Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DAY 383 Times, They Are A-Changin

Hi Journal & Friends,

It's time. Time to shift emphasis, to progress. To get out of the planning/anticipating/dreaming phase, and get on to the DOING phase.

All of you who post about there being all the time in the world, that this is not a race, and all that... well, that's great for you who are younger. 

For me? I am VERY aware of the clock. Of the fact that I have a finite number of days left. And I want them to be glorious!

I want them to be spectacular! I don't want to have one more regret... one more thing that I "wished" I had tried, but procrastinated, or waited, or was too fearful to do.

So it's time. Time for me to face down my resistance to change and declare that not only am I "saying" I am a Warrior, but I am DOING a Warrior... if you know what I mean, LOL!

I got too comfortable in my routines. I felt safe. Predictable. I had my little blog format... I knew that on Sunday I would post a favorite photo... some Fridays I could post a Friday Favorite... occasionally on Tuesday I would put up a Toon Tuesday. I knew how to do a google search for nice little photos for my nice little posts.

I was in my comfort zone. I had my safe little world, thank you very much. And I didn't want to rock the boat!!

Well... whether I liked it or not, my little boat got rocked! 

As I have admitted, I was struggling last week in all areas. Oh, no major binge blow-outs, like I would have done in the past. But for where I am NOW, eating maintenance portions of on-program food is NOT acceptable. And I slacked off on exercise, only meeting half of my goal for each day.
So here I am, feeling bad enough about all that, and trying to get honest enough with myself to get to the bottom of it... and of course I go and start yet another "self-help" book. I didn't expect much... it was just one I had heard about for years and never read, and I was between fiction stories, so why not...

Well! I'll go into which one it was in another post... that's not the point here. But it surprised me with it's content, and shook up my point of view, and showed where I was wrong in some of my thinking... harrumph!!! 

It rocked my already rocking boat, to the point that I started to accept the fact that I needed to "embrace the change", as one dear blog friend told me to do.

And then.... it happened. That "thing" that happens to me every so often, if I am open and teachable, and willing to learn and... here's that word again... change.

From no less than EIGHT different sources, I got the same message. EIGHT! Even a stubborn hard head like ME can get that message.

I was stuck in my routine... my commitment... my plan... to change it felt like failure... it felt wrong. 

I said recently that I needed to learn Flexibility. Well, here's my opportunity.

Ms PJ Geek told me recently in a comment: "Hang in there... Dr Phil's comment 'Stay real and stay flexible', seems perfect for you right now. When you are ready to change the time management stuff, it will change."

I am ready. I am ready to face it, to stop resisting change, to embrace change.

Mary from Wistful Nebulae has lost her weight, reached her goal, and is LIVING her passion now. She told me:

"Change is scary and uncomfortable. Know that. There must be one thing on that list bigger than the discomfort. Something that you think, 'wow'. That's what you start with...

Weight loss teaches us what happens if we give up and what happens if we don't. We all have to pay our dues. It's a beautiful thing. A rite of passage.

Have the guts to do what thousands of others think about but don't do. Sure, I get some mud slung at me, but so what. I'm doing it and they're not. Who really wins? I do. Because I have the guts to do. It's the definition of courage - it scares the piss out of me but I do it anyway. Why? It's who I am. I deserve to be who I am. When I let myself be what I should have always been, I'm happy.

Are you doing something for accolades or because you love it? If it's for love, it doesn't matter what anyone else on the planet thinks. It really doesn't. Do it for love, and others will respond to your passion. Realize there is a learning curve. Realize that being in the game is exhilarating - filled with highs and lows. But being in the game is where I once dreamed to be and where thousands of others dream to be. It hurts sometimes, but I'm living my life. I'm alive and it feels fantastic...

Your passions will light you up from the inside. It will spill over into everything you do. When you're lit up, everyone around you gets a better version of you.

So, find a way to do, Loretta."

I've been bugging Mary to do a guest post... well, I guess she just did! Wasn't that inspiring?!! She is a writer, and you can read some of her short stories HERE.  My favorite is "Plantgirl".

So, I am going to do what Mary said... I am going to DO. And to DO that, I need more free time. And to get more free time, I will be blogging less.

I won't be offended at all if anyone stops reading... I understand. But I don't want to just write about living, I want to LIVE IT. Therefore, starting tomorrow in the fresh, shiny new month of September, my tentative new plan is to blog 4 days per week. And the other days will be put towards my art. 

I hope my bloggy friends will stick with me... I have come to care for you all... you are REAL to me! This new schedule should also give me more time to visit all my favorite bloggy friends. I don't want to be a "taker", but also a "giver". You all have been so wonderfully supportive, and you in return deserve my support!

September... a shiny new month of fresh starts and grand experiments!

Today's Peek at the Past (Holy cannoli! This couldn't be more perfect for today! In fact, it was so perfect, I almost cried.)

