Sunday, October 10, 2010

DAY 423 We Did It!

Hi there Journal & Friends!

I'm working against the clock, trying to get my illustration finished in time to submit to that free online workshop I wrote about a couple of days ago, just in case I get picked... but I just HAD to stop and CELEBRATE.

You see, today is the end of Shelli's 9/9/ to 10/10 Challenge. 

We did it! We finished and I wanted to post today, and celebrate our victory together.

I had 3 goals, and had a wildly varying degree of success, depending on which week you asked me! But one thing I appreciate about doing the challenge... it helped me to get more comfortable with changing a goal if I find it needs tweaking. That used to bug me, making me feel either like a cheat, or like a loser.

Now I understand it's not only okay, it's NORMAL to make corrections along the way. I'm learning flexibility.

One part of the challenge was to list one thing each week for which I feel proud. Well, this week I did something that started out well, then got very difficult and I almost quit in defeat. But I persevered, and after much struggle, it is turning out pretty good. 

I'll give the details some other time. But I feel proud of the fact that even though I got discouraged and actually cried a little, and whined "I can't do this"... I didn't quit. Almost... came close. But I didn't. Whew!

Thank you, Shelli, for this challenge. It helped keep me going, and has nicely led me right into the Hot 100.

Enjoy the Journey,



Christine said...

love that picture, it made me smile.
Great job on not quitting, sometimes it's the hardest thing to do.
Have a wonderful sunday and a good week.

Anne H said...

I would not bet against you, Miss Loretta!
Many things you might be - a quitter is not one of them!
You are one who finds a way!

dailyseeking said...

You are the one that keeps me going!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on not giving in and quiting!!!

I usually tweak all my goals for challenges once I get started.

Have a great day!

Shelli Belly said...

Thanks for celebrating my Blogoversary with this 9/9 to 10/10 Challenge.

Freedom to adjust makes this a life style and not a diet. Way to go.

You've been such a cheerleader for me. I'm so glad that we're on this journey together.

WWSuzi said...

A quitter you definitely are not! Way to go kiddo :)

Miz said...

and mainly to the learning FLEXIBILITY.
that changed my life. the realization that shifting my goals (in all realms) did NOT mean FAILURE and did NOT need to spark an all out "going off the rails" mentality.

Youre doing awesome.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! Way to go, Loretta! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the most important thing of all...not quitting? No matter the degree of your success, keep going. Can you imagine being like this years ago, Loretta? Do I hear NSV?

Anonymous said...
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