Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DAY 369 Giveaway Winner & My Progress

Hi Journal & Friends,

This first S.O.S. Giveaway has been fun for me! 

Vevie and Butterfly talked it over, then Vevie picked the winner. I put all the names on little slips of paper, crumpled them up, and let her attack them.

 And the Winner she picked: Nancy, at Blue Skies and Low Carb Pies

Congratulations, Nancy! Please email me your address, and I will send out your prize by snail mail.

Guess what? Vevie was having so much fun, she picked a second winner! Okay... I really picked the runner up... "judges wildcard." LOL!

The 2nd Place winner is: Mamajuliana, at Abide and Endeavor! And the prize? Two 4ft tall, well-mannered, highly intelligent... GIRAFFES!! Please email me your address, and I will send them out post-haste.

And now on to something more serious... I finally realized, after some recent comments, that there is a misunderstanding about my "progress". 

I keep forgetting that most people have not been with me from the beginning of this blog. Over this past year, I've written several times about my weight loss journey. But I think I need to do a short update. I value honesty and integrity, and wouldn't want anyone to feel misled.

I would never want to fool anyone into thinking I am some kind of weight loss Wonderwoman. However, I DO deserve two awards:

1. The Stubborn & Relentless Award... I'll never quit, no matter what.

2. The Triumphant Turtle Award... it may take me a long time, but I WILL get there.

Someone mentioned they thought I had come a long way in a mere year. I would LOVE for that to be true... but it's just not. Here is what is on my sidebar:

Highest wt: 460

Day 1 ReStart: 388
Current Wt: 330
Goal wt: 199
Total Lost: 130

I started this journey several years before this blog, lost 70-ish pounds, then got stuck going up and down the same frustrating 20 pounds. BUT... I also realized that this was the first time in my whole life that I didn't regain it all back and then some. Progress.

Then in March of 2009, at 398 pounds, I stopped eating sugar and flour. I lost another 10 pounds right away, then got stuck again. But, again, I didn't regain. Progress.

I needed more support. I had NONE at home at that time. I was desperate. I WANTED this. Enough to out myself, my photo, my weight, my truth and my heart, to the whole world.

Scared silly? Absolutely.
Determined? ABSOLUTELY.

For some of us, the pain of staying the same becomes MORE than the pain of change. And we choose to reach for more... to claim it... to do whatever it takes.

That is why I am always harping about choice. Our God-given freedom to choose. Yes, there are other parts to it. I had to find the nutritional plan that worked for me. I had to find support. I had find exercise I could do that didn't injure me.  I learned that tracking calories was an extremely helpful tool for me.

It takes effort. It takes determination. I've had to make it a priority. I've had to root out excuses.

But bottomline, NONE of that would have happened if I had not chosen to reach for it. 

August 14th, 2009 I started this blog, and I was 388 pounds.

So you see, it's been one year since my blog started, and I have lost 58 pounds. I STARTED to write "only" lost 58 pounds. But you know what?? I have lost 58 pounds, and have kept it off, and am still losing.  

Slow? Yeah. But it's progress. And I'll take that.

I don't want anyone to feel like I have been trying to fool them. I am 59 years young, and have a few reasons that I lose a little slower than you younger chickies. But I AM losing. 

No matter who you are, you can do it. It may take awhile to iron out the bugs... to find the plan that is right for you. But it all starts by making the choice to DO it. I believe God answered the cry of my heart, and eventually I found all the components I needed to make this work. I am STILL learning as I go.

But if we never quit, we will get there. After all: 

"By perseverance, 
the snail reached the ark." 

Today's Peek at the Past 
Well, I am STILL learning how to be Consistent!

From Day 4:

This journal is for Finishing, not for beginning. I am new to low carbing, but not to "changing", not to learning how to "change my mind"...to finding that final missing piece of the puzzle, and then putting it all into action.

Along the way, I have learned about a few things, and one of the most important is the need to be CONSISTENT in these things:

...in my daily Routines....making exercise non-negotiable...no excuses...not letting anyone rob my success from me...adequate and quality sleep...enjoying the journey....planning ahead...daily spiritual input...daily mental/motivational input...finding my passion/purpose...learning this is a spiritual journey...

