Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DAY 370 Weirdness, Excuses & Choices

Hello there Journal & Friends,

What a weird two days it's been! 

Monday, we set a weather record for August here in Southern Oregon... it was 105 degrees! A real scorcher. 

Then, I had a dentist appointment Tuesday, so got all gussied up, wearing those Peruvian earrings I bought at the Fair:

My appointment was very early, which was great heat-wise, but I only got 3 hours sleep, which made me too vulnerable, choices-wise. 

That night, I ate when not hungry... I just didn't care. My excuse was: I didn't have the energy to "face my stuff instead of stuffing my face." It was a choice. And I made the wrong choice.

But back to the weird part... yesterday in the afternoon, we had a gulley-washer of a rainstorm with thunder and lightening, THEN HAIL!!

These little white balls around my blueberry plants are not decorative rock in my front yard... that's the hail!

And I immediately began thinking how my weight loss journey seems to be like this weird weather. It can go along just fine for awhile, then have hot, scorching draining days. Then, it can turn on a dime and have thunder and lightening days, with unexpected  stuff thrown in, like the hail.

I REALLY need to learn flexibility!! To relax and roll with the punches. And to not let the glitches (or lack of proper sleep!) become EXCUSES for avoiding facing my stuff.

I found it hilarious that JUST after I had eaten last night when not hungry, I visited Deb's latest post, at Deb Will Be Free,  and lo and behold, she was quoting ME!!! Saying we needed to face our stuff, not stuff our face.... aaarrrggghhh!!! My own words came back to bite me in the behind!

So... I will keep learning. 

Today's Peek at the Past  (considering what I was writing about today, this  was pretty amusing to me!)

Losing weight takes least it works that way for me. I need a good night's rest to even WANT to do it. Some day's, I just do it by CHOICE, because I do NOT feel like it. I remind myself of my goals...why...and just hold on to the belief that it will be worth it.

Other days it goes well, and I really AM enjoying the journey. Either way, the idea is to just KEEP ON keepin' on. Each new day is another opportunity to live my best life now, and to come one step closer to my reaching my goals. I want to live my life NOW, even while on this journey to health.

From Dr Phil's book: "Gain emotional closure... refuse to live with unfinished emotional business."

My verse for today: "Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long."

My quote for today: "The quality of your life right now depends on how you live it right now. What will you choose to do with such a magnificent opportunity?" --author unknown

Enjoy the Journey,



cmoursler said...

I muffed it yesterday too..must be something in the air...and those earrings suit you.

M Pax said...

The earrings are fab. They look awesome on you.

Wow, that's hot. Glad it wasn't that hot this way. We got some rain, but no gulley washer. No hail. But, this is the arid side.

You will learn flexibility. It takes practice. It all takes practice. You learn and develop strategies for next time. If you do that, you're going to be just fine.

One instance is not the problem. It's when it becomes a routine or habit that it becomes a problem.

debby said...

You look really good in red, Loretta. And yeah, I really don't do very well when I am lacking in sleep.

Anonymous said...

First--Loretta you are a beautiful woman! No wonder the enemy of our souls has tried to bury you under all of that excess weight. Really. You are gorgeous. Love the earrings, too. :D

Second--LOLOLOL! chuckle. Could the year ago today be anymore appropriate?! And--that consistency poster is hilarious! Sooooo, funny. I have to find that poster in real life--or did you create it yourself? If it exists, I'm buying it and hanging it up somewhere.
Finally--uh-hmm. Sorry about the quote on my blog. LOL! God is good like that, isn't He. :D

Third--Your post title. "Wierdness, Excuses & Choices" When I read it--and before I read your post--it crossed my mind that it was going to be about choosing to be weird. I don't know why...just go with me here. lol.

And all of a sudden, I decided that I needed to embrace my inner wierdness. LOL. (I may be high on chocolate right now...) but, really. I need to just quit trying to fit my octagonal peg into a round hole--and just embrace my inner weirdness. :D We'll see what that looks like in the days ahead. chuckle.

Love ya, Loretta!


Shelli Belly said...

We all need to embrace our "Weirdness"

That weather is crazy. Love how you connected it to our own yo-yoing weight loss or emotional rollercoasters. But not anymore Right? We're working it.

Christina said...

You look very nice! Ramsey had an early dentist appointment this week, too. I bet you didn't cry as much as he did. :)

How strange about the hail!! You always see such great connections, Retta. Flexibility is tough. I'm worried about how I'll do when school starts. Blech.

Amelia said...

Love the earrings, they look great on you :) Love your blog too. Congratulations on your weight loss so far.

anne h said...

Glad you got them, and wear them.
Instead of just look at them, still in the box.
That's what I tend to do.
"One day" or so I tell myself...... then I never wear them.

Joy said...

Loretta, Looks like you got some stuff figured out. Amazing!!!

You look great!!

Keep focused!!


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