Monday, November 8, 2010

DAY 452 Making Changes

Hello to Journal & Friends,

I'm feeling sad this morning... but I still wanted to share something that I found very helpful. It's about a blogger named Amelia.

Amelia, at The Adventures of MissPriss!, is a success story... the kind that I find motivating and encouraging. Her blog is HERE.

She has already lost 105 lbs, and only has 22 lbs to go to reach her goal.

When I visited her recently, and she had a link to a great article:
13 Things to Avoid When Changing Habits

I like reading those kinds of articles... I mean, why reinvent the wheel? If I can avoid learning everything the hard way, alls the better! And yep, I immediately saw two huge mistakes I was making... over and over.

They were numbers 1 and 11. I tend to try to change more than one entrenched habit at a time, and end up switching my focus too soon, before the new habits are firmly in place.

A short while ago I had decided that my "theme" for 2011 was going to be Consistency.

But... consistency at WHAT?? In everything, all areas, all of it... Okay, nice, but vague.

After reading the above mentioned article, I decided that I would pick 12 specific things... one for each month in 2011. And I would apply my Consistency theme to ONE goal at a time, for one month, all year long. Sweet!

I haven't picked out all my monthly goals yet... and it might change later even if I did. But it'll be fun, either way. I look forward to it, and to finding out the difference this type of concentrated approach will make.

Thanks for this article, Amelia, it was very helpful!

Today's Peek at the Past (I felt encouraged re-reading this post on Change. I've been struggling with my daily schedule, but this reminded me that it WAS working. And as soon as MyGuy gets back to work, it will work again. Ahhhh... patience.)

From Day 90, November 7, 2009:

It's been 11 days since I changed how I had been making my daily schedule...

But for the most part, I am delighted with my new schedule. Change can be hard, but life is sooo full of change...  I really need to stop resisting it. This change to my schedule has been great!

(For complete post "Change Can Be Good" click HERE) 

From Dr Phil's book: "One of the most critical ways to stop this behavior is to change the way you think and how you interpret events in your life. What you think determines how you feel."

My verse for today: "Sing for joy to God our strength;shout aloud to the God of Jacob!"

My quote for today: "For changes to be of any true value, they've got to be lasting and consistent." --Anthony Robbins

Enjoy the Journey,



Miz said...

so sorry youre feeling down.

please to always know this fellow EARLY RISER is always out here.

financecupcake said...

I'm on my way to read the article right now! Tips 1 and 11 sound great. I love your 12 goals in 12 months plan. Don't be afraid to make it 11 or even 10 goals if one month isn't enough time for one of your goals/habit changes to take. Thanks for passing this on!

Anne H said...

Here's a cyber hug and warm wishes for a better day....
Bad feeling aren't always bad - they sometimes show us what and where the problems are so we can fix it!

Anonymous said...

why are you sad? I'm sorry and I understand. I understand because I am sad too. I'm sad because there is a homeless cat on my porch and I cant find a home for it, my cat hates it, the poor thing is semi feral, its got a disease my cats might get, we've spent 220 bucks on it and its still sick, my husband was supposed to be paid on the 29th but so far, no check, and I cant find a job to save my life. Oh, and we are bankrupt. So its hard to stay consistent on something like your diet when all this stuff is always happening. Makes me wish for boring times!!!! :-D

PJ Geek said...

I'm in a mixed up place myself. Thanks for the mention of Amelia's blog..breath of fresh air. Got to find those to keep things bright. {{hugs}}

Christine said...

I am sorry you are feeling down.
And changing one thing at a's hard to do when you (or I should say I lol) have so many things I want to change.
I hope you feel better soon. I was in a kind of fog for a while but am starting to feel a bit better. Hope things improve. hugs.

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