Saturday, September 5, 2009

DAY 27 Power to Change

Hi there Journal,

So far during this ReStart on my journey to health I haven't hit any major roadblocks yet. But should they appear, it is up to me put into practice what I have been learning, not sit and "let" it happen to me.

I love the book written by Dr Phil McGraw, The Ultimate Weight  Solution. He is a down-home Texas boy, and doesn't try to impress with fancy schmancy words. I like that...just give it to me straight. I have a background that includes being able to understand medical terminology, so I could wade through it, if necessary. But I am not out to prove anything, so I approached his book with a teachable spirit, and in return I enjoyed it, I learned from it, and was inspired by it.

He wrote something on pages 61 & 62 that made an impact on my thinking, and I drew an illustration for it. I know it looks all cutesy and light-hearted. But make no mistake...I am dead serious about the message. Here it on it to enlarge, if that will help you read the writing.

I had a bicycle when I was a kid, and I LOVED riding that bike. I still remember the long alley that ran down behind the row of houses at one place where we lived. I could FLY down that alley, with no one to watch and make fun of me for being...."chubby". I would do what I called in my mind "tricks" was so much fun. I can even remember my favorite bicycle was a firey orangey-red...and it would flap out behind me as I streaked up and down that alley...LOL!

So it really resonated to me when he wrote: "start pedaling on your own personal power."

And: "When you begin to see that your particular weight struggles may have little to do with anything outside yourself, YOUR POWER TO CHANGE IS ENORMOUS."

I like gave me hope, and ignited my determination. And it still does again today!

From Dr Phil's book:  "You can create an internal dialogue that is healthy, constructive, and joyful."

My verse for today: "God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble."

My quote for today:  " You'll never achieve extraordinary results taking average measures." Skwigg

Enjoy the Journey,


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