Monday, September 13, 2010

DAY 396 Three Questions

Hi Journal & Friends,

I have been mulling over 3 Questions that Chris at A Deliberate Life  asked me several days ago. I hadn't forgotten... it's just that I didn't have an answer to the first one (I never claimed to be a deep thinker, LOL!).

Okay, on to the Three Questions.

1. If you could ask God three questions, what would they be?

Honestly, I've thought about that almost every day since asked. When I think of a question, I get embarrassed that it seems so petty to ask of the Creater of the Universe! 

And... I keep changing my questions. I think I have TOO many questions, maybe that's the problem. Then again... I also know when I get there, I will have all the "time" in the world to ask, listen and understand the things that I must accept by faith now. 

If I HAD to choose one, it might be: is there a better way to know your will... what you want of me, what would please you, make you smile?? How to better tell when it is just me, or if it is really You speaking to my heart?? I guess this has to do with knowing Him better, knowing His voice so intimately, that there is no mistaking that small still voice within. "...his sheep follow him because they know his voice."

2. If you could go back in time and have dinner with a famous person, which person would you choose. 

Viktor Frankl
1905 - 1997

3.  What was the mistake you learned the most from?

Not losing the weight sooner. 

Time passes faster than you would believe. It is precious, and once gone, it's gone.

I distinctly remember on my 30th birthday, moaning about how I had always wished I had learned to play the guitar. 

Then it hit me: I would BLINK, and I would be 40. So stop wishing for it, and DO it. 

So I did. 

I bought a used guitar, strung it with new strings, learned to tune it, bought some books and taught myself to play it. I was never really very good, but that didn't matter. I DID it.

But... I didn't apply that lesson to the weight loss. I "dieted"... lost weight... then regained it and then some. Repeatedly. I had a "diet mentality". 

And time marched on. And my life took a detour from what it could have gone.

And I blinked again... and now on my next birthday, I will be 60. I still can't wrap my brain around that. In my heart, the Inner Me, I only feel about 40, if that. Weird, I know.

So that is why I am so determined now. I FINALLY get it. On this earth, time is finite. MY time here is finite. I don't want to waste any more of it on losing weight than is necessary. I want to LIVE my life, my best life. To BE the person I was always meant to be. To make this time of my life Grand and Glorious.

That was the mistake I feel I learned the most from. 

Moral of story: 
Time is the coin of your life... spend it wisely.


Today's Peek at the Past (this was a deeply personal post, with pics of my Momma.)

From Day 35, September 13, 2009:
Full of memories today...I stayed up most of last night reading a small book by Geneen Roth, titled "The Craggy Hole in My Heart and The Cat Who Fixed It." (about the book here)

I hadn't intended to once again wreck my schedule...but once I started reading, I NEEDED to keep reading. I cried my way through the book...there was something in there for me, and I knew I had to keep reading.

It was a good cry...a healing cry...and I am smiling today, flooded with memories. They are not phoney "the way I wanted it to be" memories. But sweet and real...full of love, acceptance and forgiveness.  Nice...peaceful..."warm and fuzzy" type memories.

(For complete post "Full of Memories " click HERE

From Dr Phil's book: "When you kill time, remember you can't resurrect it."

My verse for today: "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

My quote for today: "Lost time is never found again." --Benjamin Franklin

Enjoy the Journey in spite of the hard times,



Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Nice question to ask God... I would want to know that. I think that learning to understand and know the promptings of the Holy Ghost is a lot like learning another language... the language of the Spirit. It takes practice and heeding to those promptings... I am still learning and hope to become an expert at this language someday!! ;)

I love he lesson in life that you learned. We shouldn't just wait but live life now! You are a great example! Have a wonderful week!!


Leslie said...

I relate to so much of this post, Loretta. I love your question concerning how to really know God's will for you. Also, Victor Frankl is someone with whom I'd love to converse. His book, Man's Search for Meaning is one of the most powerful I've ever read. Finally, regarding the weight loss and doing it soon...Since I was 39 and pledging to lose to goal by the time I hit 40, I've been floundering and yoyoing. I so wish I'd gotten (and would get) my act together in this arena. Great post.

M Pax said...

Time is life's coin. Precious. Great moral. One we need to remind ourselves of everyday. Maybe we should wake up and say it to ourvelves. Huh?

Sharon said...

Yes Loretta, that is a great question and a growing child of God will always have a thirst for more knowledge, but I think you are further along than you realize simply because you are ASKING questions with such depth. Remember we are told, "if you seek me, you will find me, if you search with all your heart." (Jeremiah 29:13)

Shelli Belly said...

Two quotes come to mind from your post.

From the Color Purple
Shug: More than anything God loves admiration.
Celie: You saying God is vain?
Shug: No, not vain, just wanting to share a good thing. I think it p### God off when you walk by the colour purple in a field and don't notice it.

From Chariots of Fire
Eric Liddell: I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.

I believe when you are working on a piece of art that you're in His perfect will. I too just want to be still and know.

In each moment we will praise Him

Baby Stepping said...

Wow! What a terrific post! I have to think about this one! As far as the mistake I learned most from, it would be a mistake that I still make but am trying to work on. The mistake I learned from most was not speaking kindly to someone when I had the chance. I tend to open my mouth way too quickly with something negative. I pray that I may learn to be just as quickly respond with kindness instead.


Anonymous said...

I think those are all wonderful questions to ask, Loretta. :) Wonderful post, my friend.

Desperate Diva said...

What a fabulous and motivational message you communicate in your third answer Loretta - You're so very good at giving those struggling some words to hold on with! It's so easy to let years pass, missed, almost unlived when you're unhappy with your weight and the sooner those in this situation appreciate how short our time here truly is, the sooner people can think more seriously about what they want and how to achieve it - Thanks for the lovely post!

anne h said...

Awesome - and now I'm overwhelmed....
And at a loss for words...
Just "awesome!"
And "Thank You"

Anonymous said...

You know, Loretta, in a post I wrote some time ago, I wrote that by not losing weight, I had passed on opportunities that are, now, no longer possible for me to take. I lamented that, because of my weight, I had said, "No" when I should have said, "Yes". I had wasted time, lost time...

As I read this post, a trace of a thought that I've had before became overwhelmingly clear to me--I did not miss out on life because of my weight.

I missed out because I thought I had to LOSE weight before I could live, before I could say, "Yes" to opportunities and experiences. It wasn't the weight that limited me--it was me. The weight was my excuse to opt out of life.

And, of course, now the physical results of years of obesity sets it's own limits. (Failed vision cannot be denied, you know?)But to that which I can still do, I will say "yes" regardless of the number on the scale. Or I will be honest with myself as to why I've chosen to refuse.


Thanks, Loretta, this may be my own post someday.

sorry I just hijacked your post. :}


cmoursler said...

Hey Loretta. liked your questions. I think what we ask God says everything about us.
I love man's search for meaning. A very very good a very very deep man.
Time slips by quickly.
YOu can't get it back.
Great post.

Kat said...

Beautiful post Loretta!

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