Friday, September 18, 2009

DAY 40 The Biggest One

Good Evening Journal,

For many years, I have been "the biggest one." 

-I once went to a weight loss group...I was the biggest one there.
-My doctor admitted to me recently that I was his biggest patient.
-I have always been the biggest one at my church.
-I am the biggest one in my family.

It seems that it has been that way all my life...growing up, in school, at work, at church, family...

So when I saw the new Biggest Loser show this week, and saw the struggles of the gal named Shay, my heart went out to her. She was "the biggest one." She weighed in at 476 lbs, setting a record as the largest person ever on the show. She was mortified. I could read the pain on her face and identified with it, having experienced it so often in my own life.

What I have been thinking about all week was what Jillian, one of the trainers on the show, said to Shay as she was struggling to do intense exercise on her very first day at the "ranch"...remember, Shay is 476 pounds.

Not word for word, but here was the essence of what Jillian told her:

-Everyone has a story...I won't buy into yours, and let you be a victim
-Change your mind
-It's a choice
-Make a different choice
-If you don't, no one can help you

It reminds me of something someone said to me years ago. I was trying my hand at selling some products, and my "upline" sponsor was showing me around the product room. She was encouraging me to use all the products myself, in order to promote them. When we got to the line of nail polish, she showed me her hands. Each fingernail was a different color!

I smiled at that, but said I didn't wear colored fingernail polish, just mainly clear. She asked why? I answered that I didn't really like it. Her response has stuck with me ever since...she said: "THEN CHANGE YOUR MIND!"

By the end of the Biggest Loser season, unless she is voted off very early, Shay will be much smaller, and might not be "the biggest one" any longer.

 And that is my goal, too...someday I will no longer be "the biggest one."

From Dr Phil's book:  "By changing the way you think, you can change the way you feel and act."

My verse for today:  "We love because he first loved us."

My quote for today:  "The future is not some place we are going, but one we create. The paths are not found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination."--John Schaar

Enjoy the Journey,



Anonymous said...

You know Retta its all relative. Everywhere I go I always feel "biggest" but its just our minds doing this to us. We are not biggest, we are greatest!!!! Imagine if those with the hardest thing to overcome were actually the most blessed.

{ALL} for a Better Life said...

I cried for Shay, I saw her pain as well. I hope that she proves this to herself!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, you are the first follower and now I have proof of my goals, odd sounding? Maybe, but it is what it is. I will definitely make a commitment to not give up no matter how hard it may get. I am here for the long haul until I reach my goal!

Thank you for taking time to touch my life!

Anonymous said...

I loved the first show of BL! I loved the fact that Shay didn't give up! I hope she stays on the show for a while.

And Abby, the woman who lost her family - totally cried about that too!

Happy Saturday!

Rettakat said...

Hi biz319,
I agree, I loved that episode, too. And yep, I cried right along with Abby...what a woman!
Happy Saturday right back at ya,

Rettakat said...

Hi there Me,
I read your comment about 2 hrs ago...and have been thinking about it ever since. Talk about a shift in perspective!

"Imagine if those with the hardest thing to overcome were actually the most blessed."

I would really like to have that perspective! I am not there yet...maybe later, when I have had the benefit of hindsight, I will be able to see it. I suspect you are right.

I am thinking of the lady on America's Got Talent, that was a finalist. She is an opera singer, Barbara Padilla...stunning voice. She is a Mom, wife, homemaker, who always just loved to sing opera. Then she got cancer...went thru the grueling treatments, and is a survivor.

She said that the cancer gave back more than it took...she said she now sees how short and precious life is, and she would never have gone after her dream before. Now, she is known worldwide, and her career is off and running!

Thank you for such a thought-provoking comment!

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