Monday, August 9, 2010

DAY 365 A Year's Worth of Posts & Challenge Update

Hello Journal & Friends!

Hey, I just realized this morning that it's been 365 posts since I started. Math is my absolute WORST subject ever, so I'm confused as to why it doesn't line up with my start date, which was August 14th. Hmmm... I must've snuck in some extra posts??

Anyway, it's been quite a ride! I am sooo glad I overcame my HUGE fear of starting a blog, and jumped in to join all you terrific peeps!
I honestly believe it's been the friendship, encouragement and accountability that has made all the difference this time. So thank you, sincerely.

Today is also the end of the first week of the 
Just 1 Thing Consistency Challenge!

 My one thing is: to focus on exercising on my mini-trampoline.

In spite of this being the nuttiest, busiest week EVER, I made my goal! Shocker!

I think it has to do with only needing to concentrate on Just 1 Thing, instead of a long list. It was hard, but didn't feel overwhelming. A couple of days I finished up... let's just say... way after sundown! LOL! But I got it done, and that feels great.

Start level: 3 times per day, at 45 seconds each time.
Current level: 6 times per day, at 1 minute 5 seconds each time.

I decided that by the time August is over, I would like to be at 10 times per day, at 2 minutes each time. That would add up to 20 minutes per day, and give me the great benefits of rebounding.

I'm on my way to benefits!

It's not too late to jump on board, and join the Just 1 Thing Consistency Challenge. HERE is all the info you need to know.



I am really enjoying making Just 1 Thing my focus. That doesn't mean I stop all my other goals. I've been doing the basic ones for so long, that I would like them to run on autopilot. But by narrowing my focus on this one thing, it somehow makes it feel like I have more power, more oomph to make great progress with it. Yep... it's all mental! LOL!

From Dr Phil's book: "Choose the right attitude and the right behavior to generate the right results."

My verse for today: "O Lord, the king rejoices in your strength. How great is his joy in the victories you give!"

My quote for today: "Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force." --Tom Blandi

Enjoy the Journey,



M Pax said...

I found concentrating on one thing to improve at a time did wonders for me, too.

Although folks had unkind things to say about tofu on Saturday, I preferred it to the chicken. So as they slammed the tofu, I proudly ate mine up. I took servings of that and salad, foregoing dessert, rice and some other stuff.

I told you about the cookies. Teaches me. LOL

midlife_swimmer said...

you so rock woman! glad you've been here a year and hope to see you round for more

Joy said...

Way to go!! Congrats on getting your goal met. Keep it up!! Hugs!

Sharon said...

Congrats on a year of putting a pretty cool blog out there! That takes a greater amount of time than anyone realizes until they've actually done it. Hope you're not planning on stopping anytime soon - I really enjoy it.

Rettakat said...

SHARON: Well, my plan was to blog daily til I read goal, then a little less. We'll see how that plan goes.

There may come a day when I am so busy LIVING my new life instead of writing about it, that I cut back a little on blogging before reaching my goal. Now that would be a GREAT problem to have, LOL!!


Anonymous said...

Great work on your challenge!

I am so happy you started a blog since I am now able to enjoy what you share. Thanks Loretta.

I will check out the link to the post you wrote...thanks for letting me know about it.

Baby Stepping said...

Hmmmm, I have a rebounder, but was afraid the downward gravity might not be a good thing for certain body parts, if ya know what I mean. Maybe I'll drag it out again and see what's what.

Congratulations on a year's worth of posts. Your progress is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

:D! SIX times a day!! WOW!! Woohooo, you!!


Anonymous said...

hahaha. I was so excited about your bouncing behavior that I forgot to update my own ONE thing.

My one thing was t eat no food after 8pm. Of the eight days since August 1st, I have not eaten after 8pm on SEVEN of them. :D

My only after 8 was the day of the seminar. Ack. I was gone from 6a.m. until 6:45p.m. I had that cake after 8. :(

Other than that, I've done well. Your challenge has kept me at it. I KNOW I would have eaten after 8 if I didn't have to fess up to it here. :D


Anonymous said...

hurray for succeeding in your goal! Alas I have not even had a moment to THINK about what to do for this challenge, children suck up my every moment, and I'm serious. I can focus very little right now because my kids are home, so i will consistenly NOT sign up for challenges I cant succeed at, hee hee!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

365! That's a big milestone! Congrats!

Mini-trampolining, I like that. Great that the Just 1 Thing challenge is working for you. I should just do it, too.

That cat!! FUNNY!

Shawn said...

Congrats on your 365 milestone... That is truely an accomplishment... Hopefully I can follow suit and in a year have a many accomplishments as you have... Congrats again!!!

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