Friday, October 29, 2010

DAY 442 A Little Friendly Rivalry??

Hidy Ho Journal & Friends,

Just for some fun, I thought I'd take a break from oh-so-serious and do a Friday Favorite!  Caution, food porn ahead! 

Sean at Daily Diary of a Winning Loser (HERE)   often posts those scrumptious pics of his homemade pizzas. Well, we here in the Pacific Northwest know how to turn out a yummy homemade pie, too! 

So in the interest of a little friendly rivalry, here are MY homemade mini-pizzas. They are quick and easy to make, and like meatloaf, there are a million different ways to make them.

I cook them in my little FlavorWave Oven, like so:

I make them on Whole Wheat, high fiber, low carb tortilla wraps from La Tortilla Factory. 

Sometimes I make one just for me, sometimes I make it "deep dish" style, and split it with MyGuy.

Here is one made with pesto instead of pizza sauce, then sauteed broccoli and mushrooms, artichoke hearts (from a jar), a little sausage, olives and grated parmesan. Mmmm.

And here was a yummy version with pizza sauce, then some crumbled cooked hamburger (you could sub with cooked cubed chicken), olives, garlic, mozzarella cheese, and after cooking we added homegrown tomato slices and a drizzle of ranch dressing.

There is one gal that has invented a gazillion different mini-pizzas: Shelly at The World According to Eggface, HERE.

Bon appetit!

Today's Peek at the Past (Considering how I've been feeling lately, and my recent struggles, I need to heed my own advice from a year ago.)

From Day 81, October 29, 2009:

I woke up later feeling warmer and a little better, and as I lay there, I thought about all the chirpy motivational stuff I write. Oh goodie...I get to put it into practice. I get to look for the "Blessin' or the Lesson". Well, after I got over grumping about it, and remembered all my bloggin' friends who are struggling through illnesses and still Doing It, I decided that today would be no different than any other day, foodwise. I won't be exercising, or pushing my new schedule, but otherwise, it is just another day along the Journey. 

(For complete post "Just Do It & An Award" click HERE)

From Dr Phil's book: "It's not just the specific weight you want to attain, but also the feelings that you associate with it... what you really want is to feel better about yourself."

My verse for today: "O Lord, my strength and my fortress, my refuge in time of distress..."

My quote for today: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." --Albert Einstein

Enjoy the Journey,



Baby Stepping said...

Mmmmmmm, those pizzas look good. I have some of those tortillas. I think I may try a pizza today.


Sean Anderson said...

Wow---Can I wave a white flag and then pull up a chair for some of that??? LOVE it!!! Those pizzas look absolutely incredible!!

Oh my--You had me on the first one---and I must get one of those ovens!!!

My best always, Loretta


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I love tortilla pizzas! The pesto looks especially good! I just listed an apple and onion pizza on my blog that was just killer! Loved it! Always love some food porn! Thanks!

Vee and the Kid said...

Wow! Someone else uses their nuwave oven! Tell ya, it's really handy. Pizza looked good. Hubby and my Kid get pizza tonight. Might make a low-carb version and cook it in our nuwave for me. Hmmm....artichokes and pesto. Good idea.

Vee at

Salina Lyn said...

Yum! I make those too. I call them my tortizzas though. :) Must be a northwesterner thing. ;)

M Pax said...

Yum! I have pizza on the menu next week. I make that cauliflower crust.

Anne H said...

I want some - save me some!
with the collie flower crust!

Patrick said...

Please say you deliver... I need to of those pies with the tomatoes on them but give the olives to someone else... Have a Great Weekend!

cmoursler said...

those are my tortilla wraps! I love making burritos with those. I use pita bread for my pizzas, but those look amazing. Isn't it cool how we have learned to improvise?
Love it.

Julie said...

YUM!!! I have been craving pizza for a week now. Now my homemade kids pizza. One like yours. I have daycare today so won't make one but I think tomorrow will have to make one that's just for me. Minus those artichokes that is.
Take care Loretta and have a restful, relaxing weekend. God Bless you my dear.

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