Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 47 Woodstock, Janis & A Fancy Dinner

DAY 47 of ReStart Friday Sept 25, 09

Good Morning Journal,
Love her or hate her, Janis Joplin was a passionate and powerful singer. Growing up, I loved her. She seemed real, and she sang with intensity and honesty. Yes, her life had a tragic ending, but doesn't take away from the impact her singing had on me.

One time during an interview she was asked what she thought about while she sang. She shook her head and said "I don't think...I just FEEL."

I want to paint the way Janis sang...with passion and depth, and with all my heart and soul. Last night I tried to explain this to my husband. I had to resort to youtube to get my point across. He's not exactly "musical", but he got it.

The subject of Woodstock and those that performed there came up because it will soon be time for the yearly Awards Banquet at my husbands work. He has been there 20 years, and this year will be presented with an award. 

In all these 20 years, I have never been to one. 

Yes, I was invited, but I didn't go for several reasons...ashamed of how I looked, embarrassed to have others watch with curiosity while I ate, trying to fit into restaurant chairs, not sure if I would be able to use the restroom without assistance, and worst of all to me, ashamed to have his work colleagues see what I looked like... fearing they would judge him because of me.

Well, this year I am going. On the outside I still don't look that different. But INSIDE I feel different. So I am going to go, and do my best to enjoy myself, and support's his turn to be honored and I want to be there.

I might even wear a bit of costume...the theme is Woodstock. The historic 3 day outdoor music concert and "happening" that is generally just called Woodstock took place 40 years ago...I was 18 years old. It's going to be fun to see what "hippie" costumes people come up with. :-)

For fun, here is a site that has tons of old hippie-era photos, and explains a little  what the Hippie thing was about...what a fun blast from the past for me! (click here)

And next year, at the next awards banquet, I might even join them out on the dance floor! 

PS: I decided what to do for a bit of costume...wear a hemp and bead headband, and I am going to paint a pair of shoes in TYE DIE!!

From Dr Phil's book: "The past is over. The future hasn't happened yet. The only time is now."

My verse for today:  "I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

My quote for today:  "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've always imagined."--Henry David Thoreau

Enjoy the Journey,



{ALL} for a Better Life said...

OH MY GOODNESS that sounds like so much fun! I love that you are going, and I think you should get out there and shake your groove thang on the dance floor this year!

You had asked what plan I was following - I am trying the 1500 cal. I say trying because I have a feeling I may need some more adjustments with this. The only time I really and truly lost weight was when I was seeing a weight loss specialist and following his plan which consisted of a low carb kind of diet.

I hope you will post a picture of you and your hubby from the awards ceremony - congrats to him!

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

When I made my "debut" as a soloist in Ashland I was afraid - until I started playing. Then I got lost in the music. You can get lost in the music of the awards banquet (so to speak) and have a wonderful time. Because your attitude is different, you can decide to go and be Loretta. The one we see here... not a phoney... and if you want to wear hippie beads, they will adorn you and make you all that more beautiful!
Have a great time!

Shelli Belly said...

Loretta you go girl!
Get lost in the music!

Molly Higgs said...

I saw your comment in Scarlet's blog. I was really happy to see such a supportive comment for my friend that I decided to check out your blog. I haven't read any back posts yet and I don't know you well but I have to say that I'm proud of you for going to the banquet! ^_^

Rettakat said...

{ALL}: It's interesting to me that at the low carb forum I visit ( some of the most successful "losers" in the long run have watched carbs AND calories. I have been thinking about maybe experimenting with that myself.

Today my hubby had a day off, and we had fun rummaging around at the Goodwill for hippie costume stuff...and he agreed to bring a camera the night of the banquet!

KAREN: Yes, that's right, my attitude this time has made all the difference. :-)

SHELLI: Thank you, Shelli!

MOLLY: Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate your kind words!

Scarlet Simple said...

GOD I have felt that way. When I was reading about your reasons for having never gone to the banquets before it struck a chord with me. I can not count how many opportunities I have missed for those same or similar fears.

Kudos to you for letting some confidence shine through! Post pics!

Maybe tomorrow I will post the one of me from last Halloween!

Rettakat said...

Hi Scarlett,
Yesterday was hubby's day off, and we went rummaging for costume stuff at the Goodwill...I am officially jazzed to be putting together real costumes. And MyGuy even gave in and agreed to wear "love beads"..LOL! So I will definitely take pics and post them.

I'll keep an eye out for your costume pics. :-)

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