Thursday, October 14, 2010

DAY 427 Hot 100, Friends & Action

Hi Journal & Friends!

Time once again for my Hot 100 Update!

My goals for the Hot 100:

1. Stay within my Calorie Budget. 
I did fair this week, even though I allowed myself to use the "busy" excuse to not track calories several days. I peeked at the scale Monday, and I was okay, down another 2 lbs, so whew! But I feel it's too soon for me to be winging it, and I want to continue tracking calories until... well, hopefully it won't be forever!

2.  Exercise 6 days/week. 
Still doing my Rabata. Ha ha ha... that's the nickname I gave to my invention of using Tabata-type timing with my rebounder. I am still loving it! Going to write about it soon. :-)

3.  Take my Vitamins EVERY day.
Need to do better. Regularly taking my pills... been missing the liquid vitamins most days... okay, all week!

And I am UNofficially shooting to be out of the 300's and into the Two-sies by the end of the year. I am still on schedule, numbers-wise. :-D

All in all, I feel it's only been a "fair" week as far as my goals went. 
I've been lazy. I am determined to do better! 

Action, not just intention.

Okay, wanna meet someone who IS taking ACTION?? 
Her name is Stephanie, and she is doing some major action in the exercise department!

She has only been blogging since October 1st, but I've known her online for several years. She is one determined lady!!

If you have time, would you stop by and encourage her?? You can find Stef here, at My Journey To Lose 200 Pounds.  Thanks bunches!

Today's Peek at the Past (Hey, whoever wrote this knows exactly what I needed to read!)

From Day 66, October 14, 2009:

I now know that ultimately, if it is to be, it is up to me. I, and I alone, am responsible for the state of my being, and that includes the weight on this body.

Back a few years... I was desperate... for someone, anyone, who understood what it felt like to be 460 pounds... To belong to a group who was DOING it, not just talking about it. 

Not that *I* was necessarily doing it yet...I was "trying"... There is trying...and there is doing. BIG DIFFERENCE.

I hooked up with a group of others with like mind. It wittled down over time to a handful of women who I now count as my real friends. 

Today I know something that I didn't know back then... the end of the day, when everyone else is offline and asleep, it is me and my choices that will prevail. No one is here to hold my hand and cajole me into making the healthy choices except ME. Personally, I believe that God is walking this journey with me, and that is enough.


(For complete post "Friends & One Good Choice At A Time" click HERE)

From Dr Phil's book: "For you to succeed, you have to translate this knowledge, awareness, and insight into action."

My verse for today: "A sluggard does not plow in season; so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing."

My quote for today: "You must do what others won't to achieve what others don't."

Enjoy the Journey,



cmoursler said...

It is in the end, up to each of us to do this.
Good post. Good luck with your challenge.
I'll swing by Stephanie's blog after the gym.

Deb Willbefree said...

Excellent post--and what I've been telling myself ever since my crash off of the Highway to Thin Sunday AND Monday. sigh. I may have been helped to the edge of the cliff, but no one made me jump!

Onward and forward--for me lugging 5 extra gluten pounds, again--as I go.


spunkysuzi said...

Very true it all begins and ends with ourselves!!

M Pax said...

You've come so far on your journey. it's exciting to see.

I printed your wonderful art. It looked better on the photo paper than the canvas [they make canvas that can go through printers]. I hung it on my wall of inspiration between the ruin of a ziggarut and the photo of Titan taken by Huygens [part of the Cassini mission to Saturn].

Vido gal is already at work on the video. Guess she was anxious for a new project.

It is just wonderful to see you moving forward. REading your posts reminds me of what I need to do on my new journey.

Jules - Big Girl Bombshell said...

Loretta...I stopped by Stephanie's Thanks for the link...I so admire and love your about a Bombshell pic!

Christina said...

It sounds like things are going well to me! Those days you don't count calories are good tests. Like you said, you don't want to count calories FOREVER. Looking back, how well did you do on the days you didn't count? Over time, your non-counting days will become better and better. Well, I'm off to check out your friend's blog!

steflovesfrankie said...

Aw, Loretta, thanks for referring people to my modest blog! One day I'll figure out how to jazz it up a bit lol

I'm so glad that I've known you all these years and I can't wait to see 'y'all' in the near future!! You are such a good friend!!!! Nobody kicks butt like you Loretta - NOBODY! And your insight is incredible. C'est vraiment incroyable!

Sarah@LowStressWeightLoss said...

I struggled for several months earlier this year with my vitamins, which was weird because I've taken vitamins more days than not in my life.

What worked was making the time specific (with breakfast) - I'm not at 100% but 5 of 7 days I take them w breakfast, and 6 of 7 I get them in. that's good enough for the extra insurance they offer - It's not lifesaving medication, and I'm not striving for perfection.

Rettakat said...

CHRISTINA said: "Those days you don't count calories are good tests. Like you said, you don't want to count calories FOREVER. Looking back, how well did you do on the days you didn't count?"

I've been thinking about your question. I liked the way you put it, that it was a good test. I was thinking of it as more of a "failure" to stay on my routine. But... I suppose "test" sounds more positive, LOL!

And actually, I was at first a little scared to get on the scale, because in the past I ALWAYS ate way too much and gained. But this time I seemed to be in the habit of a certain amount... and when I weighed on Monday, I had lost a couple more pounds. So I guess you are right... it WAS a good test!

Looking at it your way kind of encourages me that I actually WILL someday be good at eating the right amounts of healthy foods, without having to count it all the time. Thanks!!


Julie said...

Good morning Loretta. You are so right, it is up to us in the end. Only we can change what needs changing, in our hearts, minds and souls.
You are doing that and I am so proud of you. Yes, there are "those" days but 99% of the time it's "THEM" days that make it all worth while.
Take care and have a blessed Friday.

Karen said...

My week was fair too. But at least it ended on a high note. Next week is a chance for us to go from "fair" to "great":)

anne h said...

what a great phrase - calorie budget....
Love it!
Knock, knock ---
Who is it? ♫♬♫
Hello, Miss L
It's a new week....a'knocking at your door!
Here's to a good one!

Twix said...

Have a funtastic weekend! :D

Nancy said...

I keep dissapearing and reappearing but I'm still here on days when I can catch my breath. Keep up the good work Retta! I will check out your friends blog.

Tami said...

I found you through the Hot 100 Challenge! One of my goals is to take my vitamins everyday! I am getting that done about 5 out of 7 days!

Love the Dr Phil quotes you do at the end of your posts. I found a lot of good information in his weight loss book and use a lot I learned from reading it. I still go back and read it again from time to time to brush up on things I get rusty about doing.

Wishing you well this next week!

Kat said...

Great job on your goals Loretta. I love the concept of Rabatta. Looking forward to your post. I want to be incorporating more interval training into my routine.

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