Monday, August 30, 2010

DAY 382 Time For A Recharge

Hello there Journal & Friends,

Yesterday I tried to do some quiet, contemplative thinking. Uh huh.

I ended up crying. Huh?? What's this all about?? I answered myself before I had time to "logic" it out: I don't like my life.  

Again, huh??

Boy, talk about a pity party. I realized it was not ALL of my life I didn't like... but those parts that were still out of balance... still needing work. I feel embarrassed and frustrated that I am STILL working on the same ol' problems, mostly tied up with Time Management. Sigh.

I decided to just take a break and do something fun. Yeah, I escaped. I watched a movie I had heard a teensy about: Julie & Julia.

I LOVED IT! I didn't know it started as a gal and her blog. How fun! She followed her passion for cooking, and it took her on an extraordinary adventure!

I was so enthralled... I watched... I howled with laughter at her first lobster-murdering  experience... I was intrigued at the life of Julia Childs, and fell in love with her exhuberance for life. What a fun movie!

It recharged me, and filled me with a sense of adventure... wondering what my own future might hold if... if I keep going, and don't lose my enthusiasm.

Sometimes my batteries seem to wear down... lose their charge.

Yesterday gave my batteries a fresh charge. I really needed it... I've been having a real tough week.

As for my update for The Just 1 Thing Challenge...

Basically, the whole week was a bust. I didn't meet my goals all week. I'm just not going to dwell on it... I need to move on. I know I messed up with sleep, which had a domino effect on everything else. 

It's a fresh week, and I need to re-focus and continue on.

Onward and downward, as Deb says!

Today's Peek at the Past (Ha ha ha... it was "A Day of Rest". How fitting.)

From Day 21, August 30, 2009:
For now, I am planning not to write much on Sunday.

From Dr Phil's book: "Stay real and stay flexible."
My verse for today: "I will be glad and rejoice in your love."

My quote for today: "Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus." --Alexander Graham Bell

Enjoy the Journey,



Anne H said...

Dear, dear, Retikat.
This weight-loss stuff is soooooo hard.
I cry all the time. It might just be an ego trick.
My friends in real like think I'm losing it.
My answer (so far) is just to regroup
and refocus. And it has worked every time.
It's like the first time you say "no" to cake.
It's tempting to believe it will be good for you.
But it never really did satisfy.

You might have an unrealistic expectation about something
that didn't come to pass. Hence the tears.
Just know in your heart that "this too, shall pass!"

Sharon said...

Don't despair - you are not alone. Seems just about everyone (including me) is having trouble these days. End of summer heat wave doldrums?? I believe September will bring a breath of fresh air and new inspiration to all of us.

Amy said...

I loved Julia & Julia.

I too need to regroup and get my focus back. Lets make this day,week,month a GOOD ONE!!! hugs :)

PJ Geek said...

Hang in there.. Dr Phil's comment " Stay Real and Stay flexible." seems perfect for you right now. When you are ready to change the time management stuff, it will change.

Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Oh Loretta, I so do not love hitting the doldrums, but we all do at some point. Wednesday is a new month. How about, instead of "Day 384," you rededicate yourself and post "ReNew Day 1" - then pick just one thing and mix it up? As I told Sharon, if you don't like the rhythm of your life, change the tempo! Shake it up ... keep the body guessing, and your spirit free! xx

Anonymous said...

Good for you refocusing and continuing forward to a better week! I hope this one is a better one for you. Hang in there. :)

Jules Big Girl Bombshell said...

Love Julie and Julia...for many different reasons.. Yes, we MUST take time to re-charge the batteries...Each and every day...

Anonymous said...

Yay, you! for getting in touch with your feelings--for getting clarity on an underlying problem. :D Wahoo!!!! Such a good thing! Yes, it is. :)

I'm going to have to get that movie. Dawne refers to it often--and now that you've given it a thumbs up, too--I'm gonna get it. maybe it will help my Finishing Well Campaign.

Re: your ONE Thing challenge. It was an utter and complete bust this last week. total wash out. I took down the badge in shame on Saturday and put up my ticker instead. :(



M Pax said...

Sorry you're having a tough week. Keep in mind, it's temporary.

I can relate. I did not like my life. A little over two years ago, change was forced on me when we moved to a new town. I embraced the change as an opportunity to reorder my life.

How strange that the universe answered my good attitude with precious gifts: PMO, my writing group and a new life I love. I found happiness and enrichment and passion.

It's like the weight loss journey. Use what you learned in it and apply it to other areas in your life. What did we learn? To do instead of wish. To quit thinking and get to doing. That's what we learned.

Pick one thing and start there. Whether it's one day a week or two that you devote some time to what you want, the turn you want your life to make, it's worth whatever you have to do to make that time. I attest. If you fill your life with things you love, this journey gets a heck of a lot easier ... and happier.

Christine said...

I've been feeling tired this week as well. I hope you find balance andfeel better soon. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you felt bad, but congrats on pulling yourself back up instead of staying down.

I haven't seen or read Julie & Julia, but plan too.

I've posted my 1 Thing HERE

Anne H said...

Also, I love the J and J movie, too!

financecupcake said...

BIG HUGS! Sometimes a good cry really helps. I'm so proud of you for making all the changes you've made so far. You really are amazing! You already know you have the power to change your life. Go get 'em, tiger!

May you do better with the challenge this week. Forgive me for dipping out of the challenge. :)

Mary said...

Julia Child was such a huge inspiration to me - her autobiography, "My Life in France," is incredible. Such a big personality, and so poitive all the time! She started not knowing how to cook at all, but she set her heart to it and learned from the best, and look where she ended up! Amazing!

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