Saturday, March 27, 2010

DAY 230 Spring Challenge - Our First Update!

Hello Journal & Friends,

I blinked... the week was gone!! What happened?? It's been a wild ride of emotions this week for me. Up, down, up, down. A roller coaster, for sure.

Okay, on to...
 The Spring Challenge, Week 1 Update. 

Here is a Summary  of The Spring Challenge... it's not too late to join! If you join by April 1st, you will even still be eligible for the prize drawing at the end. :-)

My Spring Challenge goals:

1. Every day for the next 13 weeks, do some kind of Exercise.
2. Every day for the next 13 weeks, drink a Greenie.
3. Check in every Saturday.
4. Tell one thing each week that I like about myself.
5. Save up to buy myself a fun Reward at the end.

My Exercise:
This went harder than I thought it would be... I am not in the habit yet! So, I made out a little chart to follow. No thinkin' about it, or which exercise to do... just glance at the chart, and DO it.
That has helped.

But one of the "down" dips on the emotional roller coaster this week was facing the fact that it's going to take a LOT longer than I had hoped to be able to use my Mini-Clubbells properly.

I've watched the DVD, and am reading the book now. There is a lot more to it than I had realized. I like so much about them, yet have a long way to go. I finally realized that instead of giving in to self-pity, I can use the feelings as MOTIVATION. 

My sweet husband is making me a padded workout bench, and has agreed to set it up in our living room.  I am not able to get up and down from the floor yet, so this will give a safe place to do my stretching routine. 

What does that have to do with the Mini-Clubbells?? To do proper form, which is the basis of using them without injury, I need to get my legs to straighten out all the way. I haven't been consistent with my leg stretching... my excuse was I had no place to effectively do it.  Well, I am MOTIVATED now, and found a solution: the bench. Realistically, it will take months of consistent stretching. So until then, I plan to be very careful and modify how I use the Mini-bells.

My Greenies: 
Yes, got it done. Barely. One day I forgot until about 8pm... I had to give up my evening snack, to "pay" for it, caloriewise.  Another evening, I totally forgot until AFTER I was out of calories. I thought about it, and figured it was more important to get in the nutrition AND the habit, than fret over the 100 calories. So, I'm still not in the habit, yet. 

One thing I like about myself:
I had no idea this one would be SO hard!! Now that I've been thinking about it, I recommend trying this to EVERYONE... it's very revealing. 

Okay, on to my answer for this week:

I have a built-in spell-checker in my head. 99% of the time, I know when a word is spelled wrong. I may not know the RIGHT way to spell it, but I almost always know when it's wrong. I used to edit a newsletter, and this came in handy. That's when I first realized it about myself. 

I always did excellent on spelling tests in school... it must've been from reading a lot growing up?? I did NOT do well on grammar... but I always nailed spelling, no problemo. Not sure if this would qualify as a "talent". Maybe more a side-effect of being detail-oriented... or a perfectionist tendency. Either way, I like it. :-)

So if you see something misspelled on my blog, it's probably because I was in a hurry and it's a typo... ha ha ha... now everyone will be out to catch me. ;-)

 For my Reward: I decided to decorate a glass bear-shaped jar. Each week I will add $5 to it during the challenge, to buy my reward at the end.

I hope everyone had a great first Spring Challenge week... I look forward to reading your progress reports. Remember, we want progress, not perfection.

PS: It would great if everyone left a LINK to their update here (you do the actual update on your own blog, IF you have a wt loss blog; otherwise here is fine), so we could all cheer each other on!

From Dr Phil's book: "Food behavior and exercise behavior are highly interactive... you feel better so you want to do better."

My verse for today: "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power."

My quote for today: "If you want to reach a goal, you must 'see the reaching' in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal." --Zig Ziglar


that TOPS lady said...

I love your "enjoy the journey" motto. It's a lot better than "endure the trying"! LOL Thank you for reading my blog and for your advice. I am learning so much from you and I am enjoying reading your archives. I AM going to enjoy the journey today!

midlife_swimmer said...

great job on your challenge and finding ways to take care of your body further!

every time I read a challenge I think "how nice, but I do not want to commit" which strikes me as so odd when I think about it because loosing over 100 lbs so far I HAD to be committed's funny the tricks our mind plays on us.

I do however commit to three months of training with every school quarter.

M Pax said...

OK, I'm reporting in ...

My goals:

1. be more consistent about water [one of my weaknesses]
2. do a lighter, shorter routine on my light exercise days - like Core Rhythms
3. keep fighting and keeping positive [despite the rejection-love]
4. begin applying things I learn about self-marketing

Water - I've been drinking more water except when I have plans to go out and don't want to be running for a bathroom every 15 minutes.

I haven't really done much about my second goal, yet. OK, slapping myself on the wrist.

3 - I keep doing that, even though a reply on a submission in my inbox this week really made me cringe. I was relieved to read they were just acknowledging receipt and not saying no already. Phew! Despite that, I keep submitting. I have so many deadlines coming up in the next two weeks, I need to fire my boss [me - lol].

4 - I've been learning alot and am trying to improve my useage of Twitter. I broke 100 followers this week. Woot! I learned about retweeting, etc ... and have begun using that and 'share it'. Been trying to funnel traffic to the new blog and my website.

One thing I like about myself, I learn very quickly.

I've had a spelling dictionary since college, because I stink at spelling. I call it my occupational hazard. LOL

Rettakat said...

Ooh, I like that you have one on there about positive attitude... I didn't think of one like that for a challenge. And it's funny... every time I read what someone says about water, I reach for my water! Maybe I should've made that one of my goals, too!

I had to laugh about your occupational hazard... I never would've connected that to a writer! :-D

Deb Willbefree said...

Hey, Loretta!

Love your jar!!! And this challenge, too. It has kept my nose to the grindstone, it has.

I did pretty well. Would have been darn near perfect iif it wasn't for the Sunday lunch at our local spot. I'm going to try to guide us somewhere more nutrition-open tomorrow. chuckle.

There were several days when I would have skipped some and exercise if it wasn't for this accounting. I just didn't want to admit in print that I chose not to do it even tho I said I would. chuckle. I'm sure their is pathology behind that rather than character.

I can't remember. Are we supposed to put our one thing we like here, too? Well, in case we are: I like that I'm not materialistic.

The link to my post is:


Shelli Belly said...

Go Loretta!!!
I'll join you by the 1st. I'm still thinking about my new goals. I'll get there.

Thanks for your inspiration.

Smiles to you

South Beach Steve said...

This is a great start to the Spring Challenge Loretta. I am glad to see you are prepping yourself to use the clubbells right.

cmoursler said...

great job!
Hard week, but anything worth doing is difficult.
love the jar...great idea to reward yourself.
Have a great Day of Rest tomorrow.

Sandra said...

Great start Loretta. Love the jar.
I have little man over this weekend so wasn't able to do an update yesterday - will work on it now. But I am doing OK, not perfect, but pretty good. I did exercise everyday so far so that's a bonus.
Great work to everyone else that's checked in :)

CinciMom11 said...

Great job, Loretta! I am so excited about your bench! Good for you for sacrificing the 100 calories and having a greenie. Keep up the hard work! I love your little decorated bear. :)

Kat said...

Ok Loretta. I am in. I am going to keep it very simple:

Daily exercise
Daily Reiki
Be mindful of my food intake - enjoy what I am eating.
Be gentle and loving to myself

I will do a blog post on this tomorrow.

Tina said...

Great start - its always hard to start something new. Remember jsut one step at a time. I am doing my first update this saturday, so I will post a link then.

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