Friday, September 3, 2010

DAY 386 Little Planes, Big Planes & Understanding Each Other

Hi there Journal & Friends,

I've had something on my mind, and debated whether or not to post it. In the interest of helping us understand each other better--and to get it off my chest--I'll just throw it out there...

There are small planes, like the Cessnas...

...and there are gigantic ones, like the Jumbo Jets.

They may be different sizes, but they all have to follow the same laws of aerodynamics to get off the ground and fly. They all have to overcome the same laws of gravity to not crash and burn.

There are all sizes of us "Weight Losers". All the way from those in the Cessna category, on up to those of us that started out as Jumbo Jets.

There are basics we ALL must follow to get up in the air, and get to our destination. 

But make no mistake about it: flying a Jumbo Jet is different than flying a little two-seater plane. If you are "small-er", you will just have to take my word for it.

If you want to say it's a bunch of excuses, that's okay, too. I simply know what I know. I am living it. I know others that are, too.

It takes more than you will ever know to sustain the commitment, energy, drive, enthusiasm, and passion that it takes to lose 261 pounds. It just does. That is the total I need to lose to reach my goal, which is to weigh 199 pounds. I simply want to squeak into the Onesies. 

This is NOT a plea for sympathy... far from it. I detest that! I am not a victim.  It is for understanding.

Mine is a LONG journey. And once in a while I run out of fuel, and need a refill.

You will never convince me that those people who claim they are totally happy with being "huge" are thinking straight. Never.

I have been working hard on my stinkin thinkin for years now.  I'm STILL working on it. But I AM finally to the place where I BELIEVE I can change. I am at the DOING stage. 

It is not a straight line down for me.  I hope that is not an excuse... it simply is the product of a lot of mental stuff that I am working my way through on my way down.

Please do not make the mistake of comparing the flight of a Jumbo Jet with a little Cessna. You will be wrong. Just accept that you do not understand what it is like. Unless you have walked in the shoes of someone who is overcoming a LOT of stuff... stuff that got them HUGELY morbidly obese, then you have no right to judge their journey, or compare it to yours.

It is HARD to lose weight at any size. I am NOT minimizing anyone's struggle, at ANY size. I am simply trying to explain that there is a different dynamic at work, in addition to the regular weight loss stuff, for that person who has a JUMBO amount of weight to lose.

Believe me or not.

There is a special place in my heart for that person, of any size, who has tried and failed repeatedly at this weight loss thing. I WAS that person. And all I know is this:

If you refuse to quit, no matter what, you WILL eventually learn what you need to learn, and you WILL get there. 

You may stumble... you may have a few detours... you may FEEL like quitting. But don't. Because if I can do this, anyone can.

I am very appreciative of the absolutely wonderful people I have met here in Blogland. Kind, supportive, understanding, and encouraging. 

You are truly a GIGANTIC BLESSING in my life. More than you will ever know. 

Thank you all from the bottom of my Jumbo Jet heart... soon to be a spunky little Cessna. :-D

Today's Peek at the Past (Ha ha ha... a good reminder to myself to not get mired down in Stinkin Thinkin!)

From Day 24, September 3, 2009:
The idea is to identify and challenge faulty thinking, and replace it with a positive internal tell yourself the real truth so you can do something about it if needed.

We talk to OURSELVES more than all the other people in our life combined! Think about it...all the it helpful, positive, kind, loving, encouraging, your own best cheerleader? 

I battle this like anyone else. But I am learning. Some think that in the interest of being "honest" they need to report all their "stinkin thinkin"...but then they STAY there, they don't refute it, challenge it, deal with it. Consequently, they stay stuck in it, wallowing in the muck and mire of it all.

I need to face it, deal with it, heal it, and move on. Or stay stuck, and never make progress. The choice is mine.

And I choose life! I choose healing, forgiveness, optimism, and hope. 
(For complete post "Question Four & Eeyore " click HERE

From Dr Phil's book: "Require more of yourself... you can do this!"

My verse for today: "... and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law."

