Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DAY 398 It's Good & The Anchor Still Holds

Hello Journal & Friends,

One year ago, on September 15th I wrote this:

Yes, this is a spiritual journey for me. This is only day 37...I can't even imagine what it will be like in a year...but I am trusting it will be good.

Yes, it IS good. It is still very hard at times, but also good. 

New friends have been good.
Losing more weight has been good.
Getting stronger thanks to pressure has been good.
Catching a fresh vision for my future has been good.

Change is a process. Growth takes time. I think I was impatient and thought that since I had read up on the mechanics of how to do this, that okay, let's get with the program and CHANGE. Now. Come ON, Loretta.

That makes as much sense as planting seeds in your garden, then running out every morning and digging them up to see how they're doing. 

It takes TIME. 

We see people start blogs, all fired up and excited, saying all the right things and making jokes and being entertaining. It's fun to read, it is... but sad sometimes, too, when after a short time they are gone. Because I have learned that it is in the HARD TIMES that we grow.

It is from the resistance we overcome that we get stronger.
It is with tears that we must decide if we give up, or keep going.
It takes time to learn, make our mistakes, correct our courses, and to continue.

I try to always tell people new on this journey at least one thing: make a deal with yourself, that no matter what, you will never quit. You will always keep going. NO MATTER WHAT.

I never want to stomp on people when they are down and struggling. It is in that very time of struggle that they have the MOST potential for growth!! If they choose to fight back, to keep going, to hang on and be spunky and determined... they will make it!!

It's like a rite of passage or something. I've seen it over and over on blogs, and I've only been around here for barely over a year. But if people will stand strong and determined when the firestorms of life hit them, they will come out the other side better and stronger for it. It's true... it really is.

I know not everyone has the same belief system that I do, but for me I've found that it is in those very firestorms that my God proves Himself most faithful and loving and encouraging to me.

Another bit from a year ago:

I want to learn to FEEL the emotions instead of numbing them with food.
And to DEAL with them...and know it will be just fine...I will survive them regardless if they are uncomfortable or intense. And lastly, I will HEAL...not just try to survive or endure the same "stuff" that comes up over and over...but to resolve it, to put it to rest, to HEAL it. 

It's been rough lately emotionally for me, and with our circumstances.  But I can honestly tell you that holding on to your determination with one hand, and to God with the other will see you through. Your anchor will hold.

Here is the video I posted from last year... I still love it, and it fits so well today for me:

(For complete post "Feelings & The Anchor Holds" click HERE) 

From Dr Phil's book: "The key is to never let anyone take your commitment away from you, especially not for the sake of their own comfort."

My verse for today: "You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence... "

My quote for today: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!" --source unknown

Enjoy the Journey,



Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Thanks for your post today, Loretta. I've been weathering my own little firestorm lately too, and you are right: When we make it through the tough times, we grow and get stronger.

Although our feet may stray from this path we're on, we will never ever quit! We can make it!

Anonymous said...

Okay. The video. I'm crying like a baby. "That's when God proved He was LORD to me..."

Yes, dear friend, no matter what slips through my hadns like grains of sand or what losses I have yet to face--nothing compares to knowing Him and making Him Lord without condition.

Thanks for that video--and for your willingness to expose your heart. Deb

M Pax said...

It is the firestorms that make us who we are.

Tenacity helps. :) In all things it helps and faith that if you keep on, all will be well.

No matter what, keep going. I find, everything is a learning process. If you open your eyes and watch the flames, maybe you'll learn something to help the next time. Keep learning, keep growing and keep fighting. Always. :D

We think we know it all. A year later we look back and laugh at how naive we were.

Desperate Diva said...

Great post and probably once I need to read (as you may have already read, yesterday I was feeling with impatient!) - It is indeed through those hard times that we grow, let's just hope when the going gets tough the tough won't get going!

Leslie said...

Wonderful post, Loretta. It is so true that this takes time, heart, patience, and a resolve to never quit, no matter what.

And I love your trust that in feeling our feelings, we WILL ultimately find healing and resolution of our pain...not just the ability to endure.

Finally, so true that it's during the hardest times that we are most able to really learn something, be teachable and receive help. I have never learned a whole lot when I'm on a winning streak! (Not that I don't love being on a winning streak.)

Anonymous said...

Loving this post, Loretta, and that song is one of my favorites. Thank you for posting it. *HUGS*

South Beach Steve said...

I love that song! Thanks for sharing!

cmoursler said...

Love this post...I once heard john hagee say "God puts us in the fire like a pot, until the time that he pulls us out, thips the rim and instead of hearing a dull thud, he hears us sing."
I try to sing RIGHT AWAY. lol.
yup. anybody who has ever done anything has to go through the fire to the other side.
Great post.
Oh, and I posted some pics of your pics. lol.

Shelli Belly said...

Never give up

Stay the course.

It's what we do :-)

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