Sunday, November 28, 2010

DAY 472 Day of Rest & Favorite Photo Time

Hello Journal & Friends,

Jim has a whole collection of frozen, wintery leaf scenes. I really like them... I always root for the little leaves. 

They are tough, tenacious, and full of spunk! They inspire me to persevere in spite of anything. I hope you like this little heart-shaped guy, too. 

(can click to enlarge)

Enjoy the Journey,



Joy said...

Love it!!

JoAnn said...

Loretta, I've read a new book I thought you might be interested in. I know you've given up sugar and white flour stuff. This guy, Mark Sisson, has a really interesting take on diet and exercise. For diet, it's all about fruit, veggies, proteins, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. No grains and very little dairy. The book is "The Primal Blueprint". For me, this WOE makes a lot of sense for my blood sugar ups and downs and sugar cravings. He has a blog talks about his plan. I found the book to be much more informative.

M Pax said...

Beautiful photo. The heart looks dipped in sugar. Despite its frozen state, I get the sense it is about to quiver and beat. Lovely.

Christine said...

Hey loretta, hope your sunday went well.
Have a good start to your week.

Anne H said...

Must be hungry - it looks like sugar to me, too!
Yay for another week in blogland!
For which, I'm thankful all year!

Miz said...

laughing at Anne as I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!


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