Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DAY 366 Remembering My Why

Hi there Journal & Friends,

Have you ever been smacked upside the head by your OWN words??! I was...last night.

I had been trying to figure out why I was struggling again this week with consistency with my food. Then last night I read the post by Chris, at A Deliberate Life.

Sometimes we just have to hear it said differently to "get it". Yep, I had taken my eyes off the prize. I heard what Chris was saying, and it clicked for me.

Yes, Chris, I hear you!

She said if your consistency is lacking, check your motivation. Your REASON for doing this.

Sean Anderson talks a lot about consistency, too. And he refers to "motivating thoughts" as his source of motivation.

I tend to refer to it as my "Why" for doing this.

We all have our own terminology, but it's all the same message: You must have your OWN powerful internal motivating reasons for making these healthy changes. Powerful enough to see you through the tough times.

And the tough times WILL come. If you think you are different and won't face them, you're fooling yourself. We all have ups and downs... it's called LIFE. How we handle it is the make-or-break of it.

After I read Chris' post last night, I re-read my own post from Day 82, called The HOW & The WHY.

Ouch! That's when it hit me... I was trying so hard to learn to "live in the moment" and all that... I had neglected my dreams, my goals. I know it's a parallel truth... they must both be a part of my thinking. I just need to figure it out a little better! How to integrate them both into my thinking at the same time. Every day. When I get busy, I tend to neglect this.

For me, I NEED to dream, to imagine the future me, to "see" it. And to somehow do the daily living part now, yet not lose the dreaming part. That's what I'm working on. Tips and hints gladly accepted! LOL!

(real treehouses in Eureka, California)

From Dr Phil's book: "Problems don't get better with inattention."

My verse for today: "The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge."

My quote for today: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." --Walt Disney

Enjoy the Journey,



kathyj333 said...

I always loved the quote from Walt Disney.

Anonymous said...

i was struck by Chris's post, too. I read it at least three times. I needed to get it to "lock in place" if you know what I mean.

We're doing this thing; YES, we are! :D


Joy said...

Oh this is good! Thanks for the reminder!! YES WE ARE DOING THIS THING!! Hugs!

M Pax said...

They feed off each other.

Better health fuels my courage to go after my dreams. Taking weight issues off the table allows me to go after other risks - big steps. The weight loss journey taught me how.

My dreams keep me at consistent healthy eating and behavior. I need energy. I need to produce. Healthy habits will help me do that.

You must link it to something and put your passion into the every day. If you love the reason why, it becomes so much easier. I look at what I do with love and not hate or resentment. It makes all the difference. Honest.

You've had all these wonderful life experiences lately. Go back and read your own posts about the date with your husband and the fair. I think you will see that it's there. You just need to tap into it and keep it front and center. If you have to tape it to your nose for awhile, do so.

It's all about valuing ourselves and putting ourselves front and center as the top priority. By doing that, I give my Husband back the woman he married - vibrant, happy and a whole person. I'm no longer broken. By taking care of myself, my needs, passions, he gets a way better me to spend time with. It's a win-win.

My passions now take the majority of my day. He's on board with it. I am very grateful. But he's grateful to have me back as I once was ... better even.

Christine said...

yes, living in the moment and remembering our why's can sometimes be antithetical. But like mpax said, they also are complimentary. This whole thing is as simple and as complex as can be. lol.
Thanks for the mention.

Anne H said...

Interesting way to ride the wave!
"Now" is a very big concept!

PJ Geek said...

I called it Mojovation today. What's that song? "Accentuate the positive..."...hmmm, whether it's the mojo, the how and the why, motivating thoughts. Whatever. It is our internal spark that keeps us lit. keep on truckin'

Anonymous said...

hm, very interesting!

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