Monday, August 16, 2010

DAY 368 Challenge Update & A Peek at the Past

Hi there Journal & Friends,

Today is the end of the second week of the Just 1 Thing Consistency Challenge!

 My one thing is: to focus on exercising on my mini-trampoline.

Start level: 3 times per day, at 45 seconds each time.
Current level: 8 times per day, at 1 minute 30 seconds each time.

My legs are letting me know they are being challenged!! But I am doing it, all except one day when I just plain started too late. Oh I had my excuses all lined up: I was tired, didn't feel well, etc. But bottomline, I chose to stop after 2 times that day. Lesson: get my sleep, and start earlier in the day!

Since this challenge was my bright idea, it's a little embarrassing to NOT be consistent. But I am back on track since that day... no way was I going to come here and make more excuses! :-O

Just a quick reminder for anyone who missed it: tonight at midnight, Pacific time, is the deadline to leave a comment saying Yes, you would like to be entered in my first Giveaway. Here is the info.   

Today's Peek at the Past
I decided to re-read posts from 1 year ago as I go along... how interesting to me! To see what I was thinking, and how much has, or has NOT changed.

From Day 3--This is as true today as it was then (for some reason all the first few posts have the same date! So if you read them, just ignore it):

I don't know where it came from, but I made a CHOICE when I first started this journey at 460 lbs, to NEVER matter what...

Been tempted to quit many times...deaths, illnesses, heartaches, frustrations, disappointments, all the stuff of life......but I never quit.....almost, sure.....but not quite.

I think it's because I clung to HOPE...
Hope that I would someday get my health back...
Hope that THIS would be the time it would work...
Hope it was not too late for me...
Hope that God had not given up on me, so I would not give up either...

And that hope has finally grown into BELIEF...I WILL make it this time.

The moral of the story is: NEVER QUIT
Never, ever.
Be stubborn about feisty...let NO ONE take it from not accept NO for an answer. Cry, scream, holler, beg or shout if you have to.....but never quit!

From Dr Phil's book: "Get real with yourself."

My verse for today: "We wait in hope for the Lord;he is our help and our shield."

My quote for today: "You just can't beat the person who never gives up." --Babe Ruth

Enjoy the Journey,



Anonymous said...

Good for you!! You have the right attitude when you stumble, and that's how you will succeed.

A positive attitude is 99% of the battle.

I'll start posting my "1Thing Challenge" results next week since I just found you and joined.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. Needed the words from last year. This last two days, I've been coming across the word, "relentless" on blogs, TV, conversations. Everywhere.

This post rerun didn't use the word "relentless", but it sure defined it.

RELENTLESS. It's going to be my word for a while, I think. I need to stop circling the runway and take her home!

The challenge: UGH! It is official: I am NOT good with time-limits. The minute I set "No food after 8pm" I started not even getting my dinner in by 8pm, so was forced to eat. Even I know that 400 calories is not okay for a day, challenge or no challenge.

I was nuts when I set the "bed by midnight" goal, too. I don't know what it is with me and time rules, but obviusly, I'm resistant.

so, I've got a new one thing. chuckle. So much for consistency. sigh.

My new one thing is: (Uh-hmm, this may be cheating!) Doing my BASICS every day. Those basics are:at least 4 servings of vegies, daily walk, 64oz water, approx. 1200 calories a day.

Since I've been focusing on my one thing of not eating after 8pm, I've let ALL of the others slide! :0 sigh.

Like I said, it's time to quit circling the runway and get this thing done!


OH! CONGRATULATIONS on the great progress with the exercise!!!!! That is magnificent!

Ann said...

Good message, Loretta. How has your mobility improved, since a year ago? What is the change you notice most? xx

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

You are a great photo journalist! Really like the Dept. of Lame Excuses.

Good job on the jumping. It adds up!

You've made such progress in a year, and I admire you for that, too!

Rettakat said...

ANN: Looking in the mirror this morning, nekkid as a jaybird, noting all the bagging and sagging... I could not fathom having lost over 100 lbs. It didn't look different to me, bodywise. Thank goodness I can see changes in my face, or I might think I was nutso!

I'm in a race against time. Trying to lose weight and get stronger, before the Lupus/rheumatoid arthritis does it's thing. BUT I can say that I am feeling so much LESS pain since I stopped eating sugar and flour.

And I am starting to rebuild leg muscle, and JUST starting to feel more strength there.

The change I notice most? I can go anywhere now, and I am not ashamed of myself, or afraid I will be a target. *I* know what I am doing in my life, and I am proud of myself, and excited for the future.


Ann said...

Gotta love that, Loretta!! You've certainly come a very long way in a mere year. Just think what 2011 will hold in store. As for the challenge, I am doing well. Most days, I go well over the 10 minutes of exercise I set as my daily target.

Baby Stepping said...

You are so right - it's not what we do when things are going well that gets us to the finish; it's what we do when we stumble that makes all the difference!

Anonymous said...

Love the verse for today!! Also...great post. To quit can't be an option...thanks for the reminder.

Joy said...

So glad you have made it this far. You have so much to give to others. I love the sunshine that your spread!!! You are inspirational!! Hugs!!

cmoursler said...

I love this post loretta! making the DECISION is what did it. So happy for you and how far you've come and where I know you are going. (oh and can't wait to see your new stuff with your new water soluble pencils...too cool) and I am know that right?

bloojay said...

Great message. Always helps to hear it from others going through the same thing at a low moment. Consistency sounds so nice, I feel like a duck at the shooting gallery these days getting pinged back and forth as I get hit with one shot after the other and it gets so hard to hang on and keep consistent when the rug keeps getting pulled out. Right now I feel like I'm just curled up on the floor waiting for things to settle so I can get back up and move forward. Thanks for the reminder.

Rettakat said...

BLOOJAY: I'm so sorry you are going thru a rough patch. We all have experienced those times... and it's not fun! It may sound trite, but please remember that this is not permanent, it will pass.

I know we are of different beliefs, but I have found such comfort and help in this truth: "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." I pray that God will snuggle you up in His love, and give you hope and encouragement.


Shelli Belly said...

Love the "Peak Back" I was going to do the same thing when my Blogoversary hits. Great minds think alike.

Loved the comments today. I love the honesty that this community shares. It helps so much that kindred hearts are working towards the same goal. Shared experiences helps us keep going

Congratulations on the rebounder. Keep it up and build those muscles.

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