too am not mentioning any numbers in mine. I need to focus on my mind and health first and my #'s will naturally fall into place.
Love the New Years toast - great idea Mary!

spunkysuzi said...

I'll be cheering you along on the challenge!! And toasting at the end :)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

First time visiting your blog! Found you through Steves Hot 100. Excellent post and isn't it nice to look back at posts and see what the past was saying? Not always good but interesting.

You have had some incredible weight loss!! I am down about 85 lbs. from my start but I have been STUCK here for going on 2 years now! Started the weight loss blog to hopefully kick start things again. I have 2 blogs, the dieting one and the recipe one.

Stay positive and success will come!

M Pax said...

Good luck, Loretta! You'll be fine. One step at a time.

Shane G. said...

great goals Loretta! Oh and thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate it. I am following you now so better get to goal achieving.

South Beach Steve said...

Okay, these cat pics are great!

Thanks for another shout out!

cmoursler said...

who do you think you are.
The world's biggest crap heads ask that question.
I have an answer now..wish I'd had it as a kid.
'I am the child of the most High God.'
Who are you?

Veronica said...

Nice to meet another "hottie!" Great goals--I also have one for the multivitamin b/c I have forgotten to take one for most of this year so far! And excercise too--that's my biggest struggle and will really be a challenge for me to do but I'm dedicated. Good luck--let's rock this!

Anonymous said...

Glad you've joined the challenge too, Loretta. Best of luck and let's motivate each other during these last 100 days.

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