Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DAY 30 Big People Exercise & Excuses

Hello Journal!

Well, goody for me...I get to speak today as an expert. Not on exercise, but on excuses NOT to exercise! I was soooo bad about being consistent. I have gone through times, say for a challenge, where I did well. But afterwards...allowed excuses to derail me again.  My "best" excuse?  I am so big, and can't really do THAT much...what difference does it make...I'll do it tomorrow.

I owe thanks to my sister, Karen, who's example prodded me to get back into being consistent...to make a commitment to exercise 3 times per week. As I gain strength, I intend to increase it. Karen has inspired me not to quit...she is doing so well that she "retired" her wheelchair, and graduated to a walker for now, except for special circumstances. She says that in good weather walking is her favorite exercise. She likes to "multi-task", by using the walking time to think, plan, muse, problem solve, evaluate...when the weather turns rough here in Oregon, she said she will probably go indoors and Dance with Richard.   :-)                         

Today I was trying to play chore catch-up, from having MyGuy home for the 3 day holiday weekend. I almost talked myself out of today's planned exercise....then remembered what I had just read a couple of days ago: that we need to vigorously protect our exercise time! To make it a high priority. As I started the exercise DVD, it was then that I laughed right out loud, remembering I was going to write this today!  Ha ha, the joke was almost on me.

Over the years I have struggled with exercise...with being consistent. But also with finding one to do that would not cause me injury. In addition to being "big", I have a condition that affects muscles and connective tissue, and it seemed like it took the slightest thing to do damage.  

I have tried them ALL, almost...invested and sold tons of equipment over the years...DVD's...plans, programs, etc etc.  The best EVER, bar none, for very large people who need to protect from joint damage is WATER EXERCISE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Unfortunately, I am allergic to chlorine, and recently the only pool around here with a salt filter closed down. :-(

I am left with doing something at home. I am not able at this time to  physically get to a gym. It's not the embarrassment (I would get over it..after all, I survived going into a public pool in a swimsuit at 390 lbs!). It is lack of mobility right now. Maybe later...

So, I do exercise DVD's.  My favorites right now are the Sweatin to the Oldies 1, 2, 3 and 4 by Richard Simmons. And when I get stronger, I will LOVE gently (gently!!) bouncing on my rebounder from Needak (here) It is heavy duty, and great, not a cheapie that will break under a heavier person.  I have a stabilizer bar to hold onto, since my balance hasn't improved YET.

After my shoulder injuries get better, I have a set of resistance bands that I am also going to use, on alternating days. I have a plan! :-)

When I first started trying to exercise at my top weight of 460 lbs, all I could do was follow an exercise DVD LAYING ON MY BED. I would imagine myself standing and dancing along with Richard Simmons...it was actually fun! I did those exercises to the best of my ability, horizontally. Now I can do them sitting...some day I will be doing them standing. (By the way, there are lots of great deals on eBay for those DVD sets by Richard)

So forgive me if this sounds impatient...but I get soooo tired of hearing people whine about how they can't exercise because they are too big (usually way smaller than I was). Call it what it is: excuses. I can recognize them because I was Queen of Excuses! And if I am not careful, I can easily slip that crown right back on my head.

Unless one is paralyzed head to toe, sick, under doctors orders, or dead...they can do SOMETHING if they want to.... Harsh? Maybe, but denial kept me fat for too long. I would rather have someone care enough to tell me, from a caring heart, the truth that will set me free.

The secret is to MODIFY. If you can't do it one way, MODIFY it, and do it another way...but just DO it. Wiggle! Move! Get the circulation going, the lymph system flowing, your heart rate increasing, and hopefully gain strength and encouragement along the way. 

Little bits DO add up...in the long run. I have to remind myself that every single day right now, because it is true. And you will feel proud of yourself...I know I do. I am not where I will be some day.....but I am ON my way.

From Dr Phil's book: "No matter what happens, I'll stay the course. If I do what is required, I will succeed...make exercise a time-protected priority."

My verse for today: "God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble."

My quote for today: "Decide what  you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities...And go to work."--H.L. Hunt

Enjoy the Journey,



antgirl said...

I do dvds, too. Recently I added in weights/strength training.

But, start with something you like, that you find fun. Fit it in where it fits and don't overwhelm yourself with too much.

I picked a time of day I get bored and fit my workouts in there. I schedule everything else [except my work] around workouts. I just dedicated that time for that on certain days.

That worked for me. Before this, I never stuck with a workout for more than 6 months. I've been at this over 3 1/2 years now.

So work with yourself, not against yourself. Some days it's still hard. Those are the days I need someone to kick me in the ass. Usually, I do. Sometimes I need someone else to do it. :)

You're doing so great! Your sister is an amazing inpsiration.

Rettakat said...

Hi Mary,
Why is it that it take hearing it from someone ELSE for some of us to see an obvious idea!! I love that you schedule all except work AROUND workouts. No wonder I struggle to get it in, LOL! So simple a solution...duh! (and I cracked up when I saw that I called the dvd's in my post CD's several times...showing my age I guess). Thanks for the great advice...I will definitely do it!
And yes, my sister is a real friend...I told her about your blog because she writes, too...poetry and a book in progress.

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