Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DAY 367 Traveling This Road Together

Hi Journal & Friends,

When I first started my blog, I was scared to death. I was "outing" myself to the world! But I was greeted with kindness and encouragement, and something I desperately needed: consistent support.

One of the first people to offer me the hand of friendship and support was Sean Anderson.  I will never forget how excited I was to actually get a real comment and a real follower! He was my first for both. And he encouraged me that I COULD do this.

The next person who took me under her wing and befriended me was Mary, at Wistful Nebulae.  (Ya'll might remember her as Chronicles of Meps' Reconstruction). Her old blog that focused on her journey to health has morphed into her new blog... that of the emerging author! And that author has some imagination!

Her new life, her dream and passion, is coming true! She applies the life lessons she learned while losing around 100 pounds to her new writer's life. Awesome story. 

And she has freely shared her hard-won wisdom with me, and continues to inspire me!  At Mary's website, M.Pax,  you can read samples and view videos of trailers for her stories. If you enjoy sci-fi, you'll have a blast. My favorite: "Small Graces" (click HERE)

And then there is Deb. My twin-separated-at-birth-sister-in-the-Lord. My Friend. She knows my heart. Nuff said.

There are so many more wonderful people on my Gratitude list, but this would get too long!

These days, when I stumble upon someone that is just starting their journey, I try to encourage them. To pay if forward, if you will.

And sometimes there is that extra something... a connection. So, I was wondering... if you have a minute, would you do me a favor??  Would you pop over to a fairly new blogger, and leave her some love?? Give my new friend a cyberhug and a bit of your best advice for success??

She calls herself Baby Stepper. And she is determined to succeed, in spite of no support in her real life. JUST LIKE I STARTED. See why I clicked with her??

In one of Baby Stepper's previous posts, she said this:

"I need support. I don’t know who to turn to. So I am turning to God and to myself. Those are the only consistently present things I have in my life. I have no close friends. I have lots of acquaintances, but no close friends. No one I can confide in about my craziness with food. Certainly not the hubster. He’s angry with me for putting on all of this weight. He says I blame him. I don’t know, maybe I do. It’s easier to blame him than to look at myself and see that I am crazy. I know that he’s not to blame. But I also can’t count on him for support."

I about fell off my chair when I read that! I almost could have written that. My husband has never said he is angry about my weight gain... but I know he has been disappointed at how it affected our life. It interfered a lot! Yet he never walked out, and for that I love him all the more.

In the past I've been guilty of thinking I didn't need people... I could do this myself, thank you very much! But I DO need people. I need their support, I need to learn from them, and I need to offer them encouragment along the way, too. 

So thanks for offering a bit of encouragement to Baby Stepper.

From Dr Phil's book: "You can't change other people or other conditions; you can change only your reactions to them."

My verse for today: "I love you, O Lord, my strength."

My quote for today: "You can give without loving, but you can't love without giving." --author unknown

Enjoy the Journey,



Leslie said...

Will head right over and check out her blog. You're a wonderful friend, Loretta. Blogdom is lucky that you're here.

Baby Stepping said...

Omigosh, I am so humbled. Thanks so much for the shout out! I am so grateful for finding you and others on this journey.

I think people who don't understand our problems really want to support us, they just don't know how. I know that's how it is with my husband. They think "so just stop eating." But it's not that simple is it? Thank God we can support each other because in this battle as in life, we all need other people.

Have a great day!


M Pax said...

Awww, what a sweet post. Thank you. I have to say the greatest thing about starting with a weight loss blog was the friends I made and sense of community. My heart is warmed by those that followed me to the new blog and continue to support me.

I will for sure pop by babystepping. I see we share a name. :D

Joy said...

Loretta, you are a jewel!! I am sending you a ton of hugs. Thank you for Blessing my life!!

Anonymous said...

:} You brought tears to my eyes, Loretta. :} hahaha--our birthdays are pretty close together... maybe we were twins!

Perhaps one of us was stolen from the hospital. It takes a few days to get cross country... Perhaps the travel caused the dates to be mixed up. :O I bet that's it! chuckle.

Well, okay, maybe not. But you still made me cry--and you confirmed that Oregon is way too far from Pennsylvania!

Loved the rabbit--he made me LOL.

I'll head on over to Babystepping!


Shawn said...

I will be heading over to her blog as well. I totally understand how she feels. But I am not as brave to state it. Thanks again Loretta for your encouraging words..


oh_mg said...

Hi! I found your site via a search for weightloss bloggers. I am a new blogger hoping to build a small community for myself - people whose journeys I can follow to help keep me on track. So, just wanted to say hi, and keep up the good work!

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