From Dr Phil's book: "You and only you choose how you feel. Others may provide an event or behavior for you to react to, but it is up to you to choose how you feel about them."

My verse for today: "May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in you."

My quote for today: "With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." --Thomas Foxwell Buxton

Enjoy the Journey,



Ann said...

Oh, and here I thought you lost 58 lbs in merely a year. Oh wait ... YOU DID !!! Loretta, that is more than a pound a week on average! I stand by my congratulations. You deserve it. I would LOVE to be 58 lbs thinner a year from now. Slow or fast, what matters is that you are healthier today than you were a year ago, and are continuing to move in the right direction. Graciously and simply say "thank you." It is an inspiration. Stop worryinga about what others possibly may be thinking (and I don't think anyone - for an instant - thought you were misleading in any way) ... embrace the love and support and continue that journey to improved health. xxox

Rettakat said...

Thank you, Ann. That is so sweet of you... and I DO feel your support. Now where are my tissues?! sniff sniff


Anonymous said...

I think it's harder to keep going, week after week, when progress is slow compared to what you have to lose.

FIFTY-EIGHT POUINDS IS GREAT! And I understand why you call it slow. Looking back on a 58 pound weight loss feels wonderful--and is--but trudging through it, one pound at a time, doesn't feel quite so exhilarating as the look-back does.

So we rejoice in our victory and push on, putting one foot in front of the other, with courage. And it takes courage, for that is what fuels the consistency.

And, of course, faith undergirds it all, doesn't it? We are carried in the Father's arms.

How cool is that?! It just occurred to me that having His arms encircle me isn't something I'd want to get done with quickly.

But, then, when the excess weight is gone...WHEN THE EXCESS WEIGHT IS GONE!...He'll still be holding us. :)


Christina said...

I think you and your progress are amazing! 60 pounds in 12 months - that kicks butt. In the world of weight-loss blogs, writers tend to disappear or to fade in and out never making any progress. You've been here, and you've been consistent, for an entire year. You had a great track record before that year, too. The slower you lose, the more likely it is to stay gone. Now I'm going to have to look for the comments that led to this post. Hehe, detective time!

I'm giving you a third award: You're the wisest blogger I read. You might not have lost 200 pounds in six months, but you write from the heart and draw from a body of experience and knowledge. You rock!! :)

Joy said...


You are doing awesome!! I can't wait to hit 58 pounds!!!

Have a great day!!


anne h said...

You are a wonderful joy.
And a smart inspiration.
Just wonderful!

cmoursler said...

the slower the loss, they say the better the chances of keeping it off. I would say your near 100 percent there. YOu are doing great. You can't do what alot of people can, so you do what YOU can.
more than alot of people who talk about what they CAN'T do, even WHEN they can.
and plbbbbbbtttt. with your cat.
next time pick me.

debby said...

Loretta, how interesting that I visited you today, when you wrote this review of your weight loss. Because I have been thinking about you A LOT, and thinking that I needed to come over and tell you how much I admire your perseverance. Just wonderful what you have accomplished, and especially that you just keep going. And totally agree with Chris that the slower you lose, the more likely you are to keep it off.

Go Loretta, Go!!!

Sarah@LowStressWeightLoss said...

Gosh, I'm slack-jawed that someone loses 58 pounds in a year and is APOLOGIZING for it, considering it nothing...

I'm a slow loser, and am definitely taking the scenic route on this weight loss journey.

I think you're doing great!

Shelli Belly said...

OK I laughed about the The Triumphant Turtle Award. I'm going to earn the Sausy Snail Award. I will never quit. This year has ben a journey of the mind.. If I hadn't taken this road I would be yo-yoing all year.

I WiLL NeVer Stop!!!!

Its what we do :-)

M Pax said...

The whole key to anything: never give up. Those other things you talk about wanting to accomplish - apply the same principal. Instilling healthy habits teaches us skills to go after other things we want in life.

You are doing remarkable, Loretta. Don't denegrate your progress and your triumphs. Something I recently learned - celebrate each step down the road, every turn. The end is not the only victory. There are many of them along the way and they all deserve their moment in the sun. :D

Vevie is so adorable.

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