My quote for today: "Always be polite. Say 'sir' an 'please' until it's time to start killin." --advice from a tough ol' Arizona goldminer, name unknown

Enjoy the Journey,



midlife_swimmer said...

awesome! wondering what sized plane I am now?

signed ~formerly a jumbo jet~

anne h said...

Not a jumbo jet -
Maybe a sturdy cargo plane
a C-140 carries alot of stuff!
a C-130 carries people!
Great analogy as we all fly off into the sunset together!

Amelia said...

Lovely post!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful entry. That really puts things into perspective! I don't have as much to lose as you but I did start out at 355 and I've been at it for 10 months now with 90 pounds left to lose. It is a long process with a lot of hard work. A -very- long process.

Desperate Diva said...

Great post with very good points, I particularly like the statement about refusing to quit and eventually learning and reaching goal - I hope I remember that statement on my rocky days!

I also couldn't agree more with your main point - Anyone who thinks going on a diet and being able to hit goal within 2 months is the same journey as someone who will take 18 months to 3 years maintaining the same determination is crazy!

Sharon said...

I think my prayers must already be working. This is one of the "wisest" posts I've seen in Blogland! What an awesome visual illustration with the airplanes. I'll be here on the day you reach 199 - it WILL happen.

M Pax said...

Never compare your journey to anyone else's. We're all different. Don't listen to negativity to anybody. Your journey, your way and in your own time is the right way for you.

I did a 'slow' journey compared to several folks in bloggerland, but I don't care. I had to figure out myself, my life and my body in my own way and in my own time.

It's the only way to make a permanent lifestyle change.

You've made so many strides, don't let #'s and others distract you from the mileage covered on your own road. Some of it's internal. OK, the most important parts are internal and most of it is. If you want to stick that is. :)

mamajuliana said...

I am guilty of comparing journeys! Thanks for putting me back on the right flight path!

I posted a picture on my blog of my two new arrivals...finally!


MargieAnne said...

I've caught some rebelliousness lately. I was surprised to find I can still feel so rebellious toward choosing healthy food.

I'm convinced Stinking Thinking is the foundation of most failures.

I can't imagine how it feels to have lost so much weight and still have a lot more to go. Sometimes it must feel dreary. I guess that's when the decision to not allow quitting to be an option is so valuable.

We can do this together.

cmoursler said...

I tried not to think about how much I had to lose. I figured...well, it's already there.what is going to be the point of worrying on how fast it all comes off. It is a long hard slog in any case. Some days it feels like your are walking thigh deep in poo, other days gliding down the sugar cream high way of life.
I have no idea what I was...cargo verging on 737 maybe? lol...morbidly obese...yes.
All we can do is keep going.

oh_mg said...

Great post. Just what I needed to read tonight. ♥

Anonymous said...

Yep. The key is to never, never quit. That's just the bottom line. No matter how many slips and slides or even leaps off course occur, getting back on the, ahhh, flight plan one more time than we slip off will get us to our destination. :)

It just occurred to me. I think we should have a blogger's reunion. What's halfway between Oregon and New York? Now that we're planes, it should be easy. :) We could fly there. hahaha.

Ahh, yes, I'm a riot, I am.


Heather A said...

A perfect post going into this weekend! I know I started this journey with at least 110lbs to lose and some days felt so overwhelmed and alone. Now I know there's a whole airport out there and we can all support each other. It's wonderful!

Thank you for reminding me not to give up, no matter how overwhelming things seem. I needed that. :)

Destiny 150 said...

Definitely an excellent visual. And a great post... I especially love the stinkin' thinkin'!! This is one heck of a journey, for sure. Good luck to you from another long hauler!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Awesome analogy! And, great reminders, plus insight into the journey of one with "jumbo jet" weight to lose. You are right about not comparing or judging. Can't and shouldn't be done.

"You will never convince me that those people who claim they are totally happy with being "huge" are thinking straight. Never." Takes courage to come out and declare that. And, I agree with you.

Good flying this weekend!

Beginning Anew said...

I was going back through some of your older posts and saw this one. I think this is really a wonderful post. We are all different and our journeys are different. We need to be sensitive to each other with no assumptions. After reading some of your posts, I have begun to admire you even more. Thanks for supporting me, it means a lot to me!


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