Sunday, September 6, 2009

DAY 28 Day of Rest & Favorite Photo

Hello Journal,

I love browsing through MyGuy's photo archives...I lose track of time.

One of the nice things to think about is being able to go with him on his photo shoots, after I lose weight and get strong again. Southern Oregon is gorgeous, and he always finds beautiful out of the way spots. 

It's not that I love to hike...then again, who KNOWS what I might discover about myself once I am small enough to hike! Anyway, it's not that I long to get out on a dusty trail is that I CAN'T go...I always stay home. I haven't gone with my husband on one of his camping vacations in about 20 years!

I have a growing list of TO-DO's. I think it is important to have those out there like rewards, incentives, exciting motivations...especially for days when time seems like it's dragging (like today, ha!). Do I live NOW? Of course, as I am able at this current weight...that's not the point of these imaginings. They are there to help pull me along, and fill me with anticipation. It's fun to think of new things I will be able to helps make it REAL!

So for my Sunday favorite photo today I wanted to find one that was beautiful now, but with a rainbow...a promise of things to come. I found it! (click to enlarge)

Enjoy the Journey along the way,



antgirl said...

Beautiful picture! Oregon is a gorgeous state. Lots and lots of pretty. :)

Rettakat said...

Thank you Mary, I am glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I love the beauty of Oregon, too. I will tell Jim you liked his photo. :-)

Shelli Belly said...

As I read your post I felt the word HOPE rise up within me. With out hope we're lost. Hope and the actions taken towards that HOPE is true living.

I'm so glad you're my friend.

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