From Day 22, August 31, 2009:
I may be late getting to the party, but I accept the invitation. And I am grateful to be invited, and given a chance to enjoy it with the music turned up, singing and dancing and celebrating the possibilities all the way out! I have plans...big plans...dreams...hopes...visions...daring and exciting. What have I got to lose to at least try???

To those who have been given this chance at a younger age, I would say: GRAB IT!! Give it your absolute ALL. Make this YOUR time, and let nothing dash your dreams. We don't control most of what happens TO us in life, but we have ABSOLUTE control over how we respond, which will make all the difference in the world in our thinking and our choices and how we interact with others...and ultimately, our future. Be bold!! Don't let the years slip away...Muster up all the courage inside of you, ignite the fires of enthusiasm, and go for it now!!!

(For complete post "Question One & Mud or Stars" click HERE)

From Dr Phil's book: "Get off your duff and get moving."

My verse for today:  "How priceless is your unfailing love!"

My quote for today: "Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries." --John Albert Michener

Enjoy the Journey,



Anonymous said...

Amen, sister! I'll miss your daily posts terribly, but if that is the thing you must cut out to do your art, then so be it. :)

Whatever works for you is what works.


Sarah@LowStressWeightLoss said...

I like the focus you are bringing to this for yourself now.

I am usually one of those "go with the flow" long-term people, but I actually have periods of intense effort to lose, followed by stabilization before another loss period. I'm debating whether or not to make a run at a loss period from tomorrow - not totally sure I can really do it - but on the other hand I keep wondering what's holding me back...

Your post might have tipped the balance! We'll see if this gels in my sleep tonight!

Christina said...

GREAT POST! You seem to be in the middle of a wonderful transition. Good luck with this new phase! I'm glad you'll be spending more time with your art.

P.S. - Blogs that are 'only' updated a few times each week are easier for me to keep up with, so you won't be losing this reader. :)

M Pax said...

Woot! I'll be cheering you on every step of the way. Unplugging a few days a week to do other things really does refuel the fires.

Bella Noche said...

You are strong and inspiring! Reading your post embodies the idea that "it's never too late". So many times I have fallen so depressed that I think I cannot carry on...but people like you show me that I can, if I believe in myself. Thank you!

Ann (-6.5 lbs in 60 lb challenge) said...

Good for you, Loretta! I am SO ready to see you blast past the halfway mark to your goal ... and I think you'll find the fun in that. All part of embracing change, right? Well done ...

Julie said...

Well did you know that "that pathetic blogger person" could bring two people together to cheer each other on? To read and support each other in their journey to a healthier them? To read and learn from each others mistakes? I didn't know that could happen from "that person's" comment but it happened and I am so glad. I have been reading a bit on your blog and am very impressed with what I'm reading. Yes, a new life style is hard but it's oh so worth it. You take the time that you need for you and the rest of us will be here when you have a chance to write. I am your newest follower and am also going to subscribe by email so I don't miss anything.
Keep up the great work, if you fall off just climb back on and start over. Life is not perfect and neither are we. My daddy taught me something long ago and I keep it in my heart today. He said "always do your best and let the Lord do the rest".
Take care my new friend. Have a blessed evening.

Jules - Big Girl Bombshell said...

I will be here as often as you post.. One question, was it Dr. Phil that said you have to be moving toward something and not just away from something?

cmoursler said...

We are on the same page loretta, starting next sunday I will be cutting two days off my bloggin as well.
Have fun and good luck.

anne h said...

It's all good cuz it's all real.
What works.... for you!
All these things in our lives...are tools to help us.
May we use them for the highest good of all concerned!

Ms. PJ Geek said...

How could you think we would leave you? Take what you need, fill up your cup, replentish your soul, quality over quantity. The only thing I'll miss is the weird coinky dinks when you daily year ago post is in tune with your current post.

Heather A said...

You do what you need to do and we'll be here to support and enjoy every post you make. :)

Be amazing... be you!

debby said...

I think its fabulous that you are going to move forward and take the time for your art. I love blogging but sometimes I think I am avoiding moving forward in my artistic pursuits by spending too much time at the computer. Of course we will all still keep in touch.

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

It's inspirational that you've made this decision! I think your lesser (number of) posts will be even more jam-packed with wisdom in this new leg of your journey!

Go for it, Loretta! Enjoy and tell us about it!

Patsy said...

Enjoy having more free time! I'll still be waiting for your posts! But I do understand how it is... More than a week can go by between my blog posts and I'm horrified to discover some bloggers I used to visit daily have experienced life-changing news since I last read their posts... I must make more effort to read and comment, even if it's to the detriment of my own blog! :o)

Take care

Patsy x

Anonymous said...

Great post. What matters most is you and how you want to live your life. When you get blogged down (ha ha) a change will do you good. I'll keep checking on you and you enjoy living life.

Shelli Belly said...

We love your ART! We love YOU! This is such a great decision. No guilt just a choice. Isn't it wonderful?

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