Sunday, March 14, 2010

DAY 217 Day of Rest & Favorite Photo

Hello Journal & Friends,

I wanted to thank all of you for such kind and supportive comments yesterday about Dusty. The cortisone shot is helping her temporarily, and today she is purring up a storm. Perhaps it will be okay to delay her departure for the two weeks. 

Dusty was a rescued kitty, and we are the only family she has ever known. Since we moved to this house over a year ago, she has never been outside. But she loves sitting in my studio window, watching all the birds in the backyard.

So, we decided that very soon we will carry her outside to play in the grass, and let her explore the backyard. The fence is not "cat safe", and there are dogs in the neighboring yards, so she will wear a little harness just in case. But I think it will be exciting for her, and a gift we can give her while she is still able.

The title I am giving to this photo that Jim took is "There is Blue Sky Up There Somewhere". I have always enjoyed his silhouette photos... I hope you do, too (can click pic to enlarge).

Thank you all,


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

What a sweet gift for your friend! I hope Dusty enjoys it and that her Cortisone lets her frolic a bit.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about Dusty's cancer, I pray that the cortisone helps enough to keep her comfortable and let her play a bit.

I love animals too, and I have lost several cats due to the coyotes that live around my house. I've decided no more cats until my kids are old enough to remember to keep the door closed. :(

Praying for you and Dusty.

Anonymous said...

:D This photo has reduced me to song...

Blue skiiies, shinin' on meee. Nothin but bluuue skies, do I seee. Oh, yeahhh. dadedadedah... dadedadaaaahhh dadedadahh.. dadedadah


Hope your Sunday was fine.


financecupcake said...

I'm catching up on reading... Wow, Loretta. What a bummer! I'm so sorry to hear about your Dusty. BIG, BIG HUGS!!!!

M Pax said...

My cats don't go outside either. Interesting thought for later, and a beautiful gift for Dusty.

what a wonderful & moody photo. So much going on, yet so simple. It's like a poem.

Kat said...

Beautiful photo. Thinking of you and Dusty and sending healing and gentle thoughts.

Patsy said...

That is such a beautiful, atmospheric photo - thank you for sharing. :o)

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