Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DAY 391 I Did It Again!

Hidy Ho Journal & Friends,

Oh boy... I went an dun it again... I joined a new challenge! 

Shelli at Shelli Belly is hosting a challenge that starts Thursday, Sept 9th. It's called 

The 9/9 to 10/10 Challenge 

And it's in honor of her Blogoversary! You can read all the details HERE.  

I love challenges that let us choose our own goals. Here are mine:

1.  Exercise 6 days per week 
     (4 rebounder, 2 DVD's)

2.  CAREFULLY track calories 
     (6 days/week at 1550; 1 day/week at 1800)

That's it. Nuthin new or exciting this time. Well, actually there IS one other thing... but I need to see if it is truly doable. If so, I'll add it next time we update on the challenge.

I learned the hard way this last challenge not to commit to exercising 7 days per week. I was really resenting it by the end of the month!  :-O

Same thing with the calories. I hope having one day a little more relaxed (on Jim's day off) will help me go with the flow more, and not act like a rebellious teenager.

I know challenges are not for everyone, but for me they have several benefits.

  • Since mine is a long journey, it breaks up the time, makes it seem shorter.
  • Adds an element of fun and interest; changes it up every once in a while.
  • Provides some extra camaraderie when we are all working on the same challenge.
  • Causes me to push harder, to do more than I might do on a regular basis.

I find that last one interesting. To me a challenge is a competition with MYSELF, not with other people. It helps me to stretch, to test MY abilities, to get outside my comfort zone and  reach higher.

And since I know there is an end to it, if it gets hard, I can tell myself it's only for X more days. (ha ha ha, so far it ALWAYS gets harder at the end, and I swear I will never do another... now look at me!)

So starting Thursday, we are off! It's not too late to join, and you don't even need to have a blog to join Shelli's 9/9 to 10/10 Challenge. 

Today's Peek at the Past (Wow! I was excited when I read that I used to think exercising 3 days per week was a big accomplishment! I'd forgotten that. Now 5 days per week seems "normal" to me. Wow wow wow.)

From Day 30, September 8, 2009:
When I first started trying to exercise at my top weight of 460 lbs, all I could do was follow an exercise DVD LAYING ON MY BED. I would imagine myself standing and dancing along with Richard was actually fun! I did those exercises to the best of my ability, horizontally. Now I can do them sitting...some day I will be doing them standing.

So forgive me if this sounds impatient...but I get soooo tired of hearing people whine about how they can't exercise because they are too big (usually way smaller than I was). Call it what it is: excuses. I can recognize them because I was Queen of Excuses! And if I am not careful, I can easily slip that crown right back on my head.

(For complete post "Big People Exercise & Excuses" click HERE

From Dr Phil's book: "Make time for exercise, then protect that time... No Excuses... Let nothing interfere, absolutely nothing."

My verse for today: "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."

My quote for today: "The key to motivation is motive. It's the why. It's the deeper "yes!" burning inside that makes it easier to say no to the less important." --Stephen Covey

Enjoy the Journey,



cmoursler said...

lol with the cat. yeah, that is why I have moved on to maintenance calories for 130 lbs and maintenance exercise....for 130 lbs.
Because I was feeling resentful. And while the weight may come off slow, that's okay..because what I am doing now REALLY IS for the rest of my life.
This is it...I am essentially in maintenance mode for 130 lbs at 149. great post and good luck with your challenge.

Anonymous said...

Hi, girlfriend.

I'm back from surgery and all went well. :)

I joined Shelli's challenge, too. Fortuanately, it starts tomorrow becasue today would have been impossible.

My goals are similar to yours--exercise 6 days a week (12 miles walking a week) and 6 days a week at 1200-1300 cals w/ Sunday as close as I can get withut being stressed. 4 servings of veggies are to be in the daily cals.

Challenges keep me at it because i HATE to admit that I chose not to stick with it when the goals are reasonable. these are reasonaable.

So are yours. :D

We're gonna do this thing. For now, I'm going to do a nap!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I always love a good challenge, so I will definitely be checking this one out. Good luck to you! You can do it! :)

M Pax said...

I like your look backs which show you how far you've come. Smart.

Yay on a new challenge. They do seem to work very nice for you. Use what works. :D

Dayne Gingrich said...

You can't join enough challenges. How can you be challenged enough, personally?

Keep rockin... BTW: Love your quote of the day. It's always about the motivation behind the (X).


anne h said...

Already -Doing- It
is more like it!
Love the cats!

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Loretta! :) You've been nominated for an award! :)Please visit my blog at for more details. Congrats! *Hugs*

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I'm a big proponent of taking days off. Trying for 7 days a week probably sets a lot of people up for failure. If you like the types of exercise you chose, you'll be more likely to stick with it too. Which DVD's are your choice?

Baby Stepping said...

Good luck on your challenge!!!


Anonymous said...

I’m so glad that I came across this blog. It’s great to see someone else who is into living a healthy and fit lifestyle. I myself has lost 125 lbs. and my weight loss story will be featured in the November 2010 issue of Shape magazine. This is really exciting for me! I also have a blog which documents my own weight loss and fitness endeauvers. Come check it out if you’re interested :) Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your weight loss journey. Take care! <3 Laura

Rettakat said...

KAREN: Yes, I hope I learned my lesson on the 7 days/week approach. Physically, I could do it... mentally, it got to me!

With the DVD's this time, I'm going for variety. I'm just going to have a pile of them, and do whichever I'm in the mood for.

I have several of Richard Simmons Dancing With the Oldies, Billy Blanks Tae Bo, Chair Boxing, and Chair Yoga.

The one I will NOT be doing is Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I got it cheap on ebay, but didn't realize it depends so heavily upon getting up and down off the floor. Uh... not this gal, not yet!

Christina said...

Yay for challenges! Six days of exercise sounds like a good goal! Having a day of rest is great for your body. I also like your higher-calorie day. Mixing it up every so often will keep your metabolism going. Without the occasional higher-calorie day, your body and your metabolism could get too used to the 1550 days. So, the benefits of the 1800 day aren't just mental. :) Good luck, Loretta!

Okay, I just read your last comment. Oh, the 30 Day Shred... Ugh. All the jumping up and down is a killer for me. I did the Shred barefoot, and I think that caused or at least contributed to some of my foot problems. Also, the jumping around was a miller for my bladder. I did the Shred a few months after I had Ram, and my bladder did not appreciate the jumping. It's good you got a cheap copy of the Shred!

Joy said...

Hi Loretta,

Way to go!!! I know you will do well with this challenge!!! You've got what it takes!!!!


Shelli Belly said...

We're in :-)

I do so much better when I'm responsible to a Challenge. I didn't have one in August and I was lost. Now I'm determined once again.

Thanks for joining in.

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