Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DAY 93 Another Chance to Make Good Choices

Hi there Journal!

This morning, this is what I looked and felt like when I first woke up:
I woke up with another backache... argh. It felt as if I moved, I would break. Years ago I heard the saying: "You can HAVE pain, but you don't have to BE a pain." Easy to say, harder to do sometimes. But it all comes down to CHOICE. 

So, I tried to think of things for which to be genuinely thankful... um...um...I finally thought: "After I make MyGuys lunch and dinner to take to work, I can go back to bed!" Pretty shallow, but there it is. I even had to laugh at myself... so many people are going through so much, and I am whining about a backache. 

I am happy to say, it's better now. Getting a little more rest helped... coffee helped... my massage wand helped... and just wiggling around helped. Then, I read one of my little flashcards for today, the ones I made from Dr Phil's book The Ultimate Weight Solution. Here is what it said:

"Weight is managed, not cured. You must never relax your watchfulness over your thoughts, feelings, and actions... a keep sense of alertness...self-monitoring... Failure to self-monitor is one of the top reasons why people allow their weigh to creep back on."

I have read Dr Phil's book several times, and it has helped me more than any other weight-related book or program... I highly recommend it. But honestly, the phrase "weight is managed, not cured" just never clicked before... it was vague to me. However, THIS MORNING, the penny finally dropped in the slot...  I got it!

It is MANAGED, not CURED... it is all about managing our weight by our CHOICES.
It is caused by BEHAVIOR, by our choices.

It is not something to cure, because it is not a DISEASE. It is not something that I caught by being exposed to a "fat germ".

It's a behavioral thing, not a disease thing.

Sure, there might be a genetic componenent, where we can have a propensity to being overweight... when it runs in the family. BUT, the research shows that the "fat gene" is like a bullet sitting in a gun. It takes something to trigger it, to activate it. And that something is our behavior, our lifestyle, our CHOICES.

So we don't "cure" anything, we MANAGE our weight by making healthy choices. I totally do not agree that we are "destined" to be fat just because it runs in our family. Sure, it might be harder for us than for someone that has the "thin gene". And how we are brought up factors in... and our environment... but the most powerful componement of all this is within our CHOICE. 

I have heard all this before... and somedays it bores me to hear it yet again. But other days I NEED to hear it again, to get that kick in the tush. That reminder that I have a choice in the matter. That I have another day in which to contribute TO my good health... another chance to make progress towards my dreams and goals.
From Dr Phil's book: "Weight is managed, not cured."

My verse for today: "So do not fear, for I am with you."

My quote for today: "Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will."--Zig Ziglar

Enjoy the Journey,



Anonymous said...

Loretta, You, my dear, are a gem! :D your posts are just so good for me. Thanks. Deb

financecupcake said...

I am always so impressed by you! Not only do you GET IT, but you GET IT more and more everyday! I wish we could bottle up and sell your lovely abundance of motivation, understanding, and all that other good stuff.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I love your bluebird. Deb :D

Retta said...

DEB: Awww, that is such a nice thing to say. I'm glad they help you!

CINCIMOM11: Thanks for saying that... but the joke is on me today. HubbyDearest came home with $11 worth of bavlava... one of my favorites!!! AARRRGGGHHHH!!! and a big GGRRRRR for good measure! No, I am not eating it... it is not "bad", it's just that I have chosen not to eat sugar on this journey.

But I was sooo upset! He was in fear of his life--and rightfully so--and he at least put it in the old fridge that is outside on the patio. I told him I don't even want to SEE it! I felt totally sabotaged, angry, hurt, rebellious, jealous, frustrated... did I leave any out??!!

Anyway, I did eat too much roasted chicken at dinner... sigh.. but dang it, I didn't eat bavlava. You'd think something like that would be history by now... but no, I still have favorites that call my name! Long story just to say, goodie goodie for me, I got to CHOOSE tonite. And Hubby just might live through the night... maybe... ;-)

Cat said...

Yes, sometimes you just have to work on what can you do in the next five minutes, let the rest of the universe deal with it... Hope you feel better, and thinking good thoughts.


antgirl said...

Loretta, I love your insights. They inspire me everyday. Honest.

Here are some future payoffs to keep in mind: your back and other aches and pains will lessen as you lose the weight. Some will disappear entirely.

In the meantime, my husband swears by glucosamine 750/chondroitin 600 from GNC. From a car accident, he suffered a broken back. Had a spinal fusion thing and says this supplement helps him. It takes a few weeks to start to work. I've started taking it to help my arm. It's for joints though, so I"m not sure how it does with muscles.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Congratulations on how well you are doing! I really like Dr. Phil's book too. When I finished losing my 150 pounds one of many things I learned was just what you said. You really are never "cured" but rather have learned how to make the choices day after day and year after year.

Retta said...

CAT: So true! I am better now... but the baklava is still banished to the patio. ;-)

MARY/ANTGIRL: Aww, thanks. And I eagerly look forward to more decrease in pain. I have experienced some already, and it is so encouraging. I agree with your husband, I take a liquid supplement that has those ingredients, and believe it helps, too. I have arthritis, and it makes a huge difference when I decrease sugar (which causes inflammation) and get in the right nutrition and supplements.

DIANE: Thanks, Diane. Yes, Iearned a lot from Dr Phil's book. It was written in down home style, not too much psycho-babble, LOL, and was a simple plan to follow. And I liked that I could take the principles, yet insert my own nutrition plan that worked for me. It's so great to read about people, like YOU, who have done it and are maintaining it. Very encouraging!


financecupcake said...

Psh, are you crazy? The joke isn't on you! You are the one laughing (or you should be): You stared temptation in its beautiful face and turned it down. I'd like two gallons of Loretta's willpower, please.

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